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    Here's my 1968 game, chose Ted Kennedy, and revealed Nixon's sabotage of the peace talks.
    Here's my game
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    The People's Republic of North Carolina
    To be continued in current politics.
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    R O S S P E R O T
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    Alaska didn’t become a state until the 90s?
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    You're telling me Perot won that literal fuckton of states and went "eh, can't be bothered running again in '96"?!
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    Oh, no, when I was trying to make this a running timeline, a friend of mine suggested that I could make it somewhat interesting by having Russians take over Alaska and start WW3 (I don't know how that doesn't end with a nuclear holocaust by 1987 but whatever). The war ends in a First World victory in '94, with Alaska rejoining the Union in '95.
    Eh, it didn't work with my TL, so maybe he dies in '94 or something like that. It made more sense in my head, like most things.
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    Or tt the very least form a potentially viable 3rd party?
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    The Dogs were a British rock band from Corringham, Essex formed in 1969. They were one of the first acts to initiate underground pub rock movement which later inspired punk rock. Starting as a blues rock band, they released debut album, The Dogs of Blues, in 1971; this album was a commercial failure, so they moved to a harder, faster and rawer sound on their second album, British Mud (1973), and were retroactively compared to American proto-punk bands such as MC5, The Stooges and New York Dolls. When the punk movement exploded in 1976/77, The Dogs joined the scene they paved the way for. Their post-1976 works incorporated elements of punk rock and later, new wave, funk and soul. Band broke up in 1983, but reunited for 3 years in 1987, mostly touring with various obscure garage punk bands they inspired and released blues- and soul-flavored album, Power of Essex Soul, in 1990. They also announced a short reunion in 2004, but after the death of vocalist James Hunter in 2007, it was made publicly that band is gone forever.


    I thought, why not? Making infoboxes about fictional bands is interesting...
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    Thousand Week Reich - List of States with nuclear weapons (Non Canon)


    There are fifteen sovereign states that have successfully developed and detonated nuclear weapons.[1] Five are considered to be nuclear-weapon states (NWS) under the terms of the Toronto Accords, the founding text of the Atlantic Union, In order of acquisition of nuclear weapons these are: the United States, United Kingdon, Sweden and Finland, Iran, and Switzerland. The Atlantic Union officially denies and condemn possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) by other powers.

    Since the foundation of the Atlantic Union in 1947, ten states that were not parties to the Accord have conducted nuclear tests, namely Nazi Germany, China, France, Italy, the Soviet Union, the Indian Republic, Korea, Zapadoslavia, Gotenland and Vietnam.

    States that formerly possessed nuclear weapons are Nazi Germany (developed nuclear weapons but had its nuclear arsenal requistioned following the American-Commonwealth invasion of Europe in 1959) as well as two of its breakaway states during the German Civil War, the SS Ordenstaat and the Wehrstaat.

    Under Atlantic Union nuclear weapons sharing, the deployment and use of nuclear weapons of the member states is decided by the common leadership of the Union. Similarly, Bulgaria, Oran and the Kingdom of Greece host Italian Nuclear Weapons under the Mediterranean Pact [2].

    Brazil and Japan are widely believed to have a high level of nuclear latency, as they both have the materials, expertise and technical capacity to make a nuclear bomb at will [3].

    Numerous state have or are currently pursuing nuclear weapons research, including Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Saadehist Syria, South Africa, Portugal, the Netherlands-in-Exile (includingthe Dutch controlled segregationist West Papua), Turkey, Israel, Pakistan, the Tamil Republic and East Bengal [4][5][6].

    Among these, only South Africa managed to get close to a working nuclear weapon, as declassified Bureau of State Security documents indicate that the nuclear program was less than a year away from completion when the National Party-led government was overthrown in 1978.

    This piece of lore does not belong to the "official" canon but is rather based on my own idea of how its universe could evolve.
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    the Republic of Texas
    Presidential Election of 1876 (GC).png
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    Columbia district

    After the Sprague County Impact, the Northern District, particularly Hawthorn, the center of the district's population and economy, entered a serious depression. Rob Harper's boxing career started on Cantwalla, in unofficial, unsanctioned fights at fairs and rendezvous. He swiftly showed a knack for the sport, and started fighting in sanctioned bouts in the late 2000s. In spite of a few early career stumbles, he quickly rose to the top of the sport in the Northern District. The hometown hero in the match, he fought Carbonari District champion Theodoric Cult, widely seen as the better pure fighter and the better overall fighter, though how much of this was bias against the Northern District's historically weak interplanetary boxing scene was hard to say.

    Harper won the match in the seventh round with what newswriters described as a long, looping, almost accidental blow that snuck past Cult's defences and walloped him right on the chin. The cheers at Nash Theater were so loud, the radio announcers couldn't be heard on the live broadcast, but across the Northern District, it was obvious who'd won.

    The Northern District was still suffering from the Impacts, but for a moment, just as Harper defeated Cult, it felt like the District could defeat even the biggest challenges that lay before it.

