America lottery election amendment actually passes?

This is a bit of a weird one like most of these things I got into a rabbit hole of researching this one very obscure proposed United States constitutional amendment made by congressman Samuel Finely Vernon on January 13, 1846. The amendment was made as an attempt to fix the north and south divisions that were plaguing America at the time. It proposed that the American president elections be decided by a lottery by literally pulling balls from a hat. Each state would vote for one candidate for president and balls would be assigned to that candidate based on the number members of congress the state had. I think the original intention with this proposal was to make elections a kind of ‘random selection of Americans best citizens’. But obviously anyone can probably see how inherently undemocratic and mad such a system would be. However Im wondering what may have happened if this amendment actually passed somehow. Let’s say the idea gains support of most likely some democrat politicians who see it as a way to weaken the executive branch while ending the current crises over north south division. How might the USA develop with such a system? Obviously it is a somewhat inherently unpredictable scenario however I still think it might be interesting to see how the countries history might develop overall.