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Daily Planet/Gotham Gazette
(previous parts were: LexCorp, Wayne Enterprises, the Waynes of Gotham and Falcone/Maroni war)
The Superman, Doomsday, and the Daily Planet





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@olavops & @Nofix Magnifique.

@olavops, why'd you decide to make Lex's rather pitiful effort to present Superman as an invader one of Clark's official nicknames? Also, I'm ashamed to sya I don't know who the lady you're using for Lois is?
In this timeline Superman was only active for about 1 year before the arrival of Doomsday. There was a lot os skepticism and questions about him (in large part due to skillfull manipulation by Luthor). When Doomsday arrived, and produced a fight with Superman that led to the death of almost two hundred thousand people, Superman decided to 'retire' and think things over. "The Alien from Metropolis" is officially considered dead by the population.

Lois Lane is interpreted here by the amazing Alison Brie. I was looking for someone to fit the profile, and I think she would be an excellent choice.
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France,Spain,Zapodoslavia,Transilvania and Russia= French Commune,Socialist Spain,Commie Zapodoslavia,USSR,SR Transilvania
UK= British Union of Fascists,Portugal= Intregalist or National Syndicalist,Yugoslavia = Fascist
US= in the same Aliance as UK but still the same Democrat US
China = Fascist
Latin Americans = Monarchies Democratic,at Verge of War with US,and after WW1 would make Cold War with the AutDem German Empire
Ireland = Anexed before WW2
Spain =Civil war 1926-1930 with Socialist Victory
Austria = Anschluss and became an Sub-national Monarchy of German Empire
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Hungary is German Ally and Revanchist Towards Commies and Yugoslavia
Iron Guard Romania wants to kill Transilvania
Chile Took Patagonia,Peru Took Bolivia and Tucuman
Argentina is Fascist and Revanchist Towards Latin Americans and Ally of UK
Turquestan is Socialist Puppet of USSR and don´t Have Alash Orda Lands,Tanu Tuva is at Civil War with mongol unionists and socialists
East Turquestan is at Civil War with the Socialist USSR aligned Xinjiang SR,Xinjiang Clique/China and the East Turquestan Governemnt that is Turkic
The 1988 Gotham diplomatic incidents refer to the twin deaths of Felipe and Jose Garzonas in Gotham City, New Jersey in October and November of that year. These incidents lead to a diplomatic break between the United States and Colombia for several years, as well as a mediated agreement between both countries in 1993.

According to the Colombian Government, two violent and dangerous vigilantes operating in Gotham, Batman and Robin, murdered Felipe Garzonas, son of Colombian Ambassador Jose Garzonas who fell nearly 20 stories to his death, and later murdered the Ambassador himself. They demanded not only restitution, but for vigilantes and Gotham city's leadership to be charged (as they accused them of being complicit in the actions of the vigilantes).

The Gotham PD responded, in an extraordinary measure, by publicly revealing all their evidence they had amassed on the two: Felipe Garzonas of drug smuggling, drug dealing, kidnapping, rape, and attempted murder of his rape victim; and Jose Garzonas' complicity in his son's actions, as well as his involvement in the kidnapping of their Police Commissioner, Margaret Sawyer, in an attempt to draw out and murder Batman and Robin.

The US government, already investigating the Garzonas family for drug trafficking, instead demanded the Colombian government offer restitution to the American citizens affected by their ambassadorial staff's actions, and openly refused to offer the Colombian Government an apology nor “one single dime” until they do.

This incident lead to a breakdown between the US and Colombian Governments, with both asking their respective embassies to leave. During the early crisis, anti-American protests broke out in Colombia's biggest cities, most notably Bogotá, and anti-Colombian protests broke out across the United States. Both the mayor of Gotham and the Governor of New Jersey denounced the Colombian government, and stated they had no intention of allowing them to house the embassy in the state should relations ever be restored.

In 1993, an agreement was reached where the United States and Gotham would be compensated for the actions of the Colombian embassy, both countries would mutually apologize for their actions, and both countries would sign an agreement regarding ambassadorial conduct. The public of both countries found the compromise to be unsatisfactory, and relations would remain functional albeit troubled for years to come.

In 2020, during the “Batman leak,” it was revealed the Robin accused by the Colombian government of throwing Felipe Garzonas to his death was the then-17-year old Jason Todd, and that the Batman at the time was former UN and South African Ambassador Richard Grayson.
The “Doomsday Incident” (also popularly known as “The Death of Superman” or “The Destruction of Metropolis” occurred midday on January 21st, 1993, when the alien bio-weapon “Doomsday” teleported within the Earth's atmosphere, crashed in the Delaware River, and began rampaging throughout the city.

Several heroes engaged the frenzied monster, including Blue Beetle, Green Lantern, and both of Superman's sons, Superman II and Nightwing, all of whom were heavily injured during the fight. After they were defeated, the original Superman arrived and fought the monster, killing it, but dying in the process.

The total number of wounded and dead reached 26,000, with experts speculating the death toll potentially reaching over 60,000 had the creature landed in the center of the city instead of the river, giving time for superheroes to evacuate and confront the monster.

An investigation by the US Government revealed that Doomsday was a heavily modified Parademon from the Darkseid Army, and that the reason it was able to avoid detection was due to the use of a Boom Tube to drop it within Earth's atmosphere.
So, what happened to conner kent and power girl/Supergirl/Kara Zor-El?
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