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    Short stories:
    Five DressesThe AmbassadorConference Room ThreeBroken SwordThat's no moonFrequently asked questionsThe Riflewoman
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    Seeing as how we skipped a generation for A Star Is Born, here's imagining a 90s era film in a world where one other huge butterfly occurred...

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    President of the Universe 2030 election

    "If I am granted the raw power of the billions of galaxies of the United Galaxies Federation, I will finally have the resources to rebuild the infinity gauntlet and cull half of all life in the universe with the snap of my fingers. It will be a sacrifice to Mistress Death greater than any other in history. It will be the most massive genocide of all time."

    "Pathetic. Only half of all life? If I am elected, the whole universe will be a barren wasteland, as all lifeforms will be utterly destroyed. There will nothing left but entropy. After I complete the Anti-Life equation, I will build a black hole so large it will consume the entire universe. Tiny Thanos has tried to conquer the universe three times, and each time he failed. Even after the infinity gauntlet had granted the power of God, he still failed. This low-energy midget is a copycat- he apes me, but he is only a pale imitation of my true greatness. I will fulfill the ultimate purpose of the Genocide Party by bringing an end to the universe."

    - Thanos and Darkseid at the Genocide Party presidential debate

    - The Dalek Emperor

    "The Guardians of the Universe just threatened to destroy Apokolips if I build my universe destroying black hole. Well, the black hole just got ten parsecs wider!"- Darkseid at a campaign rally of over a billion lifeforms

    "The Genocide Party was once pragmatic, moderate, and sane. Rather then promise absurdly unrealistic plans that threaten the balance of the universe, the Genocide Party was once dedicated to the destruction of only lesser races and planets. The Genocide Party has always had a proud tradition of violence, but its' members recognized some life must be preserved; and that passion was as equally important as destruction. Darkseid is threatening to turn the Genocide Party into something twisted, malevolent and unimaginable. The Party I joined as a youngling is now unrecognizable."
    - Darth Bane, Dark Lord of the Sith

    - Andromeda Bulletin


    "My fellow beings, we face a threat unparalleled in the history of the universe. For the first time in millennia, the Genocide Party is within striking distance of the Presidency. And this is not the Genocide Party of old, but a movement so radicalized that it actively seeks the end of everything. Ragnarok is too weak a word to describe the apocalypse that awaits us if Darkseid realizes his dream. This is the most important election in history. The forces of evil stand assembled into a power greater than we can possibly imagine. We must not allow the universe to be consumed by darkness. It is time for all the free creatures of the universe to stand together, united against this evil terror."
    - Mrs. Which

    "I'm supporting Darkseid because I'm tired of the interstellar elite telling me what to do. These cultural elitists are out of touch with the smaller, more, isolated planets like mine. They just don't understand our way of life. I'm tired of listening to these eggheads with their multiculturalism and forced integration of galaxies that should stay separate. There are too many new species around, and this planet needs to be kept pure. Just the other day, I saw an Bajoran at the Cantina. We need to limit interstellar immigration or the Bajorans will take over the whole planet! Mrs. Which talks about saving all of life from extinction, but what is she doing to address the economic problems of ordinary people like me? People on this planet are tired of paying taxes to the Federation. We're self-sufficient- why should we pay taxes to defend lesser species too lazy to fend for themselves?"

    "Aren't you afraid of being killed by Darkseid's proposed black hole that will destroy all life in the universe?"

    "You have to understand the whole "destroy the whole universe" thing wasn't too serious. Darkseid was just pandering to the Dalek vote in the primary, but he'll moderate once he's in office. A lot of the terrible things people say about him are just fake news. The Black Hole is intended to destroy inferior species; so I'm sure my planet will be fine. Not everyone on this planet is a fan of Darkseid- his social media is a little embarrassing - but everyone on this planet HATES Mrs. Which. She's a satanist cannibal pedophile. Isn't she a literal star? How can she understand the struggles of carbon-based lifeforms like us? Also, didn't she participate in the theft of some letterhead back in the day? That's not the moral character we want from our leaders! I identify with Darkseid on a personal level. He's just more likeable. Also, Darkseid is a political outsider. He's independent from special interests and he tells it like it is. If he's making the interstellar elite crazy, then he's doing something right."

    "You mentioned immigration- aren't you aware that the percentage of the planet's population that is foreign-born is .5%? Why are you worried about immigration?"

    "I heard on the holonet that Mrs. Which wants to send a hundred billion Tyrannids to this planet and we can't allow that to happen."

    - Andromeda Bulletin interview with a Darkseid supporter

    "A wave of populism and anger is sweeping the universe, as Darkseid's message of terror and destruction spreads. Politicians like Mrs. Which are struggling to connect with voters on the outer worlds. Darkseid's powerful but simple promise of destroying everybody voters hate is resonating in a way that Mrs. Which's wonkish and technocratic plans to preserve life are not."
    - Sinestro on Virgo News Network

    "My slaves, this is the most monumental victory of all time! Soon the whole universe will die for Darkseid!"
    - Darkseid's victory speech


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    Atlantic Canada
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    rattles around the bottom of the barrel

    Here's some alternate sports teams from my WIP timeline, The Yanks and Feds (otherwise called TL-1851).

