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  1. Bhangbhangduc Communistic plot Banned

    Sep 25, 2014
    The Center of the Habsburg Empire
    The Blues have taken over Westeros, so the rave Nazis might actually qualify as the good guys.
  2. Glide08 Draggin' till the end

    And by "the Blues", you mean the Croatian Democratic Union, right?
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  3. Bhangbhangduc Communistic plot Banned

    Sep 25, 2014
    The Center of the Habsburg Empire
    Does the Croatian Democratic Union's platform include ending torturing all of humanity to death?
  4. Glide08 Draggin' till the end

    Yes, plus striking all of the Conservative, Christian Democratic, Croatian Nationalist chords.
  5. Bhangbhangduc Communistic plot Banned

    Sep 25, 2014
    The Center of the Habsburg Empire there a joke I'm not getting here?
  6. Glide08 Draggin' till the end

    Game of Thrones in general and some locations in Westeros in particular, such as Dubrovnik for King's landing, was filmed in Croatia.

    Hopefully, this sentence makes enough sense for you, since it doesn't that much for me.
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  7. Bhangbhangduc Communistic plot Banned

    Sep 25, 2014
    The Center of the Habsburg Empire
    Oh, d'oh. I've even been to Dubrovnik.
  8. Reepicheep Doubt not, Reepicheep.

    Jun 21, 2017
    I can get most of the others but why are Ireland and Vietnam a part of the Commonwealth?

    Any historical reason for those two?
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    Långt Från Bryssel
    More wikiboxes from Teachdread's and Komodo's (and Stateman's, and jpj1421's) excellent Where The World Will Lead:


    Despite his short term, H.R. Boucher was, between his massive Community Development program and his diplomatic efforts in negotiating the end of the Cold War, arguably the most influential President to serve in the twelve-year gap between Sam Yorty and David Bergland.


    While his five years as PM can probably be described as mediocre as best, Douglas Hurd should be given the credit he's due for not only keeping together the first unified center-right party since the fall of the Conservatives in the 1950's and defeating the big beast of post-war British politics, but also for his ability to guide a coalition consisting of everyone from hard-right conservatives too ambitious to join Boyson's DUP to the Labour MP's that followed Owen into exile through five years of government without any major conflicts.


    While her reputation have been inflated after her tragic demise, Dunwoody was without a doubt A Big Fucking Deal. Almost any Labour leader could probably been capable of defeating Hurd in '93, and her decision to not take a bigger leadership role in the post-Soviet victory Europe might come back to hunt the UK, but her sheer presence (and her and Chancellor Brown's turn-around of the British economy) alone have granted her a place not only in Westminster Abbey, but also in the hearts of the British people.
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    TBF, This is a world where the US has basically transformed into an entity whose sole purpose is to oppose the Race. The thing that all these people have in common is that they're statists in one form or another. As long as you're a human, most human supremacists are fairly liberal- the state teaches its children to divert their racial towards those with scales and tailstumps and eye-turrets, rather than blacks or jews, and marriage of any kind is preferable to having a mating season like an animal. Racism divides the human family, thus giving strength to the alien menace (as the Dixiexcrats found out when several more vocal segregationists were jailed for sedition.) Shinzo Abe's hostility to gaijin is undiminished, it's just that the gaijin he dislikes are aliens and not non-Japanese. Same with Marie Le Pen and Tom Cotton's Islamophobia.

    Not exactly the place that fosters libertarianism. After all, following the Invasion, the US was so badly damaged that it was decided that to prevent a public health catastrophe a national healthcare system was needed. Modernization and the adoption of reverse-engineered alien technology requires a level of state control over the economy. The Tennessee Valley Authority was succeeded by a bakers' dozen other similar entities. The oil companies were nationalized during the war and never regained their independence as the US transitioned over to reverse-engineered hydrogen fuel cells. State's power was eroded so as to streamline the nation's economy so that if the US needed to be on a war footing in short order it could be done. This alt-US has a very statist, collectivist outlook.

