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Are Franken's scandals butterflied here or do they not come out?
It was a source of large controversy on the 2016 campaign trail, with party insiders going far to urge Udall as a replacement. But Franken held his ground, and managed to win in a year expected to favor Republicans, though at the cost earning of a rocky relationship to some voters and elder statesmen. Helping matters was the fact that the Democratic and Right To Life parties had their own scandals that year. In particular, RTL nominee and Idaho governor Steven Pankey sank in the polls and became the most hated politician in the country due to being a person of interest, and later being found guilty, in a murder cold case.
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Viva Kennedy! - A Kennedy Survives TL Wikibox Series

Part 7: Hart-aches, Hart-aches!


(Well, everyone, this series has ended for now, I'll do a current politics continuation, but here, for now, the series ends, thank you all, truly, for your support!)
Another follow-up to this post. Bloody 1973.
A note: Gerald Ford's mother's surname is Gardner. Also, I'm not revealing any details on how Manson died, not yet. Colorado refers to Baja California, the actual Colorado of OTL is instead Jefferson, and Nevada has Sacramento ITTL.
EDIT: Added the coordinates where the murder took place.
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No it's definitely not the USSR based on the "supporting regions" section for both sides. Looks like instead of communism, Russia had a right-wing nationalist government, but still ended up collapsing (and far more violently)
From what I can tell it looks like an alternate 1991 coup where it’s in the dying days of a far-right Russia rather than the USSR.
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