    The National Football League (NFL), which plays American Gridiron Football.


    Next, the American Baseball League (ABL), which plays... well, baseball.


    And now, the American Hockey League (AHL), which plays ice hockey.

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    General elections were held in Italy on 7 November 1948. The Popular Democratic Front for Freedom, Peace, Labour, initially an alliance between the Italian Communist Party and the Italian Socialist Party, has now become an umbrella group, expanded to include all remaining parties, excluding the now-outlawed Italian Social Movement. Dominated by the Communists and used by them as a vehicle for quashing all opposition to their rule, the FDP ran a single list of candidates espousing a common programme. With all organised opposition having been paralaysed, the Front won 89.6% of the vote,[4] presaging the result of all futher Italian elections until 1972, where the Front's component parties were allowed to compete against each other.

    After the communist takeover of power in Czechoslovakia failed due to losing an election heavily rigged in their favor, the Soviet Union made a second attempt of forcibly installing a Communist regime where a democratic polical system remained established. On 17 September 1948, Alcide de Gasperi, the democratically elected Christian Democratic Prime Minister, has been overthrown, with Palmiro Togliatti, the General Secretary of the Italian Communist Party, taking his place, and quickly began to consolidate power.

    In the months between th takeover and the election, salami tactics were employed liberally by the PCI: the leaders of almost all political parties, as well as freshly-elected President Luigi Einaudi, were accused of collaboration with Benito Mussolini in the inter-war era on charges both true and forged, convicted in show trials, and banished out of Italy if not outright executed, with the PCI's handpicked fellow travellers taking their place, or in the Italian Socialist Party's case, merged into the PCI itself. Schools were nationalised, collectivisation was launched, the bureaucracy was purged, the independent press was destroyed, and the last remnants of free enterprise were eliminated. The Italian army occupied and subsequently annexed San Marino, while Pope Pius XII was forced to repudiate the Lateran Accords – thus abolishing the Vatican City State – and to leave for Avignon.

    Parliament was forced to pass an amendment purging the Italian Constitution of its liberal democratic character, entrenching one-party rule and a planned economy, and distorting the Western-style Parliamentary System laid out by it to superficially resemble that of the Soviet Union – the office of President, for example, was replaced with a "Council of the Republic" modeled after the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet – and even renamed the country itself from the "Italian Republic" to the "Italian People's Republic". While most Christian Democracy MPs were allowed to voice their dissent, the remainder of Parliament was under firm Communist control; while the two-thirds majority required to adopt the amendment directly was outside their grasp, the aboslute majority necessary to put it to a referendum was attained, thus allowing an equally-fraudulent referendum on that amendment to be held alongside the election.

    Electoral system and seat distribution

    In the rigged November 1948 election, a new electoral system was introduced: 917 single-seat constituencies, 343 in the Senate and 547 in the Chamber of Deputies, were created.

    The winning candidate needed a two-thirds majority to be elected. If this majority was not attained, the two candidates who finished first and second in the first round, as well as any other candidate who obtained at least 10% of the vote, would have advanced automatically to a second round, decided by an absolute majority, one week later; if no-one would have won in the second round, either, the two candidates who finished first and second in the second round would have again advanced to a third round, decided by a simple majority, one week later.

    However, the system only existed on paper; only one candidate, handpicked by the Communists, was allowed to run in each constituency, and voters had to vote for or against him. Widespread voter intimidation ensured the official candidates a safe two-thirds majoirty; while votes for the officialy-approved candidates could be cast simply by submitting a blank ballot, voters wishing to vote against him had to cross out his name inside a polling booth, thus marking them for persecution by the SISP (Servizio per le Informazioni e la Sicurezza Popolare).

    This electoral system became standard in Italy, and was used until 1968. In the 1972 elections onwards, this system was maintained for Senate elections, while the Chamber of Deputies was again elected by the pure party-list proportional representation used to elect the Constituent Assembly, as it was in the free and fair elections in April 1948.

    Therefore, the distribution of seats between the parties was decided not on the basis of the election results, but on a predetermined allocation made by the People's Democratic Front: the Communists "won" 510 seats (304 deputies and 206 senators), Christian Democracy "won" 263 (169 deputies and 94 senators), the National and Democratic Social Parties each "won" 63 (40 deputies and 23 senators), the Liberal Party "won" 27 (15 deputies and 12 senators), and the Republican Party "won" 11 (6 deputies and 5 senators).


    Unlike Italy's First Republican Parliament, which first exercised its powers freely, and then approved the PCI's proposals with a barebones majority and with noticable DC dissent following the 1948 coup, the Second Republican Parliament was completely subservient to the will of the Communists, typically passing resolutions by near-unanimous majority.

    A noticable example of this was the inauguration of Enrico de Nicola, the former provisional head of state and briefly Italy's first President, as Chairman of the Council of the Republic; he was forced to take his oath of office at gunpoint, and served for a lifetime term without possiblity of removal or resignation.
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