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I did some superficial research into the Rebel Yell and its character and origin to see what if any animal or animals are associated with it.

Long story short, maybe, maybe cougar (or "catamount" as S.M. Stirling described it in a novel or two) or perhaps some kind of dog, and, apparently, a lot in common with American Indian customary shouts made during battle.

Behold links to sounds of cougar roaring,
and you'll see that it's not remotely close, not in those cases anyhow.

Ah! I stand corrected, I dare think... Click the fifth proffered item on this page (Specifically, "Another Cougar scream") and that's rather close!

The devoted masochist of course will play the 1935 recording of a ninety-year-old man rendering the rebel yell as he remembered it and the cougar item back to back and/or simultaneously, repeatedly.

The second link includes access to an audio file from a 1935 recording of a ninety-year-old Confederate veteran recreating the rebel yell along with a brief interview regarding same.

I was impressed.

Incidentally, "Yee Ha" has as much in common with the apparent "authentic" rebel yell as a kid with toy revolvers has with an actual cowboy, or something like that.

I've attached in a zip file of some kind the wikipedia article (which I thought was neat) and an mp3 version of the shorter of the audio clips from the second link.


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Abbreviated version:

I think the cougar, for kind of sounding like a rebel yell when it screams, is not a bad creature for representing the CSA.

On a related note:

About twenty-five years ago, when I was a young wart-hog, Ma Pa and Little Brother and I went to a resort at Puerto Rico.

Ma saw some large birds sitting on the water by the beach, kind of riding the waves actually.

She referred to them as swans.

Since then, we have referred to pelicans as Puerto Rican swans.

("We" meaning all, since Ma found that funny too.)
More "thoughtful" CSAers will identify with the pelican. (Intellectuals of artistic bent, like our cartoonist, are potentially among this group ;) )

But, maybe, maybe, the type of CSAers who are more likely to find themselves in circumstances to issue a Rebel Yell might find themselves drawn more to a Cougar.


An improved version of a recruitment ad I posted several months ago. I think it looks more believable now that I've added a bit of a "weathered" effect to it...

From my Sparrow Avengers universe. Made in the Zemplín Federation during the 1920s, encouraging men to join the country's army. Translation (from the Zemplín dialect of Slovak) :

"These two lads have already stood to the defence of our dear Zemplín homeland.

And what will you do ?! Enlist !

When you defend your homeland, you're also defending your family, your abode, and your estate.

Propaganda armády Zemplínskej federácie (20. roky) - náborový plagát (zvetraný).png