American Magic: The Sequel (2005-present)

So if Seth MacFarlane is Mr. Toad, then this is his tenure at Hanna-Barbera in a nutshell:
Yeah, but I was referring to the proper Mr. Toad. The ones played by David Jason, Rik Mayall, Matt Lucas and Charles Nelson Reilly. If Seth took HB for a ride, then the higher-ups are partly responsible for not having the sense to recognize that he was creatively stifled and also, didn't know any better even though he really should have.
Early Summer 2009 Movies
Monsters vs. Aliens

Released by DreamWorks SKG
Produced in 2D animation.

Crank: High Voltage

Released by Lionsgate

17 Again

Released by New Line Cinema

The Soloist

Released by Geffen Pictures​

(Simpsons writer from 1989-2004; Returning for Fall 2009 reboot)
"So I hear Rachel calls you Sith MacFarlane now."

"I'll take that as a complement."​
Excuse Me What are Gemini Animation, Film Roman And Nelvana are doing now
Gemini has just hired Lauren Faust for a My Little Pony reboot planned for Fall 2010.

Film Roman is celebrating the tenth anniversaries of Shezow and Spongebob.

Nelvana is gearing up for the Simpsons reboot.
Universal Monsters: Endgame (2009 Film)
Universal Monsters: Endgame

Released in Mid-May 2009 by Universal Pictures

On Alucard's (Daniel Craig) command, the Iron Grip has raised Dracula (Peter Stormare) and other previous villains from the dead. Now, it is time for the Defenders of Humanity to reassemble and take one final stand to restore the balance between good and evil.

With the legacy of a 20 year story arc on the line, it was put-up or shut-up time for Universal. A chapter in the studio's history was about to close, and it needed to go out on a high note. Behind the scenes, studio co-chairs Ron Howard and Brian Grazer were in a power struggle with Casey Wasserman, grandson of longtime MCA boss Lew Wasserman.

Universal executives breathed a collective sigh of relief as Endgame became the studio's biggest box office hit since Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's/Philosopher's Stone.

Directed by Simon Kinberg
Written by Simon Kinberg and Zak Penn
Executive Producers: Ridley and Tony Scott

Music by Hans Zimmer

Daniel Craig as Alucard
Peter Stormare as Dracula
Chris Pratt as Eddie Van Helsing
Dwayne Johnson as the Scorpion King
Jet Li as the Dragon Emperor
Daniel Day-Lewis as Adam
Kathleen Beller as Eve
Vanessa Williams as Ahmanet
Mickey Rourke as Larry Talbot/Wolfman
Doug Jones as the Gill Maid
Dennis Hopper as Dorian Grey
Christoph Waltz as the Headless Horsemen
Dougray Scott as the Wendigo
Rebecca Romijn as Medusa
Jeffrey Coombs as Dr. Herbert West
Peter Capaldi as Dr. Jekyll
Martin Landau as Dr. Pretorius
Rose McGowan as Jeanne
Kate Beckinsale as Mina Harker
Gary Oldman as Dr. Victor Frankenstein
Tobin Bell as Poelzig​
Star Trek (2009 Film)
Star Trek

Released in Early June 2009 by Paramount Pictures.

The 2009 live action film of Star Trek serves as an origin story of the characters from the original series, albeit with an all new cast. It is also the first Trek adaptation under current Paramount chairman George Lucas.

Directed by JJ Abrams
Screenplay by Robert Orci and Alex Kurtzman
Music by Michael Giacchino
Executive Producers: JJ Abrams and George Lucas

Chris Pine as Captain Kirk
Zachary Quinto as Mr. Spock
Zoe Saldana as Uhura
Karl Urban as Dr. Bones McCoy
Simon Pegg as Scotty
Anton Yelchin as Chekov
John Cho as Mr. Sulu
Eric Bana as Captain Nero
Leonard Nimoy as Spock Prime

"Never thought I'd live to see the creator of Star Wars involved with bringing Star Trek back to the screen. Kinda funny how things work out like that."
- The Denver Post

"As the coffin closes on Universal's Monsterverse, Paramount continues its now 43-year mission to explore strange new worlds."
- The San Francisco Chronicle

"Star Trek boldly goes where no reboot has gone before!"
- The Kansas City Star

"Have you lost your Vulcan mind? You HAVE to see this new take on a classic franchise!"
- The Philadelphia Inquirer

"Some have already declared 2009 to be a banner year for Paramount, but the jury is still out until they deliver on the Simpsons reboot."
- The New York Post
Monty Python Retrospective

(Distant cousin of Rachel Stone-Abbott)
"Does Daniel remember Monty Python by any chance?"

(President, Chief executive officer; Hanna-Barbera)
"He's ate, slept and breathed Python since childhood. Isn't that right Danny Boy?"

(Animator and voice actor at Disney)
"Right. Except at the beginning, it was something I had to sneak past my parents.

