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Well done! How do you create wiki-style electoral maps and insert them into the wikibox?
Well, I don’t really create them, I actually just modify them.

To do this, find one of Wikipedia’s SVG maps (you can just take one from one of the OTL presidential elections, any will do) and download some kind of text editor — the one I use is Sublime Text, which is free.

Save the map to your computer as an SVG, and open it up in your text editor.

You’ll see, in the first dozen lines or so, a list of state abbreviations (e.g. “#RI, #MN, #GA, ...”) which is ended by a hexcode (“fill #[hexcode]”). Then, below that first list, you’ll see another list, ended by another hexcode. These lists determine how each state votes. To move a state from one party’s column to another, just move the state’s abbreviation to the other list. You can also change the party colors, etc., you get the idea.

After that, you have the state defines, which define the borders of each state. You can also add new states and create “circles” if you want to split off a state’s electoral votes for congressional districts or faithless electors. I have no idea how to create a state define from scratch, so if I want to add a new electoral division I just copy a state define (say, ME-2 or PR) from another SVG file and paste it into the file I’m working on at the end of the state defines.

Below that, you have the electoral votes for each state.

Now, when it comes to inserting these maps into your infobox:

If you have a Wikipedia account, you can just upload your new map directly from your desktop into the infobox that you’re working on. This takes about 15 seconds and gives you the best quality. However, in my later infoboxes I didn’t have this option because I got banned from Wikipedia. In this case, I would convert your SVG to a PNG and paste it onto your infobox once everything else is done.
Another post for my Führerreich TL. It's the 2019 Danish presidential election (Denmark is a semi-presidential republic ITTL). I'm working on a legislative election for TTL's Denmark too

This election was widely considered an upset, as the centre-left Republikanske Parti's dark horse candidate, Lea Ladefoged, won a narrow victory against the frontrunner and popular former Prime Minister, the centre-right Samlingspartiet's Ferdinand Kirkegaard

Edit: forgot the map, so I posted it here

2019 Danish presidential election.PNG
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Soon Says a Whisper, Arise, Arise

"A corrupt bargain has granted Mr. Adams the office of Chief Magistrate of the United States! The fiend Henry Clay has illicitly arranged for the victory of Adams in Congress, despite my being the rightful victor. I will not concede the election. Adams should step down and cede the Presidency to me, for I am the rightful President of the United States. Had all the votes been fairly counted, i would have won a majority in the Electoral College outright. The devious schemes of the wicked Hamiltonians and British sympathizers has prevented the full vote from being fully counted. Additionally, the state of New York did not even hold a popular election, which I surely would have won due to the sympathy towards my cause in New York City. It is thus clear that the Adams cabal, by assuming control of the Presidency, is overthrowing the Constitution and establishing a dictatorship. I call upon all men who remain faithful to our national principles to join me in removing this wicked usurper and to restore the rule of law."
- Andrew Jackson, in a speech widely distributed in Democratic newspapers

-New York Post headline

"There has been a great deal of speculation as to the circumstances surrounding the death of the late Andrew Jackson. Among his partisans, it is generally believed that the Adams cabal arranged for his demise. Even John Calhoun, the Vice President, has implored Congress to open an investigation into the matter. The rationale given by the authorities for Mr. Jackson's death- that he caught a terrible chill while walking in a storm- seems rather dubious. Evidence accumulated by John Eaton indicates that Mr. Jackson was killed by poison... However, the murder of Mr. Jackson would be the least of the crimes of the Adam cabal... The Republican faction following Mr. Adams are the heirs to an ancient plot that originated among the Pharisees during the time of Christ. Among the Pharisees- the elders of Zion- who had persuaded Pontius Pilate to crucify Christ, a design was made to eradicate the followers of Christ. The Pharisee plot was arranged by the Devil himself, who further allied the religions of the Pagan mysteries, the Roman cults, and devotees of Hecate with the Pharisees, creating a grand conspiracy meant to completely annihilate Christianity... The Book of Revelations was intended to warn Christians of the ultimate design of this Pharisee plot. The events as predicted by the Book of Revelations will occur within a few short years... Many of the evils throughout recorded history have been the result of this Pharisee design... The Knights Templar... The Papacy... The Freemasons... The Illuminati... were all chapters of the Pharisee conspiracy. The monarchies of old Europe are in whole or in part controlled by the Pharisees... Monarchism and Judeo-Jacobinism are the twin heads of the Pharisee plot. Only the United States, with its tradition of principled liberty, has until recently resisted the Pharisee tyranny... The global empire of the Pharisees is governed by a wicked philosophy of globalism and Devil-Worship, against which only the freemen of the United States stand opposed... The Federalist Party constituted by Alexander Hamilton was the American chapter of the Pharisee conspiracy, intended to subvert the principles of the American Revolution and return this country to the thrall of Pharisee despotism. John Quincy Adams is the heir to this fiendish plot, and he is carrying the will of the Pharisees, and thus the Devil, in his role as Chief Executive... The Pharisee plot is ultimately Israelite in origin, and its' chief members claim direct descendant from the same Pharisees responsible for the Crucifixion. The Adams family is among those descended from the Pharisee High Priests. It is not altogether unsurprising that Mr. Adams should then keep the religion of his ancestors and their most barbaric customs... The Pharisees keep a Blood Sabbath, according to the old customs of Canaan. The Blood Sabbath involves the consumption of human flesh and the drinking of human blood. The Pharisees typically procure Christian children for this wicked ritual... By means of my service to Presidents Jefferson and Madison, I retain many friends within the federal government. These friends have alarmed me of a terrible evil being carried out... President Adams is regularly holding a Blood Sabbath! The innocent blood of thousands of Christian children is being spilled before a terrible monument built for Baphomet, and Adams gleefully presides over dozens of wicked massacres. Even the savagery of the Indians and the Mosselmen pales before this barbarism. The President is a cannibal! Cannibalism and barbarism shall soon overtake this country in accordance with Pharisee design!... I am arranging for the creation of a political party for Americans who are loyal to Christ and the Constitution and oppose this wicked devil-worship... I do not care to meet the same fate as Andrew Jackson, and thus, in order to prevent my assassination, I must keep my name and identity concealed. I have assumed a Latin name-Quintilianus- in honor of that great and noble Roman... I seek for knowledge of this Pharisee plot to be learned by even the most illiterate frontiersman, who may be unfamiliar with the works of Quintilianus. For the sake of the common man, a more common pseudonym may suffice- Q."
- Pamphlet distributed by the Philadelphia based newspaper the Columbia Observer