    That being said, so long as you're a human, it's a very pleasant place to live. Extraterrestrials such as the Race, Hallessi, and Rabotevs, however, are not even second-class citizens- they're legally the chattel of the feds.
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    Nov 14, 2012
    Not particularly. My idea was that at some point when the organization got loose enough, countries began to join of their own accord for political reasons, ie Ireland is fiercely anti-British and Vietnam fiercely anti-China, so they align with the main rival: Russia.
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    The Simpsons Wikibox Post #7

    #1: Sideshow Bob, Bartovia, List of US Presidents, Lisa, Bart, Cletus (page 178)
    #2: US Congressman Krusty the Clown, Springfield Mayor Joe Quimby (page 371)
    #3: Governor Bailey, Congressman Arnold, Congressman Wilcox, Moleman (page 382)
    #4: Screamapillar, Milhouse, Otto, Otto Cab Company, Insanity Pepper (page 390)
    #5: Blinky, Mr. Burns, the Nuclear Power Plant, Soylent Green, Uniclams (page 414)
    #6: Maggie, Five Corners Monument, Malk, Grimes, Moe's/Moe, Marge (page 423)
    #7: Duff Beer, Professor Frink, Chief Wiggum, Ralph, Radioactive Man
    #8: Jebediah, Sprungfeld, Groundskeeper Willie, Kwik-E-Mart, Homer (page 440)

    Duff Beer

    Duff Beer is an American lager produced by Duff Breweries, currently part of the multinational corporation Anheuser-Busch InBev. The alcoholic beverages are brewed in the United States and distributed worldwide. The beverage was introduced by industrialist Henry K. Duff in 1947, and has since become one of the best-selling beer in the western United States, rivaling the popularity of Budweiser (also produced by Anheuser-Busch) that is found in the eastern United States. In a hotly debated move, Duff Beer was named the official alcoholic product of both the National Football League and the Super Bowl in the summer of 2026, leading to the deadly Duff-Budweiser Riots of 2026. The beer’s popularity led to the creation of Duff Gardens [1], an amusement park that existed in Oregon, US from 1994 to 2035. The main ingredients are hops and grains [2], with other ingredients being used depending on the specific variant. Duff Breweries’ major production facility in Springfield, USA has been criticized for its poor Quality Assurance section, which in the 1990s accidently allowed beverages contaminated by rats, body parts and even Hitler’s head pass health inspections and subsequently be sold to customers [3]; these concerns were corrected with automation during the late 2020s.

    [Infobox] The Variants listed are either seen or mentioned in the following episodes (listed in order corresponding with order in infobox): Duffless (1993), Homer the Moe (2001), Mayored to the Mob (1998), Duffless (1993) for everything from Duff Light to Gummy Beers, Bart to the Future (2000), American History X-Cellent (2010), The War of Art (2014), A Tree Grows in Springfield (2012), The Great Louse Detective (2002), see photo in box, Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk (1991), Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind (2007), and Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment (1997).
    [1] Season 4, Episode 13: Selma’s Choice (1993) – a part of the plot is the Simpsons going here.
    [2] Season 13, Episode 9: Jaws Wired Shut (2002) – suggested near the middle of the episode.
    [3] Season 4, Episode 16: Duffless (1993) – shown near the beginning of the episode when Homer and Barney take a tour of the Duff Brewery.



    Johnathan Eikiew Neidelbaum “John” Frink Jr., A.B., B.Sc., C.Chem, M.Phil, Ph.D., M.A. is a highly distinguished professor, chemist, physicist and inventor. Residing in Springfield, USA, for most of his career, Frink has contributed to the fields of chemistry, astronomy, astrology, and quantum physics; and to the studies of human cloning and hybridization. Frink also holds the patents to over 200 inventions, which range in terms of fame and financial success.

    Early Life: A child prodigy, Frink graduated from high school at the age of 11. Upon graduation from college in 1968 at the age of 16, Frink had seven majors from three high-profile schools. By 1970, at age 18, he had participated in the creation of the napalm dropped on Da Nang [1]. However, fearing the federal government would seize his designs for numerous weapons and other inventions, Frink relocated to Springfield, which at the time was a small, but expanding, suburban community, in 1971. Later that year, Frink founded Allied Frink, “the good Glavin People,” to better protect his projects [2].

