American Magic: A Different History of Disney

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    There goes the possibly of the exposse being fake and trump getting off a slap on the wrist only to later get cocky lose his forturne on the trumplis project and end a mad homless man who thinks he is king of america
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    Old navy i still hope you will reconder the expose being ture. I think that when combied with trump lawyer will let him get off with a slap and then go on to be ruined by trumpolis and wind off a crazzy homeless man
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    Hasn't Trump suffered enough?
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    Question from @Mitch!

    At Warner Bros...



    A send up of the original AstroBoy anime with Buster in the title role. AstroBoy was one of Stone's childhood favorites aside from Gumby and Bullwinkle.

    "Talkin' Acme Ball" (Music Video)

    Buster and the gang challenge Perfecto Prep to a softball showdown, set to the lyrics of Terry Cashman.

    STONE: "I used to have an audiotape of Terry Cashman's Talkin' Baseball song...the Orioles version of course. So it was a HUGE surprise when I got to actually meet Terry when he came to record a special version for our show."

    "Immature Radioactive Samurai Slugs"

    Self explanatory.

    "Beaver and Hoghead"

    Again, self explanatory.

    "Seven Eighths"

    Plucky stars in an extremely expensive and incoherent western financed by the clueless Ronald Frump (Dan Castellaneta). The writing is aimed more towards adults than children, with numerous Easter Eggs alluding to Donald Trump famously selling a Pink Floyd movie to Walt Disney in exchange for more money to pour into Heaven's Gate ten years earlier. Oh yeah, while attending college at the University of Maryland, Ms. Stone was a student observer on Barry Levinson's Diner, another film Trump sold to Walt to keep Michael Cimino happy.

    "Return to Happy World Land"

    STONE: "Kids wrote to us after "How I Spent My Vacation." A good majority were pissed that Plucky didn't get to go on any of the later on, we got to do another two part episode with the park as the main focus. The music from Jurassic Park is faithfully re-created at the beginning when Hamton and Plucky ride a helicopter from Acme Acres to the park's entrance. It was also a chance to playfully comment on Hemdale and New Line respectively licensing their R-rated franchises for Disney's theme parks."


    "Bumbie the Dearest Deer"

    STONE: "This one aired about two weeks after Walt Disney died and the whole writing staff, myself included, were still kinda gloomy from the news cycle."

    "Katie Kaboom" skits

    STONE: "Nicholas Hollander based Katie Kaboom on his own stepdaughter. Nicholas and I co-wrote about five of those skits, but they got repetitive after a while."

    "Mild Cartoon Fandom"

    STONE: "This is the one Paul Rugg and I co-wrote in response to John Kricfalusi bashing our show under a pseudonym in [now defunct magazine] Wild Cartoon Kingdom. Oh yeah and did I mention he didn't even watch it? Anyways, we brought Rank and Stumpy back from Tiny Toons specifically for this episode. Contrary to popular belief, we didn't intend to predict the Bronco chase with Rank and Stumpy driving off in that white truck at the very end."

    At ABC...

    Now and Then (Released by Touchstone in 1995; uncredited rewrites)

    STONE: "Shortly after arriving at ABC, Marlene King asked me to do some rewrites to the script. The rewrites that actually made it to the screen are in the scene with Christina Ricci and Devon Sawa sitting on the porch."

    Sailor Moon (Released by Touchstone in 1997; screenplay)

    STONE: "Speaking of Devon Sawa, I initially wanted him to play Tuxedo Mask. However he was unable to fit our film onto his schedule. Instead he worked with Christina Ricci for a third time on Disney's Herman's Head."


    - "For those wondering about Lana Vail, that was a character Seth MacFarlane wanted to use more of when he and I were the show runners on Season One. She was voiced by Christine Ebersole, who of course, went on to work with me on Steven Universe. Anyways, Seth kept pushing for more screen time for Lana, but her 'uncomfortable friendliness' with Arnold was thankfully torpedoed by Michael Eisner. Especially given the real life events that were taking place when the show launched. Even after all that, Seth pretty much reimagined that character as Mr Herbert on Larry and Steve."

    - "For Abner Come Home, my script called for Abner to be kicked out of different places accompanied by Thurl Ravenscroft singing 'No Pigs Allowed.' It would be an understatement to say Charles Schulz was not amused. Arnold's frustration trying to look for Abner made this one pretty hard for a lot of kids to watch."

    - "For most of my time working on the show, we had some kids mistake Arnold's untucked plaid shirt for a kilt. Seth pretty much ran with that on a Larry and Steve episode where the Griffins visit Scotland and sure enough, there's Arnold wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipes."

