An alternate Bermuda

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Okay, so what would happen if on the normal spot of Bermuda on the map, instead the forces of geology decide to make that section of Bermuda bigger and have it share that spot with two other island groups?

BTW, sorry if the image below is a little messed up: I just combined the CIA World Factbook maps of Bermuda and the Falkland Islands into one using Paint, and I was also a little bit lazy.

Here's the image:

This would belong in ASB.

Not such a big deal on the grand scale I'd imagine. It'd obviously alter history quite a bit with butterflies but won't be a pivotal point of the world if slightly bigger.


This would belong in ASB.
If it's a direct copy of the Falklands, for once I suspect the Norwegian fellow agrees with you ;):eek:

Speaking of Bermuda, I recall an interesting anecdote: one of the first maps of Bermuda presented it blown up in size relative to the North American coast in order for the map to be on a larger scale. The cartographer included a much smaller representation of the island to the left in scale with the coast. While future cartographers didn't assume Bermuda was the size of the big one, they did include the small one on separate maps of Bermuda, as though Bermuda had a tiny Bermuda-shaped island off its west coast :D