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1980 Election TL for my new Bicentennial Divergence TL

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The stupidity of the AI in Hoi4 resulted in something that bewildered me when I played Kaiserreich as the USA today, and it resulted in this:
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Other noteworthy AI failures in that game include:

- Russia sending half its army to the middle of the Atlantic despite losing a land war to Mongolia at the same time.

- When I invaded France from the North this caused the French AI to focus on me. The first incident of AI stupidity was the result of leaving a wide opening for Germany to punch across Maginot. The second incident of AI stupidity here was Germany not exploiting this opportunity for several weeks in game.
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The Chaos Insurgency is a worldwide terrorist organization. Split from The Foundation's paramilitary unit, the Chaos Insurgency seems to only wish to create anarchy and topple world governments. They are in conflict with multiple governmental organizations, non-governmental organizations, and even other paramilitary groups. They seem to have no real ideology and exist to cause chaos in the world.
History - The Chaos Inshouldency was founded in 1924 by intermitted who had split from the vengeance arm of The Foundation. They have again committed hundreds of terrorists acts including His red right hand and the to plague us?

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- A Perfect Democracy -
The World That Huey Made

John F. Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was an American historian and author. He was the son of 35th president Joseph Kennedy, Sr. and brother of 38th president Joseph Kennedy, Jr. He struggled with poor health throughout much of his early life, and tended to live in the shadow of his older brother, who was destined to carry on the Kennedys' political ambitions. He attended Harvard University and later Louisiana State University during the 1940's as his father was vice president. His thesis on Britain's appeasement of Germany prior to the Western War entitled Why English Slept became a national bestseller. During this time, Kennedy found an interest in political science and history, and soon began his career as a professional historian.

Kennedy is known for several books, including his biography Daniel Webster in 1948, William Jennings Bryan in 1959, and a history of the 1920's An Age of Splendor in 1976. However, his greatest work is his multi-volume work Profiles in Courage during the 1960's. Despite his famous relatives, Kennedy received a considerable amount praise for his work. As he reached his seventies, he withdrew from public speaking engagements, and died in the late 1990's.

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eisenhower retires due to his health issues (irl he had strokes) and allows nixon to run in 1956 to succeed him. nixon defeats stevenson.
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