"I think it no accident that John Adams and Thomas Jefferson have both perished on the 50th anniversary of American independence. I think it likely some devilish ritual is at work."
- Quintilianus

"The subscribers of the so-called Quintilianus have taken note of the case of William Morgan. Q alleges that Morgan was murdered by the Freemasons for seeking to release documents which would have supposedly revealed their devil-worshipping rituals. Samuel Morse, one of the most fervent converts to the Q cult, has printed slanderous pamphlets entitled "His Name was William Morgan" and widely distributed these pamphlets in Astor Place. I do not doubt that some wicked design is at work with the disappearance of Mr. Morgan. The Freemasons are a pernicious influence who must be rooted out. I see no small irony, however, in the fact that the followers of Mr. Jackson have come to view the Freemasons as the arm of some monstrous cabal when Mr. Jackson himself was a Mason... The theory proposed by Q is the most absurd deception in the history of this country, and yet this has been no barrier to the spread of the cult... Many less scrupulous ministers have taken to preaching about the supposed Pharisee plot revealed by Q, seeking to scare converts into their churches. The followers of Mr. Jackson have never been particularly pious, and have opposed the New England congregationalists who backed the Federalists and President Adams. There are some who would take solace in the fact that the Democrats have renewed their faith in the gospel... However, the followers of Q adhere to fradulent heresies, sinful ministers, and lunatic theologies which should be avoided by moral Christians. I almost wish that the Democrats retained the infidel attitudes of Thomas Paine, so not as to taint the Christian religion with their deranged Jacobinism."
- Thurlow Weed, writing for the Rochester Telegraph

"We had wondered as to the ubiquity of the the works of Quintilianus, which appear in taverns and inns across the country. We have found receipts sent to various printers by noted New York citizen Aaron Burr ordering the purchase of a large number of these pamphlets. It would seem that Mr. Burr, for unknown purposes, is invested in spreading the work of this Quintilianus."
- New York Post

"There has been a great deal of speculation as the authorship of the Quintilianus pamphlets. The New York Post has declared that I am Quintilianus, and that I am seeking to re-enter politics. I must thus declare that I am not Quintilianus, and that I have no knowledge as to Quintilianus' identity. I am, however, greatly interested in the revelations he has revealed. I have long opposed the wicked Federalist cabal, and if Quintilianus is to be believed, then I killed one of the chief Devil worshipers in this country. I believe that Quintilianus is following the intent and philosophy of my grandfather, the great preacher Jonathan Edwards. Like my grandfather, Quintilanius seeks to deliver sinners into God's hands and ensure the wicked are punished. I intend to help Q expose the Pharisee plot and ensure the terrible forces at work in the world are defeated. As Jonathan Edwards led a Great Awakening that brought the people of this country closer to God, Q shall lead the Second Great Awakening and finally deliver the United States to God."
- Aaron Burr

"President Adams has relieved me of duty, claiming I have been in improper contact with certain foreign governments. In fact, I was removed from my employment due to my uncovering the fiendish Blood Sabbaths Adams has been holding in the Executive Mansion! I believe the President may have arranged for my assassination, as he did with Andrew Jackson, but fortunately I have escaped the designs of the Pharisees. It is time for all those who seek to preserve the Republic to gather in support of Quintilianus."
- James Wilkinson

"It would be a mistake for the supporters of the Jacksonian cause to hold faith in the wild and unsupported claims of Quintilianus, who has not cared to reveal his name and who has provided no reason to believe his fantastical claims. The formation of a political party under his name would only strengthen the cause of John Quincy Adams by making his opponents appear violent and intemperate."
- Vice President John Calhoun

"Is Mr. Calhoun unaware of the dangers the Pharisee plot poses to South Carolina? It was at the instigation of the Illuminati, one of the chapters of the Pharisees, that Saint-Dominique collapsed into anarchy and negro barbarism. It is their ultimate design to undermine civilization by elevating the Children of Ham above their natural station and to destroy the natural order of things. A terrible anarchy will soon be visited upon South Carolina, when the Pharisees will send radical abolitionists to raise the slaves into a fiendish mob which shall unleash all manner of devilries upon the people of the South. If Mr. Calhoun does not have the courage to personally remove Mr. Adams from office, as was planned by Mr. Jackson, he should at least have the courtesy not to interfere in the divine plan to secure America for Christ."

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