American Magic: The Sequel (2005-present)

The Fairly OddParents vs Doraemon Movie

Released by Toho (Japan), USA Films and Nickelodeon Movies (International) on 2006
Co-Produced by Shin-Ei Animation, Shogakukan, TV Asahi, Asatsu DK, Fujiko Production, Billionfold Inc and Frederator Incorporated
Based on The Fairly OddParents by Butch Hartman and Doraemon by Fujiko F. Fujio

Timmy Turner, his Fairy Cosmo and Wanda and Doraemon, Nobita, his friends Shizuka, Gian, Suneo and his new girlfriend Shami join forces to save both of their universes from getting destroyed

DoraemonWasabi Mizuta
Timmy TurnerTara Strong
Nobita NobiMegumi Ohara
Shikuza MinamotoYumi Kakazu
Takeshi "Gian" GodaSubaru Kimura
Suneo HonekawaTomokazu Seki
ShamiMika Kanai
Cosmo, Mr Turner, Anti Cosmo and JorgenDaran Norris
Wanda, Anti Wanda and Ms TurnerSusanne Blakeslee
Vicky and TootieGrey Delisle
Denzel CrockerCarlos Alazraqui
Dark LaserKevin Michael Richardson
Black MaskEiichiro Funakoshi
DorumansteinKenji Utsumi
PixiesBen Stein
Tamako NobiKotono Mitsuishi
Nobisuke NobiYasunori Matsumoto
Sewashi NobiSachi Matsumoto
ChesterJason Marsden
AJGary LeRoi Gary II
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For those wondering about Rebecca Sugar (below), she's currently developing a graphic novel called Pug Davis. ITTL, she is a distant relative (technically a cousin-once-removed) of current Hanna-Barbera president/CEO Rachel Stone-Abbott.

As for Alex Hirsch (below), he is currently at Hanna-Barbera where he serves as a storyboard artist on Hannah Montana.

Up next: Daniel Abbott (below) on his 50th birthday.
For those wondering about the whereabouts of Chris Benoit ITTL, he's serving time in a Georgia prison on a domestic violence conviction.
Timmy Turner, his Fairy Cosmo and Wanda and Doraemon, Nobita, his friends Shizuka, Gian, Suneo and his new girlfriend Shami join forces to save both of their universes from getting destroyed
is Timmy Turner is fall in love with Shami and Doraemon got jealous of him during the movie
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List of Nintendo Cinematic Universe
1998 (Japan)/1999 (International) Pokemon: The First Movie
1999 (Japan)/2000 (International) Pokemon The Movie 2000
2000 Super Mario Bros.
2000 (Japan)/2001 (International) Pokemon 3: The Movie
2002 The Legend Of Zelda
2001 (Japan)/2002 (International) Pokemon 4Ever
2002 (Japan)/2003 (International) Sakura Wars: The Movie
2002 (Japan)/2003 (International) Pokemon Heroes: Latios & Latias
2003 Kirby
2003 (Japan)/2004 (International) Pokemon: Jirachi: Wish Maker
2004 Donkey Kong
2004 (Japan)/2005 (International) Pokemon: Destiny Deoxy
2004 (Japan)/2005 (International) Sakura Wars Paris: The Movie
2005 Metroid
2005 (Japan)/2006 (International) Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
2006 Super Smash Bros: The Movie
2008 Star Fox vs Sakura Wars
2008 Pokemon vs Super Mario Bros.
2009 Sly Cooper vs The Legend of Zelda​
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Halo:Combat Evolved

Released by Hyperion Pictures on Memorial Day 2009
Co-Produced By Walt Disney Classic Animation (B-Squad), Madhouse, TMS Entertainment Production I.G. and Bungie
Based on Halo by Bungie

Resident Evil 2

Released by Universal Pictures on March 25, 2005
Produced by Gemini Animation in association with Capcom
Based on Resident Evil by Shinji Mikami, Tokuro Fujiwara and Capcom

In this sequel to Resident Evil film, the genetically made zombies are back and it's up to two new heroes to stop them. Leon S. Kennedy picked a bad day to join the racoon police department. He finds the town of Raccoon City crawling with zombies. Along the way, he meets Claire Redfield (the sister of Chris Redfield from the first film). Claire has come to the town to find Chris. Leon and Claire decide to separate and search for survivors on thier way to the police station.

Voice Cast
Matt Demon as Leon Kennedy
Sarah Michelle Gellar as Claire Redfield
Maggie Q as Ada Wong
Dakota Fanning as Sherry Birkin
Rosamund Pike as Dr. Annette Birkin
William Mapother as Ben Bertolucci
Dennis Franz as Chief Brian Irons
Nicholas Turturro as Robert Kendo
Hugh Dancy as Dr. William Birkin​
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Sly Cooper vs The Legend of Zelda

Released by Grand Diamond Pictures on September 2009
Produced by Ruby-Spears in association with Nintendo Films and Sucker Punch Productions
Based on Sly Cooper by Sucker Punch Productions and The Legend of Zelda by Shigeru Miyamoto and Takashi Tezuka

Kevin Miller as Sly Cooper
Haley Joel Osment as Link
Mae Whitman as Zelda
Matt Olsen as Bentley
Chris Murphy as Murray
Grey Delisle as Carmelita Fox​
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Daniel Abbott at 50

The Tam O'Shanter Restaurant and Pub in Los Angeles.

April 16, 2008

Do you remember your first time coming here?

(Supervising animator at The Walt Disney Company)
"Yes. It was maybe within the first month or so that I started at Disney. I'd say about October of '88. In fact, it was at the table behind me where I'd sit with Walt at least once a month."