    Academia and Inventions: Frink obtained work as a professor at the Heights Institute of Technology [3] in 1972. Over the next 34 years (from 1972 to 2006), Frink patented over 200 inventions. These include the gas chromatograph [4], a radio-controlled plane for small children [5], an acid-firing super drill [6], hamburger earmuffs [7], a sarcasm detector [8], the 77X42 Super Sour Ball [9], the Finkosonic MHV vehicle [10], the Hoverbike [11], the Gamble-Tron 2000 [12], the Frog Exaggerator [13], robotic tap dancing shoes [14], and a fully-functioning invisibility cloak [15]. In 2006, Frink moved from Springfield to Capital City after accepting a teaching position the Capital City Institute for Theoretical Physics; reportedly, the offer included a higher salary, a larger laboratory, more financing, and a generous discount on sandwiches at the institute’s food court.

    Most professionals generally believe that Frink’s most revolutionary invention, however, is the technology for mass-cloning humans. After testing the cloning process on retired US astronaut Homer Simpson [16], and then perfecting the process via subject and local grade school student Ralph Wiggum [17], Frink created a clone of himself to help him with his research. The two Frinks reportedly had a very friendly relationship, but would often clashed over whom received credit for what. After Frink moved to the larger laboratory in Capital City in 2006, the Clone Frink reportedly stayed in Springfield but was not seen again until 2009, when local resident Nelson Muntz discovered Clone Frink’s skeletal remains hanging from the rafters in his home. It was determined the clone, possibly out of loneliness, committed suicide via hanging at least two years prior to his discovery [18].

    At his new facilities in Capital City, Frink’s research on an undisclosed subject in Springfield led to Frink discovering the cure for 17 stab wounds in the back in early August of 2010 [19]. More recently, beginning in the late 2030s, Frink has been conducting successful experiments in the field of animal hybridization [20].

    Earth Ambassador: In 2033, the Secretary-General of the UN appointed Frink, then 81 years old, the first Earth Ambassador to the Sigournean Federation. This occurred several days after scientists successfully made contact with the Sigournean Federation, an advanced alien race named by American scientists after their physical similarities to the beings in the Alien film franchise [21]. The UN Secretary-General determined Frink would be the most intelligent yet nonthreatening person to meet with the Sigourneans. Frink served in that position, which held surprisingly little political influence, until early 2036.

    Personal Life: Professor Johnathan Frink was married to Jane Frink, a fellow physicist, from 1985 to 2000 [22]. They separated in 1999 and divorced in 2000 after Frink’s son was injured while participating in a demonstration of one of Frink’s inventions [5]; Jane received full custody, and moved to California in 2001. A well-known characteristic of Professor Frink is his mild turret’s, which often prompts him to produce nonsensical words such as “Glavin” and “hoyvin-mayvin” during conversations. The linguistic impediment has been described as being similar to a comic bit done by comedian Jerry Lewis.

    Current Status: Frink still works in Capital City, but occasionally works on projects in Springfield as well. Most recently, Frink attempted to make entomophagy become socially popular in the wake of worldwide food shortages, which are especially severe in the United States.

    [1] Season 17, Episode 10: Homer’s Paternity Coot (2006) – seen in a flashback in the episode
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    – part of the plot’s climax
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    [19] Season 6, Episode 19: Lisa’s Wedding (1995) – from 10:15 to 10:23
    [20] Season 25, Episode 18: Days of Future Future (2014) – animal hybridization is suggested by the existence of Santa’s Little Hybrid, a composite creature of seemingly all that remains of Santa’s Little Helper and Snowball II, which is first shown at 14:34, and is shown to be real at 19:51 and 20:30.
    [21] Ibid. – Bart has a casual conversation with Jerry, an alien species reminiscent of those in Alien, complete with a protracting second tongue quickly shown from 6:45 to 6:47 (and so is not part of the episode’s “dream sequence”); Bart’s casualness suggests this species is not hostile. Furthermore, Jerry’s species is shown to have to distinct neighborhoods in Springfield in Holidays of Future Passed (an impoverished District 9 at the 15:55 mark and a wealthy District 10 at the 15:59 mark).
    [22] Season 6, Episode 10: Grampa vs. Sexual Inadequacy (1994) – briefly seen near the middle of the episode and mentioned briefly in Source 5

    Chief Wiggum


    Clancy Wiggum is a retired law enforcement official. Wiggum was notorious during his time as a Police Chief of Springfield for numerous scandals.

