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That's going to be the worst president-vice president relationship outside of Jackson-Calhoun. If LBJ gets assassinated, the conspiracy theorists are going to say Bobby did it like they think Johnson killed Jack
I decided to do Presidential Primaries for the year 1996, with the six main contenders for the nomination slugging it out for seven to six months, trying to scrape enough pledged delegates come convention to formally nominate it, with backroom deals abound in both parties. The general election sees narrow wins in Illinois, Indiana coupled with a surprise loss in Kentucky with pickups in New Jersey and New Hampshire narrowly.

I'll probably do a proper write up for this in the morning, but if there are any questions so far, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them.

I decided to do Presidential Primaries for the year 1996, with the six main contenders for the nomination slugging it out for seven to six months, trying to scrape enough pledged delegates come convention to formally nominate it, with backroom deals abound in both parties. The general election sees narrow wins in Illinois, Indiana coupled with a surprise loss in Kentucky with pickups in New Jersey and New Hampshire narrowly.

I'll probably do a proper write up for this in the morning, but if there are any questions so far, feel free to ask and I'll do my best to answer them.


I don't wanna sound rude, but.. are those pictures horrible on purpose?
Working Together for Britain

Based on a December 1981 election poll, in which Steel was at his height of public popularity.

I think he uses MS Paint to edit them instead of the Wikipedia sandbox. I don't really blame him tbh, learning Wikicode can be a bit of a hassle
Yeah, I've always used MS Paint instead of actually going on the sandbox. It's easier for me to pick out a template from wikipedia and modify it manually via paint than to go through the sandbox. I remember it intimidated me the first time I tried something a year a go, (I forgot what it was I was doing) and so I've loved paint and never looked back.
Another US election from my Führerreich TL, this time with the Republicans cross-endorsing Teddy because he was a semi-popular incumbent. He didn't get a landslide victory though because people were wary of him running for a third full term

1916 US election.PNG
2018 Republic of Texas Presidential Election

In the 2018 presidential election, incumbent president Kay Bailey Hutchison of the conservative Democratic Party was elected to her third three-year term, becoming the first president to successfully win a third term since Ann Richards in 1997. To win the presidency in Texas one does not need to win the popular vote overall but instead needs to win a majority of the nation's 299 House of Delegates districts.

Hutchison was first elected in 2012 defeating incumbent one-term Liberal president Chris Bell. Hutchison enjoyed high approval ratings throughout most of her presidency leading to a landslide 16 point reelection victory in 2015, but her approval ratings sank deeply in mid-2017 with a dip in the economy coupled with the Red River environmental disaster, which she was accused of not paying enough attention to due to the area's historic Liberal Party leanings. The Liberal Party saw this as their opportunity to take back the presidency and nominated delegate Chet Edwards as their candidate. Hutchison and Edwards were polling neck-and-neck all the way up to 3 months out from the election when Hutchison began to take the lead due to a rallying economy and allegations of corruption within the Liberal Party apparatus. Hutchison won a majority of the districts with a comfortable 9.5 point win over delegate Edwards, however Edwards won 138 districts to Hutchison's 161, much more than he was expected to with a nearly 10 point loss in the popular vote exemplifying the advantage the Liberal Party has with the District-Vote System. With this election, Democrats have won the popular vote in the last 6 straight elections, including 2009 where Liberal Chris Bell won a majority of districts and the election despite losing the popular vote.

2018 Presidential Election Wiki.png
Here's a one-off I'm doing, with an independent Oregon Country

The second round of the 2018 Oregonian general election was held on 28 October 2018 in the Federal Republic of Oregon to elect the President, Vice President, and the National Assembly of Oregon. Due to the Constitution of Oregon limiting the Presidency to a single consecutive five-year term, incumbent President Sandy Lee Arronge of the Civic People's Party was ineligible for a second term. On 7 October 2018, former President Johnny Loewenthal of the Civic People's Party, who had been previously elected President in 2003, came in a narrow first in the first round, but lost in the second round to Willamette congressman Barry Felder of Green Future. Loewenthal, who had previously been charged with corruption, was attempting to make a political comeback following his 10 year ban from running for public office, but was unsuccessful.

presidential election infobox.png

Edit: Before anyone questions how Loewenthal can run for a second term, the Constitution of Oregon ITTL only limits presidents to a single consecutive term, it specifies nothing about non-consecutive terms.

Edit 2: I may have been lowkey inspired by @RoxyLikeAPuma's recently posted Texan election
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That's going to be the worst president-vice president relationship outside of Jackson-Calhoun. If LBJ gets assassinated, the conspiracy theorists are going to say Bobby did it like they think Johnson killed Jack

The Secret Service would have to step in to keep the two from killing one another.
Crossposted from my timeline:
The atomic bombing of Hong Sha Dao was one of the most significant indicators of global catastrophes erupting in the 2020’s.