    - "Another episode I wrote by myself was the one with Big Bob and Phil fighting over a parking space Hong Kong style."

    - "I'm sure most of you remember the one where Arnold and Gerald go to the movies and we pretty much satirize the kerfluffle that surrounded the Gwen Stacy death scene from Spider-Man 2. That was yet another that I co-wrote with Seth."

    - "Lets not forget the bitter breakup between Oskar and Miriam's battles with booze."
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    The Mother of all ASBs (a.k.a. "The Real World")
    Did.......did you read my mind and give me the Tiny Toons episode I didn't even know I really really wanted!?
    Because I really wanna see that now!
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    All of these details make me jealous of TTL's animation output. And I think I'm speaking for the majority of this page's watchers.
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    In fact, IOTL, I thought the How I Spent My Vacation episode seemed pointless when the build up led to absolutely nothing.

    Glad you like it.
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  8. Threadmarks: Daniel Abbott filmography (as of 2004)

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    Apr 24, 2014
    Filmography of Daniel Abbott as of 2004
    Abbott during his first year at Disney (Circa 1988-89)

    Date of Birth: April 16, 1958
    Place of Birth: Southampton, England

    Working with Richard Williams (1974-83)
    The Pink Panther Strikes Again (1976; United Artists) - Worked on opening credits
    Raggedy Ann and Andy: A Musical Adventure (1977; 20th Century Fox) - Assistant animator (Raggedy Andy); First feature length film
    The Hobbit (1979; United Artists) - Assistant animator (Gandalf)
    The Lord of the Rings (1982; United Artists) - Supervising animator (Gandalf)
    The Thief and the Cobbler (1985; The Samuel Goldwyn Company) - Drew two scenes of Tack in 1981

    At Gemini (1983-88)
    GI Joe (1985) - Supervising animator (Sgt Slaughter)
    Transformers (1986) - Supervising animator (Bumblebee)
    Jem and the Holograms (1987) - Storyboard artist
    My Little Pony (1988) - Supervising animator (Discord)

    At Disney (Since 1988)
    All Dogs Go To Heaven (1990) - Animator (Charlie, King Gator, Itchy)
    Roger Rabbit 2 (1991) - Animator (Baron Von Rotten)
    Beauty and the Beast (1991) - Animator (Monseiur D'Arque)
    Aladdin (1992) - Animator (Razoul)
    Oswald the Lucky Rabbit (1993) - Animator (Mickey)
    Roger Rabbit 3 (1994) - Animator (Baron Von Rotten)
    Star Wars: Dark Empire (1994) - Voice of Sheev Palpatine's force ghost
    Don Quixote (1995) - Animator (Don)
    The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) - Supervising animator (Frollo)
    Rise of the Sith (1997) - Voice of Sheev
    Nineteen Eighty Four (1998) - Supervising animator (Winston Smith)
    The Phantom Menace (1999) - Voice of Sheev
    Fantasia 2000 (1999) - Animator (Rhapsody in Blue segment)
    Treasure Planet (2001) - Supervising animator (Billy Bones)
    Mistress Masham's Repose (2001) - Voices for various Lilliputans
    Lilo and Stitch (2002) - Supervising animator (Cobra Bubbles)
    The Haunted Mansion (2003) - Additional voices
    Les Miserables (Coming in 2004)
    Bonkers (Coming in 2006) - Supervising animator (Whitey the Bronco)
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    Whats next old navy
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    Convention Attendee: "I heard you co-wrote some Hey Arnold! episodes with that chick who did Steven Universe."


    Seth MacFarlane:
    "Yup. I sure did!"

    Stay Tuned​
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    Keep him on a leash and the worst parts of post-revival Family Guy would be avoided. Honestly jokes are funnier when you have to use subtlety to tell it. Hopefully, we can avoid having adult animation devolve into low-effort low-brow shock humor.
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    Up next will be Hellboy!
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    The 2000's aniamtion pipeline needs updating
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    Les Miserables (Disney)
    Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Universal/Gemini)
    Home on the Range (Hanna-Barbera)
    Spongebob Squarepants Movie (United Artists)

    Star Wars: Rogue Squadron (Disney)
    Larry and Steve: The Stewie Griffin Story (Touchstone; Fuzzy Door)
    Corpse Bride (Tim Burton)
    Madagascar (Dreamworks)

    Bonkers (Disney; Richard Williams)
    Redaxes (Disney)
    Hey Arnold Jungle Movie (Hanna-Barbera)
    Hero Unplugged (Special thanks to @Goldwind2)

    Prince-less (Rachel Stone; distributor TBD)
    Sign of the Seahorse (Revolution)
    TMNT (TBD)

    Kung Fu Panda (Dreamworks)

    Coraline (Universal)

    Artificial Stupidity
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    Hey this is missinge a few movies form the last pipeline. I belive corspe bride and Redaxes were on the last one
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    Apr 24, 2014
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    Apr 1, 2015
    You are still missing The Spongebob Squarepants Movie ,TMNT,Kung fu Panda, Coraline, sign of the sea horse and maybe Artificial Stupidity
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    Apr 24, 2014
  19. Threadmarks: 2004: Revolution's Biggest Year Ever

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    Apr 24, 2014
    By the summer of 2004, Revolution Studios cranked out three box office mega hits.

