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Why do those politicians look like they’re from the 50s?
As @JCC the Alt Historian said, this is a take on the universe of the Fallout videogames series

These are post apocalyptic roleplay games set in a world where the future happened in a way that someone from the 1950s could have imagined

So basically post WW2 society and aesthetic stick on forever with technology developping in a retrofuturistic way with more focus on robotics and weaponry while computer science remains primitive

Also post WW2 politics and geopolitics also live on with the cold war lasting forever (even if China replaces the USSR as arch nemesis) and the US becoming a Mccarthyst authoritarian dream.

Mid 20th century ressources exhaustion drives the world nuts until Saturday, October 23, 2077 when a global nuclear holocaust whose first launch is unclear and tbf, doesn't really matter, destroys all civilisation on the surface of Earth

You then play a descendent of survivors decades or century later living in the ruins of this world

Amazon Prime recently made a series in this setting:
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I see the FDP remains closer to its origins here. Really good idea, real Fallout vibes. When did the CDU collapse and got replaced by the CSU? When did the Bavarian nationalists remove the CSU from Bayern?
Here the CDU and CSU are simply not founded I liked the idea to take many possible different outcomes for a Germany with a very end of WW2 POD

Here the Zentrum leadership decides to "stay in the tower", meaning remaining a purely catholic party rather than opening to non catholic christians in a"Christian democratic union", that was a real debate they had under Weimar. The Zentrumspartei re appeared in a different name post WW2 and retained their traditional but separated alliance with Bavarian christian democrats

And yeah the right liberals remained a right wing party and a giant nazi rehabilitation factory the US could tolerate for their fervent anticommunism
Any tips on making one of those detailed wikibox collages? The sort that really convey a big chunk of a TL in one post, especially the sort that have a background.

This is my first wikibox, and hopefully the first in a series whose core idea I've been mulling over for a while.
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Wall Street Putsch (Business Plot).png

The Wall Street Putsch, also called the Business Plot and The White House Putsch, was a political coup attempt in 1933, in the United States, to overthrow the government of President Huey P. Long and install Smedley Butler as dictator. Butler, a retired Marine Corps major general, testified under oath that wealthy businessmen were plotting to create a fascist veterans' organization with him as its leader and use it in a coup d'état to overthrow Long. In October 1933, Butler testified under oath before the United States House of Representatives Special Committee on Un-American Activities (the "McCormack–Dickstein Committee'') on these revelations.

Following the revelation and concurring investigations done by the congressional committee and the FBI, there were mass arrests throughout the country, mostly bankers and military veterans that were tied into the conspiracy. The arrests of high-profile figures such as J. P. Morgan Jr., Robert Sterling Clark, and Grayson Murphy to name a few. Other names emerged, such as Chief of Staff of the United States Army Douglas MacArthur and former army sergeant Walter W. Waters was also arrested as revelations were later found that the putschists would use the bonus army and the army in Washington to conduct their coup. On the other hand, other men such as MacArthur’s aide-de-camp Dwight D. Eisenhower and banker Prescott Bush would be used as key witnesses to the investigations in exchange of their pardon. Their arrests were justified under the congressional committee’s final report that stated, "there is no question that these attempts were discussed, were planned, and might have been placed in execution when and if the financial backers deemed it expedient."

The Putsch itself, though never went into action, served as the first catalyst in the creation of the National Prosperity Coalition and marked the first true attempt by the president in leveraging his position as a national unity figure. Using the attempted putsch for political ammunition, President Long proceeded to centralize power to himself and the White House, deeming other political entities as enemies of the state and banker sympathizers. With his massive popularity, he managed to galvanize the American populace and eventually broke the two parties into his own massive National Prosperity Coalition.

Following the collapse of the National Prosperity Coalition, further critical historical investigation into the events found sufficient evidence that the putsch itself was a real plot. Nonetheless, historians alike agreed that it was only discussions done in parties and as Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. stated that, “It was but a mere 'cocktail putsch',” and that, “No doubt, MacGuire did have some wild scheme in mind, though the gap between contemplation and execution was considerable, and it can hardly be supposed that the Republic was in much danger."

Conspiracy theories were still abound as some accused President Huey Long of fabricating and overplaying the degree of the conspiracy itself as a way to take control over the government as many of his proposed policies were heading into early defeats during the time. Others also argue that the putsch itself was an inside job, remarking that some of President Long’s allies were present within the group, such as members of the American Legion, and by him not taking action over figures such as Eisenhower and Bush had proved that President Long orchestrated the putsch to gain more political power, concluding in the creation of the National Prosperity Coalition and the everlasting impact of the Long presidency on the American psyche.
If you have questions and inputs feel free to give
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(OOC: Decided to make the Fuhrerreich scenario a bit more "realistic" in my mind, the basis of the wikibox is from Goweegie2's A Post Valkist World, and the writeup is a rewrite of Hitler's wikipedia with elements of Napoleon)


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