Years and Years, Shattered Union, Bodyguard, Servant of the People, Edge of Darkness, Dear White People, American Vandal, 10 Things I Hate About You, Beavis and Butthead, On Deadly Ground, The Men Who Stare at Goats, Sorry to Bother You, Good Trouble, You, Urinetown, Welcome to Night Vale, The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum, Half-Life, Crysis, Dying Light, Resident Evil, Homefront, Designated Survivor, Wildflower, In the Name of the People, Wing Commander, Empire Earth, Crazy Rich Asians, The Curfew, Black Mirror, Spitting Image, Thursday Next, This is Our Land, Submission, Lord of the World, Look Who’s Back, The Great Dictator, Operation Red Dragon, The Young Pope, The Politician, Her Opponent, Finnegan’s Rainbow, Max Payne, Steven Universe, Oz, Jericho, The Path

This cries out for annotations. :)
This cries out for annotations. :)

The goal of the list under the spoilers tab is to serve as references for where everything comes from. But just in case...

Hong Sha Dao, its destruction, Vivienne Rook and the Four Star Party all come from Years and Years.
David Jefferson Adams is the president of the United States from Shattered Union. His authoritarianism and death are both part of the source material.
John Vosler is Prime Minister in Bodyguard.
Vasil Petrovych Holoborodko is the teacher-turned-president of the Ukraine from Servant of the People (whose actor is now actually president of the Ukraine).
The Northmoor Corporation is from the film Edge of Darkness and does the same thing in that film.
Samantha Carter is the activist protagonist of Dear White People.
Peter Maldonado is the documentarian protagonist of American Vandal.
Kat Strattford is a staunch feminist character in 10 Things I Hate About You.
William Van Driessen is a hippie teacher from Beavis and Butthead.
Forrest Taft is the environmentalist action hero of On Deadly Ground.
The New Earth Army is a militant environmentalist group from The Men Who Stare At Goats.
The Left Eye is a leftist antifa-like movement from Sorry to Bother You.
Curtis Wilson is a conservative judge one of the main characters clerks for in Good Trouble.
Joe Goldberg is a bookshop employee who becomes murderously obsessed with a customer in You.
Caldwell B. Cladwell is the CEO of the Urine Good Company in Urinetown, where he strictly limits people's access to water to maintain a limited supply while sending rulebreakers to the titular Urinetown which is actually nonexistent and just a cover for execution.
Cecil Palmer is the host of Welcome to Night Vale.
The attacks by an alternate Equestria (which is from My Little Pony, though I forgot to mention it) is part of the fanfiction The Conversion Bureau: The Other Side of the Spectrum, which is a deconstruction of the more problematic fanfic simply called The Conversion Bureau, where Equestria forcibly converts people into ponies.
The Combine are the alien invaders from Half-Life and the Ceph are the alien invaders from Crysis.
The city of Harran is the setting of the video game Dying Light. The T-virus is the zombie virus from Resident Evil (and Dying Light is a game centering on zombies as well).
The Greater Hun Chiu Republic is the timeline's version of Homefront's Greater Korean Republic (formed by North Korea reunifying the two Koreas) and Hun Chiu, the divided Korea-like country from Designated Survivor.
Julio Ardiente is the Rodrigo Duterte-like governor of part of the Philippines in Wildflower.
Hou Lingpiang is the protagonist of the Chinese series In the Name of the People.
Sarkhan is the Vietnam analogue from The Ugly American, which I also forgot to mention.
Christopher Blair is from Wing Commander.
The Kwan Do family is a rich Chinese family that sponsors Mars settlement in Empire Earth.
Nick Young is one of the eponymous Crazy Rich Asians in the work of the same name and is the protagonist's love interest.
The Shepherd Party is the authoritarian British political party running the country in the online game The Curfew.
People for Waldo is from the Black Mirror episode 'The Waldo Moment.'
The String 'Em Up Party is a political party from Spitting Image.
The Common Sense Party is a party from Thursday Next.
Agnes Dorgelle and the National Popular Rally are analogues of Marine Le Pen and the National Rally in the film This is Our Land.
Mohammed Ben-Abbes is the Muslim (and Islamist in the source material, but not here) President of France from the novel Submission.
Julian Felsenburgh is a socialist Senator from Vermont(!) who is also the Antichrist in the novel Lord of the World. His war on the Catholic Church is central to the plot.
Adenoid Hynkel is the Hitler analogue in The Great Dictator. Him being resurrected is a reference to the novel/film Look Who's Back.
Elisa Correr is a fictional MEP from Operation Red Dragon.
Pope Pius XIII is the titular character in The Young Pope and is also the first American pope.
Payton Hobart is the central character of the upcoming Netflix series The Politician.
Brenda King is a (literally) a female Donald Trump from the play Her Opponent, which basically reenacts the 2016 presidential debates with King replacing Trump and Jonathan Gordon replacing Hillary Clinton-it was largely to see how big a role sexism actually played in the election.
Missitucky is the state where the musical Finnegan's Rainbow takes place.
Alfred Woden is a Senator in the Max Payne games who is amoral, but allied with the heroes.
Delmarva is a Delaware analogue from Steven Universe.
James Devlin is the governor of an unnamed state who serves as a key antagonist in the series Oz.
The Inaguration Day bombings are a composite of the bombing of Washington in Shattered Union (the timing is the same as in that game) and the multiple bombings that spark the dissolution of the US in Jericho (the fact 23 cities were destroyed).
Eddie Lane is the leader of The Path in the show of the same name.
To the Edge and Maybe Over: Part 1
“I want to finally get something done on Social Security. I want younger workers to be able to manage some of their own money, some of their own payroll taxes in the private sector under certain guidelines to get a better rate of return on your own money.”

