Am I the only one offended by S.M. Stirlings Emberverse series?

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    Listen, I take issue with some of the elements of his work, obviously, but I don't think it's particularly useful to defame someones character to describe why I do so. I don't know Mr. Stirling in real life, and I'm not comfortable with some devolved conversation dragging him through the mud. If there is a need to do so someone can start a thread called "S.M. Stirling is a horrible person and here are the reasons why".
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    Hey, none of us are saying people can't enjoy his writing. We're just noting our problems with the contents and premises of his works, and our problems with the dodgier side of him that he's shown publicly. Those rather awful things he admitted here already years ago ? It wasn't a secret, private conversation someone snooped out. This is a public forum and always has been. He basically said the stuff he said in public, albeit only on the Internet. He payed the price for openly expressing such opinions, and our views of him had soured for understandable reasons (not all of us, but plenty if not most of us).
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    I'm not too read up on Stirling, admittedly. I haven't read Emberverse, though I have read Peshawar Lancers (I liked it. Sure it's weird and problematic in some cases, but fun with enough suspension of disbelief) and tried reading the Drakaverse (lost interest pretty soon in).

    From what I can grasp about the man both in terms of his writing and what I've heard about his personality/behavior, I get the strong impression that he's a very creative and imaginative guy in terms of abstract thinking, but really not good with people.

    From his writing, I always remember thinking it was great elaborate world-building and civilization development, and that he was clearly knowledgeable about the politics and philosophy that would go into it. But by God, he is not a people person. His characters are very stock and serve only to represent their particular broad class of race/culture/societal position, and his dialogue never flowed with me. Love him or hate him, I'll always give Harry Turtledove credit for one thing: for better or for worse, he gets how real people operate. His characters might sometimes be boring and have their quirks constantly come up every single time, but his dialogue is down-to-earth and distinctive for each character, and really seems like something that could come out of the mouths of actual human beings.

    And then you get into the reason why Stirling was banned from here, and it just drives the point home. That is NOT something a humanistic guy with a general basic empathy towards people would ever say. It's what happens when you have a person who has mostly learned about human beings through history and sociology textbooks instead of through actually getting out and talking to people; you start seeing people as abstract representations of their broader big picture group or class, and not as individual human beings who you can empathize with.
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    Prince Charles did get to the Throne, married the Queen of th Netherlands or something like that. Then he got old and senile and started those thatch roof and morris dancing laws. The wife tried to get her children to inherit over William, a brief coup with William coming out on top and joinning with the Papacy to crush raiders out of Dakar and get crowned Holy Roman Emperor of Greater Britain.

    Also John is the "King" of a sucessor state in Australia. He is pretty laid back. One story has him sending a team of adventurers to Sydney to nick a lost music sheet of I think ACDC so he could put on a drunken stadium concert.
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    Charles married some Icelandic refugee named Hallgerda Haldorsdottir (honestly he seems obsessed with Icelandic names) in 1999, who tried to control the throne and lost her coup. William managed to put together a coalition to crush the "Moors" out of Dakar.

    He was then crowned: William, Rex Britannorum et Imperator Occidentalis: King of Great Britain and Emperor of the West. All that without a trace of irony in CY 10. Somewhat cool as that is I have a few reservations about it myself.
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