I was eleven years old when Flying Circus debuted on BBC One. I first heard of it from a few of my schoolmates during lunch break. It would usually run at 10:56 on Sunday nights when I was supposed to be in bed. There were nights I'd sneak out of my room and tip toe to the living room to watch. I had to make sure the volume on the telly was low enough where I could still hear the sound without waking up the whole flat.

My mum caught me only once. It was the night of the Dead Parrot sketch and right before it was over, next thing I hear is...

(Falsetto voice) 'Daniel, turn the telly off and go back to bed!'

...then a little later, The Lumberjack Song swept the schoolyard. You had to have been there to see the nuns and the vicar nervously doing the Sign of the Cross and murmur to themselves while we sang those lyrics at the top our lungs.

Holy Grail came a few years later when I moved from Soton to London and started my career at Richard Williams' old studio in Soho.

A few years went by until I moved to Atlanta and was surprised to see reruns of Flying Circus playing late at night on the PBS affiliate over there.

While I was in Atlanta, Life of Brian came out the same year I worked on The Hobbit for United Artists.

The Meaning of Life was the last movie I saw during my time in Atlanta. United Artists brought Life of Brian over to the States, but then Universal was the distributor for Meaning of Life. Little did I know when I first saw Meaning of Life in the cinema, I would be laid off from UA and end up moving [to Hollywood] to work for Universal.

Since coming to Disney, I've been blessed to actually work with some of the Pythons, whether it was doing voices for a theme park attraction to a video game or a guest appearance on House of Mouse or something. However, I did fill in for Graham Chapman on The Hobbit way before that."
Hannah vs. Horton
Hannah Montana: The Movie

Released in Early June 2009 by Hanna-Barbera

A live action adaptation of the hit animated sitcom.

Directed by
Brad Silberling

Screenplay by
Michael Poryes
Rachel Stone-Abbott

Story by
Dan Berendsen

Based on characters created by
Michael Poryes
Rich Correll
Barry O'Brien

Executive Producers:
Rachel Stone-Abbott
Michael Poryes
Billy Ray Cyrus
Maureen Donley

Destiny Hope Cyrus as Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart
Emily Osment as Lilly Truscott
Mitch Musso as Oliver Oken
Jason Earles as Jackson Stewart
Billy Ray Cyrus as Robby Ray Stewart
Lucas Till as Travis Brody
Moises Arias as Rico Suave
Taylor Swift as herself
Rascal Flatts as themselves

Horton Hears a Who

Released in Early June 2009 by 20th Century Fox in association with United Artists [1]
Produced in CGI animation by Blue Sky

An adaptation of the classic Dr. Seuss book. In fact, it is Fox's first Dr. Seuss film since the disastrous release of Daisy Head Mayzie fourteen years ago.

[1] United Artists retained the rights to the 1970 Chuck Jones version, resulting from Ted Turner's 1983 purchase of MGM. Therefore, UA's involvement opened the door for Fox to use the songs from the Jones version in this remake.

Directed by
Jimmy Hayward
Steve Martino

Screenplay by
Cinco Paul
Ken Daurio

John Powell

Dr. Seuss and Eugene Poddany
(Recycled from the 1970 Chuck Jones version)

Jim Carrey as Horton
Steve Carrell as Mayor Ned McDodd
Carol Burnett as Jane Kangaroo
Josh Flitter as Junior Kangaroo
Robert Englund as Vlad Vladikoff
Jesse McCartney as Jojo
Graham Chapman as the Narrator

Upon opening, both films were tied for second place at the box office behind Paramount's Star Trek.​
Who was the genius at 20th Century Fox that cast Freddie Krueger in a Dr. Seuss movie? I wanna meet that guy. And I wanna know if that executive was on crack.
- The Oregonian

If Freddie Krueger can be cast in a Dr. Seuss movie, then I'm sure Rachel will try to cast Taylor Swift as Penelope Pitstop in a live action Wacky Races. But if things come to that, for the love of God, please let Jim Carrey play Dick Dastardly.
- Seth MacFarlane during his first Simpsons reboot story meeting.

I was thrilled to hear Graham Chapman as the narrator for Horton, but I wish he would have stepped into the middle of that anime scene and said "Stop that, this film is getting too silly!"
- The Charlotte Observer

Horton clearly has the potential box office edge over Hannah with a built in broader appeal across multiple generations of moviegoers.
- Jim Cramer; excerpt from CNBC's Mad Money
Iron Man (2009 Remake)
Iron Man (Remake)

Tony Stark (Robert Downey, Jr) just before the Jericho Missile test.

ITTL, the Iron Man remake series with RDJ will pretty much be a standalone series as much of TTL's MCU had been produced in the 80's and 90's.

The previous Iron Man films ITTL were released way back in 1985 and '87 and starred Michael Biehn as Stark.​