Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes V (Do Not Post Current Politics Here)

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    The coordinates given suggest that Odergrad is OTL Berlin... the Oder however does not flow through Berlin, the Spree does. So shouldn't Slavified Berlin be called Sprevagrad rather than Odergrad?
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    Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 6.18.19 PM.png
    Super Bowl XV if the Conference Championships went the other way.
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    2010 U.S Senatorial and National Assembly General Elections.
    If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask.
    Now that I've got more time, I'm going to go in depth with each political party:

    Rally of the People- Founded initially as a coalition of the far right Latter Day Salvationists and the more moderate right leaning Branch Davidians, the ROP as it's known, has grown to have close to eight hundred million registered voters and members, though less than a fraction of this actual number shows up to back ROP candidates in elections. It's political stances include a call to increase the minimum wage to 1.50 an hour, completely ban abortions, loosen restrictions on marajuana and other soft drugs, increase tarrifs incoming from the Roman Empire, to which President Scooter Libby has called "The greatest evil empire since the days of the Republic of China." It also seeks to improve relations with Saddam Hussein's Iraq and prop up rebel groups currently fighting a bloody civil war in Egypt. Voting strongholds include the states of Kansas and much of Missouri.

    Hobo-Veteran- The right wing to moderately left wing older brother of the ROP, the HV has been a fierce supporter of welfare programs, but only just enough to enable an increase in homelessness in their voting strongholds of Alaska, Hawaii,Nevada, Delaware and some of Maryland. It differs from the ROP in not wanting as heavily to get involved and intangled in international politics, noticably in the ongoing Mongolian Civil War vote's to reject accepting refugees from the conflcit on the grounds of their increased risk to the nation.
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    @Newne76 Why do you like naming parties "Hobo"?
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    Because he's a shitposter who puts two seconds of thought on average into his work.
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    Posts like this make me wish this site had a dislike button.
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    I just think of it as sort of a neat party idea focused on either the efforts of combating/increasing homelessness for additional support at the polls. It sort of stems from a while ago when I came up with a very poor version of the Confederacy in the 1930s at the height of the great depression, with the effects of it never really waning due to a sweeping landslide for Landon in some ASB 1936 election where Roosevelt decides to turn on protesters ala bonus army march the week before the general election.
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    To be really honest, I'm getting tired of those low-effort "infoboxes".
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    Same. Although the idea of a hobo party's interesting, I think that's the only thing of substance I've gotten from this
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    Silently prays that my infoboxes don't fall under that
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    Silently prays with you.
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    Same, like people could at least bother to use the Wikipedia sandbox instead of poorly editing screenshots in MS Paint
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    Here's a bit of an odd one.

    Meet John Bercow, British tennis hero. Reaching the British No. 1 ranking in a stellar junior career*, he remains one of his country's most decorated players with achievements including two titles from Wimbledon, one from the French Open and an Olympic bronze medal. Voted 1992 BBC Sports Personality of the Year (SPOTY), he has maintained active engagement with the sport well into retirement in various coaching and ambassadorial roles, and most visibly his popular appearances on BBC Tennis punditry panels.

    * I recently found that happened IOTL but was ended by illness, and wished I knew more about Tennis.

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    I love it. I wonder if his tennis grunt is "ORDER!"

    Still though, I could actually imagine him as a BBC tennis pundit at Wimbledon.
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    For what it's worth, the name "Berlin" itself is of Slavic origin (similar to Lublin, etc)... surprising that the name changed at all.

    "Time zone: UTC+2 to UTC+12"?!

    I'm guessing Constantinople itself is on UTC+2, but what about the UTC+12 zone... Did Constantinople somehow hang onto control of the Commander Islands or Wrangel Island (presumably with US help) and prevent a Soviet takeover?
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    Could you PM it to me as well, please?
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    He Fights On, He Fights On To Win

    As had been widely anticipated, Ted Heath faced a leadership challenge in early 1975, following two successive general election defeats during the previous year. While some on the party's right favoured Margaret Thatcher, it was the more seasoned Sir Keith Joseph who entered the contest.

    On the evening prior to the leadership ballot, Joseph made a speech in which he talked of a "cycle of deprivation". Unwisely, however, he made suggestions that pointed towards eugenics. The speech dominated the national headlines and news bulletins throughout the following day. Joseph's numbers men detected a significant decline in his parliamentary party support over a mere few hours, and he received just 91 votes; just 24 hours previously, he was estimated to have at least 110 pledged votes, possibly enough to force a second ballot.


    While it was hardly an overwhelming endorsement of Heath, it was clearly enough to avoid a second ballot, and with a referendum on the Common Market just months away, there was no appetite for another contest in the immediate future.


    Heath seemed to gain a spring in his step after surviving the leadership challenge, and his campaigning during the EEC referendum was amongst the most passionate seen by any leader since the War. The referendum was won easily by the Yes side, by around a 2-to-1 margin.

    Things started to turn sour again for Heath, ironically as things turned sour for the Labour government. The IMF crisis and the gradual unravelling of the 'post-war consensus' should have been an opportunity for the Conservatives, but Heath's 'consensus politics' seemed oddly outdated, and there was something of a 'better the devil you know' factor amongst the electorate. This was reflected in the opinion polls, which only showed the Conservatives ahead by 5-8% in the dire period of 1976-1978.

    As the conference season of 1978 approached, a mood of optimism emerged, as Labour suddenly took a modest lead of around 5%. This, combined with favourable marginal seat polling, convinced James Callaghan to call an election for October.

    Heath was talked of in obituary terms throughout the campaign, but he'd been in this situation before. Eight and a half years previously, he'd been written off. Once the results starting coming in on election night, deja vu took hold.