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Red, Green, and Blue

Like seemingly all presidents who served two terms, Clinton's momentum was slowed to a crawl after his second victory. Despite his personal popularity with most of the electorate, Clinton attracted strong opposition from the opposition parties in Congress and after the 2002 midterms, he saw his agenda stuck. Clinton remained content to be a domestic policy president, tinkering with the country's welfare system as well as instituting stronger environmental protections, but was forced to take more and more action against the drug cartels that were gaining strength in Latin America, much to that region's nations' annoyance at having to rely on American military aid.

When 2004 rolled around, Vice President Gore easily won the nomination and selected longtime California Senator Barbara Boxer as his running mate. The Republican side spent a month of vicious primaries before picking Texas Governor George W. Bush, son of the former president. Bush picked former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge as his vice presidential nominee to temper his hardcore conservative credentials. The Democrats reached back into the party's past and picked Georgia ex-senator Zell Miller who in turn chose Idaho Congressman Richard H. Stallings as his running-mate.

Despite the economy still booming and having eight years of peace and prosperity, the Progressives found themselves with only a very slight lead over Bush. Part of this was Gore's "boring" personality compared to the charismatic Clinton and another was Gore's insistence on distancing himself from the popular president to make it known he would "be his own man" rather than a third Clinton term.

Bush energized the Republicans like no nominee since Reagan, but his strong socially conservative beliefs and his poor speaking skills lead many moderates to be wary of him. Miller similarly faced problems, being viewed as a Democrat from another era and he too failed to capitalize on the potential voters that weren't sold on Gore.

In the end, Gore won a strong victory in the electoral college and by three percent in the popular vote. Barbara Boxer became the first woman to serve as vice-president. Miller's victory in four states (including his home state of Georgia) also made him the first Democrat since 1988 to get an electoral vote, ending the new axiom that the Democrats had become a hapless protest party since the 1980s.


Red, Green, and Blue
United States presidential election, 1928
United States presidential election, 1932
United States presidential election, 1936
United States presidential election, 1940
United States presidential election, 1944
United States presidential election, 1948
United States presidential election, 1952
United States presidential election, 1956
United States presidential election, 1960
United States presidential election, 1964
United States presidential election, 1968
United States presidential election, 1972
United States presidential election, 1976
United States presidential election, 1980
United States presidential election, 1984
United States presidential election, 1988
United States presidential election, 1992
United States presidential election, 1996
United States presidential election, 2000

Just a word of warning, Wikipedia has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to using User Pages for personal use, e.g for infoboxes, as they completely deleted mine and the 10-12 infoboxes it had in it. Fucking bastards.

Bah, here's a modern-day Ostpreussen:

Prussia Infobox.png
Just a word of warning, Wikipedia has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to using User Pages for personal use, e.g for infoboxes, as they completely deleted mine and the 10-12 infoboxes it had in it. Fucking bastards.
But no one actually saves it, you just screenshot it. If you intend to save it somewhere, save it in a folder.

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Just a word of warning, Wikipedia has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to using User Pages for personal use, e.g for infoboxes, as they completely deleted mine and the 10-12 infoboxes it had in it. Fucking bastards.
They never annoyed me apart from editing to get rid of photos that was deleted or debated for copyright. And my userpage is basically just infoboxes.
Just a word of warning, Wikipedia has a no-tolerance policy when it comes to using User Pages for personal use, e.g for infoboxes, as they completely deleted mine and the 10-12 infoboxes it had in it. Fucking bastards.
They never annoyed me apart from editing to get rid of photos that was deleted or debated for copyright. And my userpage is basically just infoboxes.
I've always saved my infoboxes into my sandbox.

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The 2131 Dacia premier election was a three-way election between Democrat Kylie Kirner, Seabreeze Todd Hanazawa and incumbent Republican Charlie Phelps. Ecologists became disappointed and disillushioned with Phelps early in his term. He loosed restrictions on whaling in the South Seas and opened detente talks with the Whaling Congress nations. Phelps lowered tarrifs on imported fish and seafood and attempted to negotiate trade treaties with the Whaling Congress. A rift begin to form between Phelps and former Premier Todd Hanazawa, who had been friends. Hanazawa attacked Phelps on Sunday morning talk shows and in the newspapers, and many Republicans in the Commonwealth Legislature blocked Phelps's agenda. Hanazawa attempted to challenge Phelps for the nomination. The seating of pro-Phelps delegates was controversial and Hanazawa attempted to challenge their credentials to no avail. Hanazawa attempted to form an alliance with Commonwealth Senator Michael Lemiux, but Lemiux and Hanazawa had been long alienated and distant. Hanazawa instead led a walk out of delegates. With no further opposition, Charlie Phelps and Joanne Sheridan were renominated easily.