"He used to bring the Nine Old Men here a lot, along with a few other blokes that helped design some of the earliest park rides. I heard recently it was at that table that he sat down with Lew Wasserman to sign off on the deal that brought Oswald the Lucky Rabbit back to the Disney company."

Wasserman was head of Universal during your time at Gemini?

"Yes, but I didn't get to talk to him much. I dealt mostly with Ted Berman and Art Stevens, the men that came to Gemini as part of the Oswald transaction."

Do you remember the last time you got to come here with Walt?

"It was about the time the Oswald film came out...about two and a half months before he died actually. He had just greenlit Hunchback and personally asked if I would animate Frollo, to which I immediately said yes."

Of course, you worked at other studios before joining Disney. If you had the chance to redo a certain point of your career, what would you do differently?

"If I had to do it over again, I would've tried to get into Disney a hell of a lot sooner. Especially right after I was laid off by United Artists."

Would you still have taken the job at Universal in '84?

"No. I had too many bad memories there. First, they wouldn't give me bereavement leave after my mum died. Then, He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named tried to turn Jem and the Holograms into softcore porn..."

But you did such a great job on Jem and the Holograms...

"Yes, but nowadays, it is hard for me to even attempt to watch that film without being reminded of that chaotic storyboard session. And to this day, I still get nightmares about those idiotic storyboards being approved and me having to draw those scenes. Scenes like that would seem harmless now, but back then, we were making basically 90 minute toy commercials. In this case, Hasbro had little tolerance for the slightest deviations from the style guides, synopses and blurbs they gave us. They were also feeling pressure from parents who wanted their characters to be more positive influences on kids."

What are you working on now at Disney?

"We are in the middle of post-production on The Search for Mickey Mouse. I can't give away too many details, but I can tell you that we've really put our heart and soul into the project."​
Daniel Abbott at 50 (Part 2)
Welcome back to the Tam O'Shanter in Los Angeles. We are here with Disney animator and voice actor Daniel Abbott who is celebrating his 50th birthday here.

Daniel, you were with United Artists in Atlanta for how long?

ABBOTT: "From about 1977 until early 1984. I was the youngest of the bunch. Andreas Deja and Eric Goldberg were also there. Then when Turner bought MGM and dissolved the UA/Williams partnership, we went our separate ways and reunited when I came to Disney."

Any good memories of Atlanta outside of your work?

ABBOTT: "Going to see Star Wars at the Tara multiplex as soon as I arrived in town...

"Went to a couple of Falcons and Hawks games...

"And it was at the old Omni where I saw AC/DC on their Back in Black tour. And Ozzy right before Randy Rhoads died."

Also, going to a record shop they used to have called Turtle's.

When I came to California and started going to Tower, it took time getting used to because I loved Turtle's so much."

Tower on Sunset Blvd?

ABBOTT: "The same."

That was where you first met Rachel?

ABBOTT: "Technically no. We met on the set of the second Roger Rabbit movie. She was at Warner Bros. back then and they were gracious enough to let their characters make cameos in our film. Almost a year went buy until we bumped into each other the second time at Tower Records. Nirvana just came out with Nevermind, but Soundgarden released Badmotorfinger at the same time. So I was trying to decide which one I wanted and heard a voice tell me to buy both. I turn around and there she was to my left."

Ok, so after a decade of on-and-off dating, you guys finally tied the knot in 2005. So what's Rachel up to now at Hanna-Barbera?

ABBOTT: "As you may have already heard, she was named President and CEO after the firing of Seth MacFarlane. Last year, she hinted at retooling Hannah Montana because HB had invested so much money wanting to make that programme a franchise. But so far, distancing the property from Seth's stream-of-consciousness writing is proving to be a challenge. The studio archivist recently found a third 'lost' script that Seth wrote for Hannah Montana, so right now, Rachel has been very pissed off that Seth didn't tell her about that one. Other than that, Rachel is also developing a prime-time animated series for ABC which is supposed to be called Prince-Less."​
Gus St. Pierre filmography

Augustus Jean-Claude St. Pierre
Born: 1977/1978
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

1991: Eerie Indiana (TV series)
1991: Welcome Freshmen (TV series)
1992: Roundhouse (TV series)
1993: The Adventures of Pete and Pete (TV series)
1994: The Secret World of Alex Mack (TV series)
1995: A Kid in King Arthur's Court
1995: Now and Then
1996: The Hunchback of Notre Dame: Festival of Fun Musical Spectacular
1998: The Waterboy
2000: X-Men
2002: UHF 2
2003: X-Men 2
2006: X-Men: Dark Phoenix
2007: K-Ville (TV Series)
Coming in 2009: The Princess and the Frog
Coming in 2010: X-Men Origins: Gambit

1999: Gus St. Pierre (debut album)
2002: Love Letter to America
2004: No Regrets
2006: Resilient
Gus St. Pierre on his early career at Nickelodeon.

"I played minor characters on most of the shows I did at Nick. But other than that, the bulk of the work I did for the network...was an entire marketing campaign for the first real wave of merchandise of the original Nicktoon lineup. Despite my appearances on promos for Ren and Stimpy, I never lent my voice to that program. Unfortunately, my daddy, a Methodist preacher, stopped speaking to me after someone actually showed him an episode from THAT show while waiting for Roundhouse to come on...he used to try to look for me even though I didn't appear in that many skits. I was maybe 14 at the time. That was maybe three years before that big White Bronco police chase."