American Version of Operation Storm-333

The Tajbeg Palace assault, known by the military codename Operation Storm-333 (Russian: Шторм-333, Štorm-333), was a military raid executed by the Soviet Union in Afghanistan on 27 December 1979. It saw Spetsnaz GRU storm the heavily fortified Tajbeg Palace in Kabul and subsequently assassinate Afghan leader Hafizullah Amin, a Khalqist of the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) who had taken power in the Saur Revolution of April 1978. The Soviet military operation marked the beginning of what would later become known as the Soviet–Afghan War.

The assassination of Amin was part of a larger Soviet plan to secure and take control of Afghanistan with support from the PDPA's Parcham faction, which opposed the hardline ideology espoused by the rival Khalq faction;
Would it be possible for an American Version of Operation Storm-333 to occur? I was thinking either Vietnam if Diem doesn't get overthrown or South Korea under worse leadership. I imagine internationally things would be more muted without the factor of Pan-Islamism that was the case in Afghanistan. I assume this would make the local governments far weaker requiring a larger American troop amount.