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Members of the current Cabinet of the Federated States of Dixie under President Mitch Landrieu

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In 2004 John Kerry barely defeated George W Bush to become the 44th President of the United States but scandal erupted when Vice President John Edwards was forced to resign in 2006 after admitting he had cheated on his cancer stricken wife leading to a six month vacancy before Hillary Rodham Clinton was appointed first woman to be Vice President with rumors of bribery and force to get the spot.
With the American people being warned down after seven years of war the GOP nomination goes to Mitt Romney who was able to soar over John McCain.
I don't think Romney would choose Palin. Her selection in OTL was a poorly thought out attempt to win over PUMAs and reassure more conservative Republicans. Romney wouldn't have the problems with the party's right wing that McCain had and he would more likely choose someone like Huckabee or Jindal.
Maybe one day I’ll find the hours to expand this into its own timeline, wouldn't be the worst use of my time.

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Are there any scenarios where incumbent Republican Presidents Who have succeeded to Presidency and win in subsequent elections, who are there democratic challengers? Fiction storylines will do! Have searched everywhere but no luck! Thanks
Still get a kick out of the fact that one of the most hypocritical and scummy 20th century American pols had an interracial daughter after all the bs he raised against civil rights.
This is not a shock. Consider that men of quality indulging themselves with the Help is an old and storied tradition in Beloved Dixie. It is the twin horrors of women of quality doing likewise and any sort of acknowledgement such as marriage being applied to either case that caused the biggest conniption fits.
Following up my last post on an alternate Velvet Underground album, here's another:


Essentially, this is an alternate version of Loaded. The fundamentals of the story are the same: the Velvets part from MGM and sign to Atlantic; the band, encouraged by their label, make a consciously "commercial" album; Maureen Tucker is (mostly) absent from the sessions owing to maternity leave; and the sessions result in largely the same songs as in OTL. The details, though, is where it diverges a bit.

First, the Velvets are in a slightly stronger position, so to speak. Signing to Atlantic fresh off of an album— the biggest of their career, at that— makes the band a bit more confident and the label a bit more willing to trust in them. This means that while there's still an expectation and pressure to produce a "commercial" album, the request for an album "loaded with hits" is never said (Atlantic presuming the Velvets have a bit more of an idea of what to do) and the band is a bit more ambivalent about the direction… that they are "playing follow the leader". Thus, instead of naming the resulting album Loaded as an in-joke, they call it Follow the Leader as a self-depreciating one.

Second, the band having a bit more leeway means that while the songs are still written with an eye to commercial success, the production is less slick and clean. Follow the Leader has a bit more of a "rock" edge to it compared to Loaded (although ITTL FtL is still regarded as the band's pop album). This also means the album isn't edited, mixed and sequenced against Lou Reed's wishes, which in turn means he doesn't quit the band prior to the album's release (as IOTL).

Third, although the sessions are similar, the final tracklist is different. OTL's "Sweet Jane", "Rock and Roll", "New Age" and "Ocean" obviously can't be on the album, since ITTL they were on Good Times already. Instead, a few other songs that predate the sessions are recorded here: "Follow the Leader" and "Sweet Bonnie Brown". Otherwise, all the songs here were actually recorded at this time IOTL, and it's just a case of them making the cut ITTL (yes, "Satellite of Love" originated here IOTL. Weird to think they didn't use it…).

Fourth, Mo Tucker actually appears on the album! IOTL, she came to the sessions once and, while there, sang lead vocals on "I'm Sticking with You" and played her usual drums on "I Found a Reason". Neither made the album ITOL, but they both do here.

Finally… Follow the Leader does better than the OTL Loaded did (having the bandleader still in the band helps)… but it's still not really a hit, and underperforms TTL's Good Times. This is very dispiriting for the Velvets, particularly Reed. But rather than suddenly and abruptly quit as he did IOTL, Reed brings his concerns to the band first, who voice their own unease about the future: Sterling Morrison has gone back to school and is more interested in his studies than music, and Mo Tucker just had a child and is raising a family; Yule's still interested in a music career but doesn't want to push the rest of them into it. Ultimately, the Velvets disband, on good terms, in mid 1971. Squeeze is released as a Doug Yule solo album ITTL, and without the band name as an albatross around his neck, he goes on to have a modestly successful career.
The Monarchs of North America

Cyril II (Russian: Кирилл Владимирович Рома́нов; Kirill Vladimirovich Romanov; born 9 December 1949) is the Emperor of Alaska. He became the fourth to hold this title after the death of his father Vladimir II in 1992. His mother was Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark, sister of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, consort to Elizabeth II. Cyril's only child and heir is his son Tsarevich Vladimir. As the senior-most male member of the House of Romanov, he is also the pretender to the former Russian throne, a claim he has avoided for political reasons.

