Alternative pop culture in the 2000s

If you give Buddhism a higher profile in the West, you could pull that off.

we'ld need one hell of a POD.......
which would probably have to have been in the 60s.......

BTW a Japanese film from 1964 is called "Manji" (or, in kanji, 卍). It's about a lesbian love story ;)


that may work in the 'Porn is Mainstream' Reality.
More "The Office", the British one lasts (at the bare minimum) until 2010, if not longer. The Chilean one and the planned Russian one came out in 2004 and 2005, respectively. There is an English Canadian one (The Office) as well as the Quebecois one (Le Job) which both aired on the same day as the U.S. Office premiered.

You will see local versions of "The Office" in nations like New Zealand, Australia, Ukraine, Egypt, Japan, Belgium, Brazil, the United Arab Emirates, France, Poland, Turkey, South Korea, Argentina, Spain, and Israel.

Versions set in South Africa, Mexico, Kenya, Portugal, the Netherlands, and Italy are supposed to air in '10 and '11, too.