Two weeks later, the Seabreeze Coalition gathered in Harris Roads, Green Coast. Hanazawa was nominated unanimously, with Governor Heidi Carillo of Sunny Shore as his running mate. The Seabreeze Coalition promised to take a harder line against the Whaling Congress, strict enforcement of the Jamestown Convention, fishing deregulation and higher import tarrifs. There was some easy from the left-wing of the coalition, particular the wing lead by Lemiux, who were wary of Hanazawa. The treasurer of Hanazawa's campaign was Irene Wakamoto Parsons, who was the former CFO of Alcott Fisheries, one of the largest fishing and whaling companies on Europa. Lemiux did not publicaly endorse the Hanazawa/Carillo ticket, but he did campaign for several Republicans and Democrats aligned with the Seabreeze Coalition.

Three-time Democratic nominee Nora Huerta Bryant declined to run for a fourth time despite her relative youth (she'd be 54 by election day). With Bryant out of the running, the early frontrunner was Representative Hammond Glover of Boudica, the House Minority Leader. Running close behind Glover was Kylie Kirner of Sitiyok, the former Attorney General of Sitiyok and the current President of the University of Sitiyok System. Glover was a social conservative who supported a hard line against the Whaling Congress, reduced immigration, tighter border control and stricter citizenship requirements. Kirner campaigned on more spending for education, expanded job programs, enforcement of the Jamestown Convention. Both Glover and Kirner sought Bryant's endorsement, but she refused to make an endorsement early. It wasn't until the Highwater County Democratic Organization (a corrupt political machine run by Mayor Daniel Kousaka of Boca Raton City) endorsed Glover did Bryant make her endorsement. Bryant had been opposed to the corrupt political machines and their heavy influence on the Democratic Party, so she publically endorsed Kirner for Premier. With Bryant's backing, Kirner was able to take the momentum and evnetually the nomination from Glover. Bryant pushed for Kirner to pick Governor of Hannah Spinner of Umiaq as her running mate, but Kirner instead chose Governor Riley Martinez of Cadmus (Kirner had negotiated with Martinez to get her endorsement early).

The general election turned into a three-way battle between Phelps, Hanazawa and Kirner. Despite the early intentions of both campaigns, Phelps and Hanazawa spent most of the campaign attacking each other (after the election, the Republcian Party believed that a group of Democratic PACs and fundraisers fueled the fight between Phelps and Hanazawa by running negative ads attacking both). Kirner spent most of her campaign shoring up the Democratic vote. Her campaign believed that Phelps and Hanazawa would split the Republican vote enough to give the election to her. The strategy worked. While Kirner did 6 points worse than Bryant had in 2127, increased turnout meant that she lost only one million votes. Phelps and Hanazawa badly split the Republican vote, giving Kirner and the Democrats the victory. Kylie Kirner was the first Democrat elected as Premier of Dacia in more than 40 years and the Democrats eeked out narrow majorities in both houses of the Legislature, but their mandate was shaky as a significant plurality (46%) disapproved of her as she was innagurated.

2127 Dacia
2133 Xanadu
2137 Xanadu
2141 Xanadu & 2143 Barasses
2145 Xanadu & 2147 Barasses
2149 Xanadu & 2151 Barasses
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Bracken over Socialism

In perhaps the most bitterly divided Tory convention in the party's history Davie Fulton surprisingly comes out on top. Yet can he unite his party and defeat Paul Martin's Liberals?


Prime Ministers of Canada:
Arthur Meighen (Conservative) 1920-1921
William Lyon Mackenzie King (Liberal) 1921-1926
Arthur Meighen (Conservative) 1926
William Lyon Mackenzie King (Liberal) 1926-1930
R.B. Bennett (Conservative) 1930-1935
William Lyon Mackenzie King (Liberal) 1935-1944
John Bracken (Progressive Conservative) 1944-1952
Charles Gavan Power (Liberal) 1952-1962
Paul Martin, Sr. (Liberal) 1962-

Bracken over Socialism
Canadian federal election, 1944
Canadian federal election, 1946
Canadian federal election, 1951
Canadian federal election, 1952
Progressive Conservative leadership election, 1953
Canadian federal election, 1956
Canadian federal election, 1960
Progressive Conservative leadership election, 1961
Liberal leadership election, 1962
Canadian federal election, 1965
Progressive Conservative leadership election, 1966

In the vein of the various "Electoral Results of One Country Transposed on Another" Series, here is Canadamerica:


Famed General Ulysses S. Grant was the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, and easily won at the convention. Endorsing a Radical Platform, he alienated many moderate Republicans who rallied behind Salmon P. Chase, who was running an independent ticket. The Democratic Party, devastated after the 1866 Midterms, and desperate to stop Grant, decided to not run their own candidate and endorse Chase. However, the most extreme Democrats could not stomach Chase, and managed to convince President Andrew Johnson to run as an independent as well. Grant won easily, and would have still won even if the Democrats were united. A large portion of Grant's votes came not on the Republican ticket, but on the Unionist ticket he ran in some states.


I couldn't see anyone else winning the Republican nomination, so I decided to make McDonald Grant - the scandals in the future will help connect the two as well. Since the Liberals didn't technically have any leader this year, I decided to not give the Democrats an official candidate, and instead have them endorse an independent run. I decided that Andrew Johnson might be tempted to run as an independent, so I put him in for the third-party spot.

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