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Apologies, I did go way overboard on this one :p. I will make a realistic version soon. I felt like making a basically bogus story that gives justice to what actually happened to him. I have an idea on how things will turn out if I make it realistic.
No worries.
I liked it anyway.
If you're going to do a realistic one, perhaps round the trilogy with a pessimistic one too? :winkytongue:
You know, I was thinking the other day of just how much of a shock the Orange Wave was, even to the people involved in it, and of how the surge happened entirely during the campaign. This led me to wonder what could have happened had the campaign gone differently. And then I found a very interesting graphic of monthly federal polling which showed the Liberals only just behind the Bloc in Quebec when Ignatieff became the leader in 2009, which led me to make this:

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Sorry HHF1968 but Iggymania was back in January. (Seriously though, good job.)
The passenger pigeon going extinct mystified me. It's pretty horrific that, if I remember correctly, we managed to extinct a species that quickly.
I might have weird butterflies result in some farmer coming across a nest of passenger pigeons in a secluded location in 1917-ish, resulting in the species being saved from extinction due to a stroke of luck. It's not too ASB, right?
POD is David Smith not going to the police immediately when Ian Brady kills someone in front of him and drifting further into Brady's incoherent and self-pitying world, culminating in them collectively deciding to go out like Bonnie and Clyde (with markedly lower levels of success, naturally).

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