    The first was 50 First Dates, which was released that February...

    Then in June came What's with Andy, based on the animated TV series...
    In that film, the mischievous Andy (Devon Werkheiser; above) pulls a prank that exposes Principal DeRosa (Paul Gleason) as an Enron-grade embezzler of school funds.

    Directed by Raja Gosnell
    Screenplay by James Gunn
    Based on the books in the Just series by Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton
    Music by David Newman

    Devon Werkheiser as Andy Larkin
    Corbin Blue as Danny Pickett
    Ashlie Brillault as Jen Larkin
    Jaclyn Linetsky as Lori Mackney
    Lucas Grabeel as Peter Lik
    Josh Peck as Andrew Leech
    Ryne Sanborne as Craig Bennett
    Jake Goldsbie as Martin Bonwick
    Paul Gleason as Principal DeRosa
    Tim Blake Nelson as Steve Rowgee Jr

    Finally in July, those two films would be outshined by Hellboy.
    Hellboy is pretty much the same as OTL. It did extremely well at the box office, but finished a tad behind Eddie Van Helsing and Spidey 5 to end the summer.

    For those uninterested in comic book films, the only counter programming that came out the same weekend as Hellboy was RKO's Sleepover (below).
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  20. Threadmarks: Studio Totem Pole as of 2004

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    Studio Totem Pole as of 2004

    1) Universal
    Eddie Van Helsing has been Universal's biggest moneymaker this year. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, released last Christmas, is still running in a lot of second run theatres.

    2) DreamWorks
    DreamWorks' biggest hit of the year has been on the small screen; The New Ren and Stimpy Adventures. Look for Shark Tale in theatres later this year.

    3) Revolution
    50 First Dates, What's With Andy? and Hellboy have been Revolution's biggest hits this year. Can Christmas with the Kranks be number 4 for Revolution? Stay tuned.

    4) Disney
    The Aviator has reverted back to Hyperion after a messy, aborted attempt to put the film in turnaround at Republic Pictures. The bad taste that the botched transaction left in the mouths of everyone involved could signal Barry Diller's ouster. Spider-Man 5 is the studio's biggest hit this year. At this point, Leonardo DiCaprio is well on his way to becoming a billionaire. Later this year, look for National Treasure with Nicolas Cage. Also coming up is Blade Trinity with Wesley Snipes. Plus Les Miserables. After six quiet years, the Star Wars saga will add another chapter with Rogue Squadron next year. Also coming next year is Herbie: Fully Loaded with Will Ferrell.

    5) Columbia-Tristar
    Batman/TMNT shocked Hollywood with such an enormous box office turnout.

    6) Paramount
    The Simpsons Movie has been Paramount's biggest hit so far this year. Look for Without a Paddle and Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow later this year.

    7) United Artists
    The Spongebob Squarepants Movie is expected to lift UA higher on the pole into the next year.

    8) RKO Radio Pictures
    What was Chuck Norris thinking??? Putting a teeny bopper movie like Sleepover up against friggin Hellboy??? Fortunately, there's King Kong to look forward to in 2005.

    9) Lionsgate
    Saw could be LGF's next cash cow later this year.

    10) 20th Century Fox
    Dodgeball put plenty of butts in the seats, but they're gonna need another grand performance from Ben Stiller down the line.

    11) Grand Diamond
    After Rachel Stone bids farewell to Steven Universe, it can only be down from here.

    12) Warner Bros
    Any day now, Mr Feige

    Tied for 13) Trimark, Hemdale and New Line
    An extremely rough year for all three studios. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou should get Hemdale back on track later this year. New Line is coming out with Harold and Kumar, but are in search of a new director for Rush Hour 3. Trimark doesn't even know what the hell they're doing.

    14) Republic Pictures
    Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are barely setting up shop so let's cut them a little slack.

    15) Touchstone Pictures
    Whose bright idea was it to cast Seth MacFarlane as Bobby Darin in Beyond the Sea?