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Clinton and Johnson weren't born in the South. Also, why would they get Utah, AZ, and NM but not KS, that makes no sense (also the idea that first three would be in the CSA is kind of absurd given they were far less divided over slavery than the latter was).
With Clinton, she moves down to the south when Bill Clinton assumes the governorship of Arkansas. Utah's position within the Confederacy stems from mormons practicing slavery stage a coup of the LDS church and joins the Confederacy. Arizona and New Mexico are organized shortly after the civil war, mostly seen as "colonial" possessions of the Confederacy before gradually holding sway over Confederate political life.
Now, upon further inspection, I do see that not adding Kansas was a mistake on my part. I opted to have the states be below the mason dixon line while also excluding Kansas. I'll go with the Union forces expell Kansas secessionists during the formation of the CSA. The situation turns into a string of bitter failures by the CSA military during the Kansas campaign, with politicians opting to not press the issue during the peace treaty with the United States. The main focus would be on expanding a southern transcontinental railroad.

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Ok but with this Hillary and Bill would never meet so she would have no point to move South?
The amount of slave holding Mormons would be so low it would be impossible to succeed. Iirc, they were p anti-slavery,
So the US collapsed or? If so then that could make sense but if not, they’d stay firmly in US hands. And if they stay in US hands, thanks to not having a border with the CSA, so would Utah.
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Public Broadcasting System


Public Broadcasting System, known commonly as "PBS," is a government-owned television broadcasting company. Founded in 1951 during the last weeks of the Long administration, the system's creation was meant to present an "objective" media platform in the mold of the old BBC. In reality, it was the Long's administration's attempt to counteract the largely hostile media with a voice of their own. Even today, PBS is often accused of having a pro-Democrat bias in its presentation.

Like its rivals CBS, NBC, and Mutual, PBS operates through local affiliates, but does own several stations in its own right. PBS also owns three cable channels: PBS News, a cable news channel; World TV, a documentary/educational channel; and PBS Kids, a children's programming channel. PBS initially struggled in establishing an audience, but made its breakthrough with The Ronald Reagan Show, and followed with another slew of rural based programming that lasted well into the 1980's. PBS has also had a considerable amount of success with children's programming, which tends to be educational in outlook.
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This is Harold Macmillan from the book, You've Always Had It This Good. The longest serving British Prime Minister in history, and the leader of three parties in his time. The first to head part of his administration in the House of Lords since the Marquess of Salisbury, he served Britain as Prime Minister for 29 and-a-half years. He lived to the age of 95.

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