    Clancy Wiggum was born in Bethesda, Maryland, in 1952, to Iglacias “Iggy” Wiggum (1924-1979) and Emily Murphy. Iggy Wiggum, a grenadier in World War Two, moved the family to Springfield in 1967; Iggy died a parade float accident in 1979 [1]. Emily Murphy, a native Marylander of Irish descent [2], worked as a receptionist.

    Wiggum started out in law enforcement in 1967 at age 15, working as a part-time security guard for the Montgomery Burns Biological Warfare Department at Springfield University [3]. In 1968, at age 16, Wiggum was elected the city’s dog catcher, but was fired by Mayor Hans Moleman for destroying the dog catcher truck in an accident caused when Wiggum was driving with a learner’s permit but no adult with a license present [4]. In 1969, an antibiotics explosion at the Biological Warfare Department cleared up Wiggum’s asthma, which allowed him to enter, attend, and graduate from Springfield Police Academy [3], and joined the police department shortly afterwards. By 1978, Wiggum lost a considerable amount of weight and was working as a drug officer. In 1985, Wiggum, at the time temporarily serving as acting Police Chief of Springfield, was briefly in a local barbershop quartet [5].

    On January 8, 1987, the day after entering office, Springfield’s 22nd mayor, Joseph “Diamond Joe” Quimby, appointed Wiggum Chief of Police of Springfield. Wiggum would hold this position for most of the next twenty-five years. He was the subject of numerous controversies and scandals throughout his time as Springfield’s Chief of Police. Most notably, Wiggum was accused of disregarding firearm safety, once publicly using his pistol as a donut holder [6]; arresting or not arresting suspected criminals based on personal bias or said suspect’s local popularity, including local hero Abraham Simpson [7] and actor Troy McClure; and purposely poorly investigating crimes due to sloth. Furthermore, local media outlet The Springfield Shopper’s headlines have included “Wiggum Sleeps Through Riot,” “Top Cop Surrenders to Backfiring Car,” “Firemen Rescue Police Chief From Tree” and “Commission: Wiggum Suck” [8]. Wiggum also once destroyed a church with a military jet pack (with which he had accidently killed two alleged criminals earlier in that week) [9], and allegedly overlooked the local mafia during certain criminal activities. Wiggum would often counter accusations of being a poor police officer by pointing to the police department’s small budget. Despite such negativity, Wiggum was only fired once during Springfield brief execution of prohibition, which Wiggum poorly enforced; after capturing a wanted outlaw, however, Wiggum was quickly rehired after the city discarded prohibition [10].

    However, in 2005, Wiggum was hailed upon the success rescuing of kidnap victim and future US Supreme Court Chief Justice Bart Simpson, and was soon promoted to Police Commissioner [11]. However, as Wiggum’s popularity waned, he found the job to be increasing difficult, and he eventually returned to being Chief of Police in 2006.

    In 2007, Wiggum became the first human to have their head successfully transferred to a robot body [12], after his regular human body was damaged beyond repair in a cotton candy explosion. The change increased his performance as a police officer – throughout his life, Wiggum had retained weight issues (only briefly maintaining a heathy weight during the 1970s) as he was considered morbidly obese, and attempts to perform lap-band surgery always failed; upon discarding his human body, he health remarkably improved. Two of Wiggum’s senior officers were also equipped with machine-body tech for their injuries as well. In 2018, at age 67, Wiggum retired from the police force; he later stated he retired due to his inability to get along with the city’s then-incumbent mayor, whom had just won re-election and was notably less corrupt than Mayor Quimby and highly critical of the city’s police department.

