American Magic: The Sequel (2005-present)

List of TTL Nintendo franchises

Animal Crossing
Donkey Kong
Fire Emblem
Game & Watch
Kid Icarus
Killer Instinct
Nintendo Wars
Perfect Dark
Puzzle League
Rhythm Heaven
Sakura Wars
Sin & Punishment
Sly Cooper
Star Fox
Super Smash Bros
The Legend of Zelda
Wave Race
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I just watched Rango. Will rango appear in American magic when the timeline reach 2011 or will it be butterflied. If so I like the idea of an Rango tv series follow up. Rango was one the few nickoldean that was not based on a nicktoon or latter had a nicktoon based on it
Will univerisal studios build in locations that they didn't build in otl. Perhaps with Disney building in south korea Universal would build in hong kong instead of singapore. It would be ironic for Disney to build in singapor and universal in Hong kong. Alternate locations for new universal parks include Taiwan,a, Indonesia, the Philippines, Poland , Chezch republic, Cortia, Argentina Brazil Chile, Egypt India or south Africa
Congress will convene in Washington to approve Berkshire Hathaway's purchase of the USA Network Group after the Christmas break.

Here's what we can expect:

Berkshire Hathaway already owns The Jim Henson Company and New Line Cinema as of 2007. The purchase of most of USA's assets will assure Henson and New Line a new means of distributing their content.

Nickelodeon's presence at the Universal theme parks will be phased out by late 2011. The Nickelodeon IP's will be integrated into Premier Parks' chain by Summer 2012.

The networks included in BH's purchase are:
- USA Network
- Nickelodeon
- VH1
- VH1 Classic
- TV Land
- Noggin
- SciFi Channel
- Nicktoons Network
- USA Cartoon Express
- Teen Nick
- Nick GAS

A few other notes:

MCA and Paramount Communications will continue to share ownership of UPN.

The Jim Henson Company will take over USA Network Group's stake in the Ren and Stimpy franchise while the other 50% will be retained either by Amblin/DreamWorks or future employers of franchise curator/custodian Bob Camp under an IP Holder Trust. Once the acquisition deal closes, Henson will assign its percentage of the property to the New Line Cinema label.

The Jim Henson Company will take over distribution of future reruns of Rugrats, Angry Beavers, Loud House, The Wild Thornberrys, Ed, Edd n Eddy, As Told by Ginger and other Nicktoons. Henson will also pick up the rights to Nick's live action movies, which began with Harriet the Spy back in 1996.​
I've got an idea that's a few days late. How about a better remake of The Year Without A Santa Claus? Whether animated or live-action doesn't matter so long as it preserves the spirit of the original.
How about for the Snow Miser?

Ian McKellen?
Christopher Walken?
Tobin Bell?

Someone else?
Ian McKellen is a bit too old plus Snow Miser’s voice is higher-pitched. Tobin Bell seems better suited to being a crooner than what we need for Snow Miser. Out of those choice’s I’d say Christopher Walken is the best. I think that Michael McKean, the actor playing Snow Miser in the OTL live action remake, was one of the best cast actors in that movie. We also need to have actors that’d have the right sibling rivalry chemistry. So Walken and Devito might be the right actors.

The one thing we can all agree on is that the OTL 2006 remake’s choice of John Goodman as Santa was brilliant casting.
I prefer the idea of Rich Fulcher playing a more loud-mouthed, flamboyant version of Heat Miser. Walken and Goodman I'm all for, though maybe we should have someone more dignified playing Mother Nature like Jenifer Lewis for example.
The original Heat Miser, George S. Irving, is still alive until 2016. But to cast him would require casting someone who can more closely imitate Dick Shawn as Snow Miser. So maybe he can be given another role while someone else gets Heat Miser.

Could Judi Dench work as Mother Nature?

Also, we still need a Mrs Claus.

As well as those two elves.
Since the original special’s version of Jingle and Jangle had one be tall and the other be short I’d have Culkin play one and possibly have Jonah Hill play the other. It all depends on whether they’d have believable chemistry.
Fall 2007 Movies
American Gangster

Released by Universal Pictures. After the failure of Fox's American Crime Story, Universal hit the panic button and fired Ridley Scott midway through production of this film.

National Treasure II: Book of Secrets

Released by Walt Disney Pictures. A third National Treasure is due for 2010.

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Released by 20th Century Fox.

I am Legend

Released by Warner Bros.

Good Luck Chuck

Released by Lionsgate.

The Game Plan

Released by Hanna-Barbera.​