Cyril was born at Remembrance Hall in Aleksandrgrad, making him the first Alaskan heir and first Romanov born in Alaska. He had a troubled childhood and family life, known to be his father's least favorite child. As such, he spent long periods of time out of the country, primarily living in the United Kingdom with his uncle Philip. During this time, he became good friends with his cousins. His father recalled him to Alaska at the age of 16 to be trained at the Alaskan War Academy, where he performed extremely poorly. This eventually led to a national scandal when he was facing expulsion for various offences but remained in the school due to his royal status. His father pulled him out a year later and sent him to the Imperial College, where he studied political science and theology. At the College, he met future Prime Minister Michael Ignatieff, son of the Prince Ignatieff, who would himself soon become Prime Minister.

After successfully completing his studies, Cyril left Alaska again and embarked on an international tour. However, it was cut short when he was shot in Greece in 1971. U.S. and Alaskan intelligence believed it was the work of Soviet agents, though this was not proven until the declassification of related documents in 2016. The incident heightened tensions between Alaska and the Soviet Union. He did not immediately return to Alaska, instead living covertly in the United States for three years and continuing his education at Duke University. He returned to Alaska due to the 1975 rising, urging his father and the government to institute the reforms being demanded by the protesters. His involvement made him a celebrated figure among Alaskan liberals and he became known as "the awaited one," as his accession to throne was highly anticipated.

The events of 1975 only deepened the rift between father and son, as Vladimir was concerned that Cyril was giving strength to his political enemies and endangering the royal family in doing so. Additionally, he accused Cyril of being "too British." Vladimir was also concerned about the succession, as Cyril was unmarried and did not agree with his father's preferences. In truth, Cyril was still attached to his American girlfriend Teresa Portnoy, whom his father would not accept. Cyril's hopes were ended when Portnoy married another man. In 1984, Cyril married Princess Katarina of Yugoslavia, who he had known in the United Kingdom. However, their marriage was troubled from the start, as it had only happened because Katarina was pregnant with the future Tsarevich Vladimir. The couple were separated soon after Vladimir's birth, with Katarina returned to Europe. Cyril's appeals for a divorce were denied by both the Alaskan Orthodox Church and his father. Cyril raised his son alone and decided to send him to public schools, a first for an Alaska royal.

Vladimir II died in 1992 and Cyril became the new emperor. By now, his reputation as the awaited one had dissipated, largely due to his marriage and well known extramarital relationships. As emperor, he pledged to become a British-style monarch and abstained from the political process, affirming the power Parliament had obtained in the latter years of his father's reign. Cyril instead focused on obtaining his divorce. As the new head of the Romanov family, he needed permission from no one but the Church, and used his power to lean on them until they granted the divorce. By that point Katarina had not been in Alaska in five years, during which time they had only seen each other three times. After the divorce, Cyril surprisingly did not marry the actress Maria Karachova, his then-mistress, and soon ended things with her. Since then, he has not been known to have any other relationships. In 2013 he declared "Alaska is my wife."

Due to his hands-off approach, Cyril has remained far from political affairs, though there was controversy when Mikhail Ignatieff became the new Prime Minister, the first of noble birth since his own father. Cyril made a rare intervention to vouch for his friend, which was seen by Ignatieff's opponents as an unconstitutional statement of partisan favor, calling for Cyril's abdication or removal from the throne. This did not come to pass. In recent years, Cyril's reputation has been repaired and he is a popular monarch.


Kamehameha IX (born Joseph Matthew Kalanimaikakai April 25, 1987) is the King of the Hawaiian Islands. He was born to Prince Kahalehiolo, the future Kamehameha VIII, and his wife Eliza Ridgeway on a plane above the Pacific Ocean, as his parents were rushing to return to Hawaii from the United States. Consequently, he was given the Hawaiian name Kalanimaikakai, meaning "the chief born on the sea." He ascended to the throne on December 16, 1997 when his father was assassinated at the height of the December Rain, and took the name Kamehameha IX. As a minor, his aunt Charlotte Kūnehi served as his regent until he turned 17.

Prior to his reign, he attended public schools with his siblings. After becoming king, he was educated by private tutors and received extensive tutelage from Prime Minister Daniel Inouye, who was in office for the first 13 years of his reign, coming to regard Inouye as a second father. Unlike most of his predecessors and relatives, he did not serve in the military due to his status as king. Instead, he studied at the Princess Kaʻiulani College. His reign has been a stable one, although there was political upheaval with the rise of the Reform Party led by Kimo Aiona. In 2014, he married football star Jessica Kamakua. They have two children, Jason Kapuāiwa and Katherine Kalākaumaha.
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Here is a box for the Earth Party based on the History of the Global Union from the Periodization Game.

The Ideological Stats part I may elaborate on latter but for now know that the numbers are on a scale from 1 to 99 and represent the following spectra (from left to right):
Political Focus (Individualism - Collectivism)
Metaphisical Orientation {Materialism - Spiritualism)
Political Scope (Particularism - Universalism)
Political Violence (Pacifism - Militancy)
Cultural Diversity (Monoculturalism - Multiculturalism)
Social Control (Anarchism - Totalitarianism)
Regional Sovereignty (Centralism - Separatism)
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