    Wiggum has been married to Sarah Wiggum (nee Kanneke) since early 1988; reportedly, the two met in the summer of 1987, when Wiggum planted crystal meth on her so she would notice him. Their sole child, Ralph Wiggum, was born in 1992. As of 2038, the two are still alive and reside in Springfield.

    [Infobox] The Simpsons: Season 21, Episode 22: The Bob Next Door (2010) – Wiggum draws a picture of a gun and at the bottom of it writes “By Clancy: Age 43,” at the 3:11 mark
    [1] Season 7, Episode 22: Raging Abe Simpson and His Grumbling Grandson in “The Curse of the Flying Hellfish” (1996) – mentioned by Abe Simpson towards the middle of the episode
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    [3] Season 7, Episode 8: Mother Simpson (1995) – shown in the flashback
    [4] Season 24, Episode 8: To Cur With Love (2012) – Wiggum is shown being the local dogcatcher, and wrecking the job’s truck, beginning at the 11:59 mark
    [5] Season 5, Episode 1: Homer’s Barbershop Quartet (1993)
    [6] The Simpsons Movie (2007)
    – near the 20-minute mark
    [7] Season 16, Episode 6: Midnight Rx (2005) – shown at the end of the episode
    [8] Season 16, Episode 9: Pranksta Rap (2005) – visible on the wall behind his desk, from 9:28 to 9:33
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    [10] Season 8, Episode 18: Homer vs. the Eighteenth Amendment (1997) – part of the plot
    [11] Season 16, Episode 9: Pranksta Rap (2005) – beginning at the 14:37 mark
    [12] The Simpsons: Season 16, Episode 15: Future-Drama (2005) – in the future, approximately “eight years from Tuesday,” there is nothing left of Wiggum but his head on a robot body, which is seen from 7:38 to 7:58



    Ralph Wiggum was an American citizen most famous for running for President of the United States in 2000, at the age of eight, winning his hometown’s city primary and capturing large amounts of votes in other state primaries, and for later becoming the second human being (after Homer J. Simpson) to be successfully mass-cloned and the first to be able to copy his consciousness to the other clones. As Wiggum and his clones were indistinguishable from each other, it is unclear if Wiggum is still alive.

    Ralph Wiggum was born in Springfield, USA, in 1992, to Clancy Wiggum, the city’s Chief of Police, and Sarah Wiggum, a homemaker. He was reportedly named after Civil Rights activist Ralph Abernathy [1]. Possibly in connection to an unspecified incident during infancy [2], Wiggum was “a slow learner” in school [3] despite showing talent in theater [4], tap-dancing [5], and singing [6]. Wiggum had to repeat several grades several times, but was still allowed to attended Springfield High School’s Senior Prom in 2008 [7] when he was 16 and still in middle school. Wiggum graduated from Springfield High School in 2014, at the age of 22.

    Wiggum became a candidate for President in 2008 after a complicated series of events. To pay for the rebuilding of the town’s fast food district, which had just been destroyed by a gas main explosion, a bond issue was proposed at a town hall meeting on January 18. Mayor of Springfield Joseph Quimby then announced that a vote on the bond issue would be attached to the next scheduled election, Springfield’s Presidential primary (the city was allowed to hold a bipartisan first-finish primary independent from their state’s due to a legal in the town charter). However, because their primary was not until June, the Mayor moved the election up to January 25, the next available Tuesday, for that year only, placing it a week ahead of New Hampshire’s February 1 primary. Overwhelmed by the sudden media attention and plethora of unpopular candidates, the townspeople shockingly wrote in a protest candidate, in the form of Ralph Wiggum, whom won the primary with 53.4% of the vote. Wiggum reportedly was not aware of the write-in campaign, but did not decline running in further primaries. The national media became smitten with Wiggum’s honest and humble demeanor, leading to offers from both the Democratic and Republican parties for the Independent Wiggum to join their side. The city’s Republican chapter even suggested the national GOP should cancel the rest of the primaries and give Ralph the Presidential nomination. Ultimately, Wiggum ran in both the Democratic and Republican primaries, leading to a rare bipartisan political candidate advertisement airing on January 30 [8]. Wiggum received 5.14% of the vote in the Democratic New Hampshire primary, coming in third place behind Al Gore and Bill Bradley; he received 6.71% of the vote in the New Hampshire primary, coming in third place behind John McCain and George W. Bush. After this, Wiggum maintained an average of 5% of the primary vote in the GOP primaries, while his numbers increased in the Democratic primaries after Bill Bradley withdrew on March 9. At the 2000 Republican National Convention, Bush received 4,323 votes, followed by Alan Keyes with 6 votes, Wiggum with 5 votes, McCain with 1 vote, and 1 vote abstaining. At the 2000 Democratic National Convention, Gore won 4,131 votes, Wiggum won 204, and 2 votes were abstained. After this, Wiggum decline the offers to be the nominee of the Libertarian of Green parties, stating that the former party’s name “is so long it hurts my tooth cave,” and that the latter party’s name reminded him of “[my] face when I drank the soda under the sink.” He also declined running as an independent, or running for any other positions in that cycle or any other political cycles in the immediate future.

