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Interesting. Any thoughts on what specific offices they hold? I presume they're fairly strong in Maine for starters and probably have a good base in the Rocky Mountain states...
Maine, New Hampshire, Rocky Mountain states, Pacific Northwest. I can also see it competing with the GOP in the more liberal Northeastern states.
Next in my "Royal U.S.A." series, an infobox on the sitting head of government, President Locklear. Locklear was a first as the first openly gay President of the United States, and is only the second Native American to serve as President.

As a note: one of the things being used in this infobox is the idea I acquired from a story online, in which (though it wasn't great AH, admittedly) the Eastern Front didn't begin until 1942; a desperate Western Alliance discreetly, originally, turned to female combat pilots after an accidental engagement between German fighters and women flying planes to the U.K.

Though this timeline didn't strictly have a World War II in the same way, a similar process occurred, and, as a result, the women's movement happened much earlier than OTL. So that's how you have a woman in the ATL equivalent to USAFA in the 1960s.

Helen Locklear.png
I plan to follow all that up with an election once I get my hands on a base map like on Wikipedia.

But for now, here's Harry Barnes. From the 24 verse, this guy is basically an expy of Dubya. Now, I made a lot of stuff up because there's not a whole lot to go on here, just what's on 24wiki (you can see that here at But I have changed a few things. For instance, he beats out Gore by a bigger margin. Not a landslide, but he takes Florida by around 5,000 votes -- enough to butterfly away an automatic recount and all the legalities.

9/11 does happen, along with the Iraq War, but instead of using this to his advantage, the American public strongly disapprove of President Barnes's policies. Democrats regain Congress in the 2002 midterms, and Barnes is soundly defeated by Maryland Senator David Palmer in the 2004 election. I can make a whole bunch of elections about this.

Here's the guy who looks so much like Nixon that it can't be coincidental. Again, taking a few liberties here with some made up stuff, much of it gleaned it from 24wiki.



These POTUS Infoboxe are really good, I'll have to try one of my own. And while I get that done, here's the sixteenth in my attempt at a serious series of AltHist Wikipedia InfoBoxs:

They cant get that far. besides, boston is farther than new tyork or even Washington DC. lasstly there are a couple of big cities in Texas or other closer areas.


They cant get that far. besides, boston is farther than new tyork or even Washington DC. lasstly there are a couple of big cities in Texas or other closer areas.
They didn't go across country, they attacked the East coast from the East Coast


here's the seventeenth and final attempt at a serious series of AltHist Wikipedia InfoBoxs:

I'm currently working on a second series of these Infoboxes
So, Australia. Following the end of World War III, the British Royal Family fled London. They originally intended to head to Ottawa, but Canada was already in the throws of multi-sided civil war (royalists, republicans, communists, fascists and Quebec separatists) so they fled to Australia, long a bastion of monarchists. Most of the Royal Navy (and whatever was left of the Royal Navy's Rocket Force) defected to Australia, as did many British colonies. Australia's population began to boom as refugees from around the Commonwealth began to flow in (and atomic energy had opened up vast swaths of the Outback, though settlement was slow at first). It also (controversially) inherited the United Kingdom's permanent seat on the UN Security Council.

The current Prime Minister is Kirsten Bryce, the leader of the Labour Party and the first openly gay Australian Prime Minister. She's the first Labour Prime Minister of Australia in over twenty years. The primary opposition party is the centre-right National Liberal Party, but the rise of the far-right (in the form of the New Country Party) has many concerned. Australia has one of the world's largest economies, though like many nations in the G8, its economic growth has slowed in recent years (though not to the degree that the American, Chinese and Soviet economics has).

The current monarch is Leopold V, of the House of Windsor. He succeeded his father, Edward VII, in 2079. He's the fourth Commonwealth monarch to reside in Australia (George V, Leopold IV, Edward VII, and himself). He's married to New Zealander journalist Anna Green-Boyle, and they have four children together. His heir is his daughter, Victoria, Princess of Wales (the Republic of Wales has politely asked if the Royal Family would kindly stop using that title, but to date, the Royal Family has declined). The Commonwealth realms adopted equal primogeniture in 2013. There has been talks of marrying Empress Victoria of the United States to Prince Albert Victor in order to cement the American-Australian alliance, though such a marriage is controversial in the United States (constitutionally, a member of the Imperial Family can't marry a member of foreign royalty with a special dispensation from Congress).

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