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    Screen Shot 2019-06-11 at 1.47.24 PM.png
    Super Bowl XVII: Cowboys Win In Strike
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    The 1964 United States presidential election was the 45th quadrennial American presidential election. It was held on Tuesday, November 3, 1964. Incumbent Republican President Richard Nixon defeated Senator Henry M. Jackson, the Democratic nominee. Despite being considered a competitive election, Nixon decisively defeated his Democratic opponent and secured a second term.

    President Nixon faced nominal opposition to secure the Republican nomination for President. The Democratic Party endured a crowded field for its nomination. Eventually, the party nominated Senator Henry M. Jackson of Washington and nominated Senator Thomas J. Dodd of Connecticut. The selection of two socially liberal candidates angered many of the southern delegations, with South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana storming out of the 1964 Democratic National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This would lead to Mississippi forcing Jackson off the state ballot and putting Governor Ross Barnett as the "National Democratic" nominee.

    Nixon centered his campaign on the thriving economy, thawing of relations with the Soviet Union, and the eviction of communism from nearby Cuba. Jackson ran a campaign criticizing Nixon's lack of force in Southeast Asia, pushing for the passage of the Civil Rights Act, and expanding the welfare system. Similarly to the previous election, both Nixon and Jackson ran relatively positive campaigns. Nixon and Jackson also partook in one presidential debate prior to election day.

    Nixon successfully defeated Jackson, winning 337 electoral votes and winning 52.39% of the popular vote. Nixon was able to improve his margins in the north and southeast, while performing slightly worse in the Pacific Northwest. Nixon also became the first Republican to carry South Carolina since Reconstruction, defeating Jackson by two points. Despite the opposition by Southern Democrats, Jackson still carried the deep southern states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, and Louisiana. Jackson also became the first presidential candidate to win the District of Columbia, defeating Nixon by a 2-1 margin there.


    Close states

    Margin of victory less than 5% (175 electoral votes):
    1. Oregon, 0.83%
    2. Minnesota, 0.88%
    3. South Carolina, 1.97%
    4. Pennsylvania, 1.98%
    5. Georgia, 2.03%
    6. Michigan, 2.09%
    7. Hawaii, 2.30%
    8. North Carolina, 3.05%
    9. Connecticut, 3.75%
    10. Texas, 4.06%
    11. Alabama, 4.23%
    12. Missouri, 4.46%
    13. Delaware, 4.79%
    14. Florida, 4.98%
    Margin of victory over 5%, but less than 10% (252 electoral votes):

    1. New Mexico, 5.00%
    2. New Jersey, 5.14%
    3. Illinois, 5.54%
    4. Wisconsin, 5.97%
    5. Maryland, 6.04%
    6. New York, 6.17%
    7. Ohio, 6.20%
    8. Alaska, 6.36%
    9. Louisiana, 6.37%
    10. Tennessee, 6.46%
    11. Washington, 6.59%
    12. Virginia, 7.04%
    13. Nevada, 7.27%
    14. California, 7.52%
    15. West Virginia, 7.71%
    16. Montana, 8.42%
    17. Kentucky, 9.10%
    18. Arkansas, 9.49%
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    Adding to the above:


    "So come on, Jimmy, who are you going to fight when this balloon of yours goes up?"

    "Forces of anarchy: wreckers of law and order. Communists, Maoists, Trotskyists, neo-Trotskyists, crypto-Trotskyists, union leaders, Communist union leaders, atheists, agnostics, long-haired weirdos, short-haired weirdos, vandals, hooligans, football supporters, namby- pamby probation officers, rapists, papists, papist rapists, foreign surgeons - headshrinkers, who ought to be locked up, Wedgwood Benn, keg bitter, punk rock, glue- sniffers, Play For Today, squatters, Clive Jenkins, Roy Jenkins, Up Jenkins, up everybody's, Chinese restaurants - why do you think Windsor Castle is ringed with Chinese restaurants?"

    "You realise the sort of people you're going to attract, don't you Jimmy? Thugs, bully-boys, psychopaths, sacked policemen, security guards, sacked security guards, racialists, Paki-bashers, queer-bashers, Chink-bashers, anybody-bashers, Rear Admirals, queer Admirals, Vice-Admirals, fascists, neo-fascists, crypto-fascists, loyalists, neo- loyalists, crypto-loyalists."

    "Do you really think so? I thought support might be difficult."
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    In 2004 John Kerry barely defeated George W Bush to become the 44th President of the United States but scandal erupted when Vice President John Edwards was forced to resign in 2006 after admitting he had cheated on his cancer stricken wife leading to a six month vacancy before Hillary Rodham Clinton was appointed first woman to be Vice President with rumors of bribery and force to get the spot.
    With the American people being warned down after seven years of war the GOP nomination goes to Mitt Romney who was able to soar over John McCain.
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    Romney should have 359 EVs.
    The map:
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    You're right my math is terrible. But I also don't believe that voter turnout would be up if it was between Kerry and Romney just saying
    Just updated it
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    Did mittens stay in Utah and become governor or senator instead of going to Massachusetts?
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    Let's say yes
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    Members of the current Cabinet of the Federated States of Dixie under President Mitch Landrieu

    Cabinet 2.png
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    I don't think Romney would choose Palin. Her selection in OTL was a poorly thought out attempt to win over PUMAs and reassure more conservative Republicans. Romney wouldn't have the problems with the party's right wing that McCain had and he would more likely choose someone like Huckabee or Jindal.
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    More to my Nixon in 1960 series.
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    Maybe one day I’ll find the hours to expand this into its own timeline, wouldn't be the worst use of my time.

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    So first Red Scare doesn’t happen?
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    Reminds me of one of my president infinity playthroughs where eugene debs wins one or more states.
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    Are there any scenarios where incumbent Republican Presidents Who have succeeded to Presidency and win in subsequent elections, who are there democratic challengers? Fiction storylines will do! Have searched everywhere but no luck! Thanks
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    >Mike Thurmond

    Is he from South Carolina by any chance? And the son of a long-served Senator?
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    I don't believe so, I checked myself after I got curious.

    Still get a kick out of the fact that one of the most hypocritical and scummy 20th century American pols had an interracial daughter after all the bs he raised against civil rights.
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    This is not a shock. Consider that men of quality indulging themselves with the Help is an old and storied tradition in Beloved Dixie. It is the twin horrors of women of quality doing likewise and any sort of acknowledgement such as marriage being applied to either case that caused the biggest conniption fits.
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    Nighty night GOP.