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Well, Hubert Humphrey beats him in the 1960 general election (Kennedy crashes and burns and Johnson sits it out for whatever reason). However, Humphrey's more dovish foreign policy (no Bay of Pigs and probably no missiles in Turkey) leads to Cuba being a communist foothold for the USSR at America's doorstep with no signs of backing down. This causes Barry Goldwater to narrowly win the 1964 election, who subsequently is routed by Ralph Yarborough in 1968- the South, despite supporting Goldwater's opposition to the CRA, would prefer not to have a war mere miles from their homes.

Nixon, after his failed run for California's governorship, succumbs to the ennui and decides to run for something again. He's too bruised from '60 and '62 to go up against Humphrey again- even if he could likely win in the general, the GOP at that point sees him as very damaged goods. He would've run in '68 if it wasn't for the fact that there was a Republican incumbent, so instead, he decides to run for the mayoralty of one of America's most populous cities, as good an executive position/resume-filler as any. He does run for president in 1972. but Smilin' Ralph narrowly defeats him. After that, Nixon realizes that the Oval Office may not be meant to be his, and spends the rest of his political career becoming one of Los Angeles's most-beloved mayors.

EDIT: Picked a different Democrat to win in '68 because I figured that the reason Kennedy doesn't get the nomination is he and his family's shady history coming out early, preventing Bobby's political ascendance.
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Addison Quick is a fictional character in the Star Trek media franchise. He first appeared in the second season of the the original Star Trek: Phase One series, as a Admiral and member of Starfleet Command, and subsequently appeared in at least one episode of each television series and eight of the eleven Star Trek franchise films, including the 2016 reboot series New Frontiers. Originally an admiral responsible for frontier activities - such as the five year mission of the USS Enterprise - Quick was gradually promoted up the ranks to higher and higher levels of command, eventually leaving Starfleet to become President of the Federation by the time of Star Trek: Far Beyond the Stars. In the alternate quantum reality of the New Frontiers reboot, the female Addison Quick is again an admiral, charged with overseeing and managing the Pathfinder Mission.

At his introduction in the second season episode "Tyrant's Turn," Quick enlisted the aid of James T. Kirk and the Enterprise in thwarting an attempt by 21st century genetic supermen to subvert the Federation. Intended to be a one-off character, Quick was brought back for subsequent high-stakes adventures after the episode was the highest rated of the season. Confident, cheerful, and outgoing, Quick is one of the most frequently recurring non-ship crew cast member of the franchise, frequently serving as the anchor on which story arcs would begin and end, such as the Earth-Romulan conflict in season three of Phase One, Phase Two's V'Ger disaster saga, the Peacekeeper War that dominated the early seasons of The Next Phase, and the pilot episode of the Andromeda series. Quick is sometimes cited by media historians as one of the earliest examples of a truly recurring character in television media, appearing well before the movement of television in the 1980s and 1990s towards more serialized formats. Others have derided the character as dragging the franchise through bouts of soap-opera-like overcomplication in an era before the invention of networked home media.

Quick has been portrayed by three different actors: veteran character actor Ronald Reagan portrayed him from 1968 until his retirement from acting in 1994, though archived footage from the unaired TNP episode "Escape from Nowhere" was used to digitally insert Reagan's Quick into the 2009 film Infinity's End. The decline in Reagan's health before his retirement limited his appearances in the last few seasons of The Next Phase, but this period was also notable for his appearance such socially-controversial episodes as "Blood and Fire" and "Rejoined." Reagan is also one of only two actors to appear in both Hugo Award-winning Star Trek television episodes, alongside Nichelle Nichols (1974's "A Portrait in Black and White" and 1993's "Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things") . Martin Sheen played Quick to critical acclaim in the 1999 film Genesis, but declined subsequent opportunities after becoming Governor of Ohio. Meghan Markell assumed the role in 2016, to much fan consternation and backlash, portraying the Addison Quick of the alternate quantum reality reboot series, and the adoptive mother of Vulcan Science Officer Aren on the USS Saratoga.

TV Shows
Star Trek: Phase One (Originally Star Trek) (1966 - 1970, 4 seasons)
- "The Tyrant's Turn"
- "The Cardinal Trap"
- "The Skeleton Key"
- "Battle of Angels"
- "Dollhouse"
- "Fugitive Space"
- "All the Devils Are Here"
- "Something Wicked This Way Comes"
- "On the Shoulders of Giants"
- "Trial by Fire"
- "Spock's Brain"
- "Thus Spake Ozymandias"
- "Conduits of Time"
- "Below Decks"
- "One Hundred Million"
- "Of Gods and Men"
- "No Man's Land"
- "Onward and Upward" (series finale)

Star Trek: Phase Two (1973 - 1975, 2 seasons)
- "Excelsior" (pilot episode)
- "Thy Master's Image"
- "Thy Master's Voice"
- "Thy Master's Mind"
- "Red Alert"
- "Into the Wild"
- "A Portrait in Black and White"
- "First, Last, and Only" (Part 1 only)
- "The Terminal Brain"
- "Assignment: Mars"
- "Men of Action"
- "The Coup" (Part 1 and 2)

Star Trek: The Next Phase (1988 - 1996, 8 seasons)
- "A New Generation" (series premier)
- "Command Authority"
- "Firebreak"
- "The Defense of Cabot Station"
- "Interference"
- "The Daedalus Trap" (Part 2 only)
- "The Titan's Nest"
- "Realm of Terror"
- "Gallows Luck"
- "Lands Forgotten, Times Unknown"
- "Patterns of Hate" (hallucinations only)
- "Mutation"
- "Floodgate"
- "The Scourge"
- "War to the Knife"
- "An Empire of Fools"
- "Terrible, Swift Sword"
- "Centurion's Jest"
- "Revelations"
- "Nightmares"
- "The Maw"
- "Injustice"
- "Time and Again"
- "Brinkmanship" (alien duplicate only)
- "The Missing"
- "Old, Unhappy, Far Off Things"
- "Blood and Fire"
- "Symbiosis"
- "Rejoined"
- "Temptations"
- "The Last Command"

Star Trek: Andromeda (1994 - 2000, 6 seasons)
- "To Boldly Go" (series premier) (as Federation President Addison Quick)

Star Trek: New Frontiers (2016 - present, 3 seasons, on-going)
- "Pathfinder" (series premier)
- "The Silent Cartographer"
- "To Reap What She Hath Sowed"
- "Once More, With Feeling" (flashback only)
- "No Gods, No Kings"
- "Homestead"
- "Truth and Reconciliation"
- "The Titanomachy"
- "Handmaidens of Fate"
- "A Special Providence"
- "Gather Round Again"
- "Render Unto Caesar"
- "The Hanged Man"
- "All Stop"
- "Neptune's Spear"
- "Fox in the Henhouse"

Star Trek: Chariots of the Gods (1977)
Star Trek II: The Long Night (1979)
Star Trek III: Tyrant's Revenge (1981) (mentioned only, did not appear)
Star Trek IV: Doomsday (1983)
Star Trek V: Angels of Death (1986)
Star Trek VI: A New Hope (1991)
Star Trek VII: Far Beyond the Stars (1994) (as Federation President Addison Quick)
Star Trek: Genesis (1999)
Star Trek: Flashpoint (2004) (mentioned only, did not appear)
Star Trek: Chains of Empire (2007) (mentioned only, did not appear)
Star Trek: Infinity's End (2009) (digitally inserted from prior recordings)

To all questions, speculations, and objections - it was never our Trek to begin with.
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