-Texas Governor George W. Bush in his closing statement during the October 4th Presidential Debate, 2000

“One important way of looking at this is to ask, who are you going to fight for? Throughout my career in public service, I have fought for the working men and women of this country, middle-class families, senior citizens. Why? Because you are the ones who have the hardest time paying taxes, the hardest time making ends meet. You are the ones who are making car payments and mortgage payments and doing right by your kids. And a lot of times there are powerful forces arrayed against you. And make no mistake about it, they do have undue influence in Washington, D.C., and it makes a difference if you have a president who will fight for you. I am prepared to do that even when Governor Bush is not.”

-Vice President Al Gore in his closing statement during the October 4th Presidential Debate, 2000

“I have the utmost respect for Vice President Cheney’s service to the country, but I fundamentally disagree with a lot of what he has proposed we do.”

-Senator Joe Lieberman in the Vice Presidential Debate, October 5th, 2000


-Headline of The Washington Post, October 12th, 2000


-Headline in The New York Post, October 13th, 2000

“I wish Nader a speedy recovery from his injuries. While we may be opponents, I do believe his heart is in the right place and we share quite a few major concerns surrounding global warming and environmental degradation.”

-Vice President Al Gore in response to being asked about Green Party nominee Ralph Nader’s recent hospitalization, October 15th, 2000

“Vice President Gore is a good man, but he is wrongheaded about much issues impacting the country. He doesn’t have a strateger-strategy, aha-to deal with the rise of China and that is going to be the biggest issue of the new millennium.”

-Governor George W. Bush at a campaign event in Miami, October 20th, 2000

“George needs to stop fumbling when he speaks so much. I’m not going to lie, I wish Jeb was the nominee instead.”

-Leaked audio of former Secretary of Defense and 2000 Republican Vice Presidential nominee Dick Cheney, taken October 22nd, 2000

“Exit polls in Florida appear to indicate that Vice President Al Gore will carry the state, with 25 electoral votes. However, as of this time, the state remains too close to call and, if the percentages are correct, will be within the margin needed to trigger a recount.”

-CNN host Wolf Blitzer commenting on exit polls taken on Election Day, November 7th, 2000


-Headline of The New York Times, November 8th, 2000


-Headline of The Wall Street Journal, November 9th, 2000

“You know, when we named our election coverage“Indecision 2000,” we didn’t plan on that being taken literally.”

-The Daily Show host Jon Stewart in response to the ongoing Florida recount, November 9th, 2000


-Headline of The Washington Post, November 11th, 2000

“I would like to congratulate Vice President Gore on his victory in the presidential election. While obviously not the outcome I preferred, I want us all to support the Vice President as he enters the White House. I know he wants what’s best for the country and hope he will pursue the kind of responsible policies that will keep it going strong.”

-Governor George W. Bush’s concession speech, November 11th, 2000

“I would like to thank Governor Bush for running a hard-fought race. I hope to build on the legacy of President Clinton and make an America that works for all of us. Rich or poor, black or white, man or woman, all should be able to enjoy the promise of America. That means working to pay off our national debt while defending Social Security and Medicare. That means investing in promising new technologies and programs to benefit our communities. That means taking meaningful action to prevent climate change from wreaking havoc on our planet. I thank you for your support and hope I can live up to these goals.”

-President-Elect Al Gore in his victory speech, November 11th, 2000

“Honestly, given the benefit of hindsight, my defeat was a blessing is disguise. I honestly don’t know how I would’ve handled the events that occurred afterwards. The 2000 election defeat allowed me to embark on a rather different journey that I can honestly say I have cherished greatly.”

-Former Commissioner of Baseball George W. Bush, in an ESPN interview just after his retirement, 2016

“The day Al Gore officially became the president-elect was one of the happiest days of my life. I was hopeful that Al and I could do great things for the country. He was committed to a strong foreign policy, fiscal responsibility, environmentalism and public service—all priorities I deeply shared. I think we made a good team—and of course in the back of my mind, I did consider the likelihood that if he was as successful as I thought he would be, I might one day make it to the Oval Office myself. And as it happens, I did—it just happened in the way I least wanted it to.

But at the time, things for me were all smiles. Right after that speech, Al gave me a call. He told me “I want you to know that I couldn’t have won this without you. And you are going to play a big role in my administration.” He meant it too. John Nance Garner once described the Vice Presidency as worthless (albeit in more colorful language). Al made it very clear I wouldn’t be worthless in his administration. And I remain grateful for that to this day.”

-Former President Joe Lieberman in his autobiography An Amazing Adventure, published in 2014

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