    In 2011, upon learning that his son aspired to become a police officer, Clancy Wiggum, desperate to help his son get better grades in order to graduate from high school and then from police academy, approached famous scientist Johnathan Frink for advice. Frink decided to clone Ralph Wiggum in order for each Clone Wiggum to learn a specific class subject (this resulted in several states passing laws prohibiting clones from taking classes for their original counterparts, beginning in the 2020s). This setup also provided a solution to the concern for Ralph Wiggum’s safety via spare organs, etc, as Ralph Wiggum had survived numerous near-death experiences throughout his youth [9]. According to the official published study, the most intelligent of these clones developed brown hair [10], while most of the rest of the Clones developed blue hair [11]; at least 11 blue-haired clones were made [12]. The Brown-haired clone died falling out of Marine One, the US Presidential helicopter, for the third and final time, in late 2033 [13].

    Wiggum attended police academy in the late 2010s and joined the Springfield Police Department in 2021. Springfield’s Mayor appointed him Chief of Police for Springfield in January 2030 [14]. Rumors have suggested that Wiggum was replaced by a clone several times after this and that the original Wiggum is now deceased – in an incident in December 2038, Chief Ralph Wiggum accidently shot himself in the head [15], was succeeded in office by another Wiggum [16] whom in turn died in office only moments later [17] and was succeeded in office by yet another Wiggum [18]. However, it is possible that the first Wiggum was a clone performing duties for the real Wiggum, whom returned to office after the incident.

    Due to Professor Frink forgetting to label the Wiggum clones as he had done for the earlier clones of Homer J. Simpson [19], Frink and the Wiggums have lost track of which Ralph Wiggum is the original. As of 2040, attempts to determine which of the Ralphs Wiggums (both the surviving and deceased ones) is the original Ralph Wiggum have failed.

    [1] Season 24, Episode 8: To Cur With Love (2012) – hinted at near the 12:30 mark
    [2] Season 22, Episode 10: Moms I’d like to Forget (2011) – Clancy dropped Ralph when Ralph was an infant
    [3] A major characteristic of this character, this is seen in many episodes throughout the series
    [4] Season 4, Episode 15: I Love Lisa (1993) – shown in the last third of the episode
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    and Season 12, Episode 14: New Kids on the Bleach (2001)
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    – near the six-minute mark
    [8] Season 19, Episode 10: E Pluribus Wiggum (2008) – main plot; at 6:13, Mayor Quimby announces “the bond issue will be part of our next scheduled election, the Springfield Presidential primary.” The city’s presidential primary is moved “up to next Tuesday" by Quimby shortly after this, and another individual remarks this is “a week ahead” of New Hampshire at the 6:99 mark. Burns proposes the national GOP should cancel their remaining primaries at 17:00. At 14:32, Kent Brockman reports the residents successfully wrote in Ralph Wiggum by 53%. Interestingly, one commenter says 15:12 “[Wiggum] made a splash in the Springfield primary. With the remaining 49 primaries scheduled for next Tuesday…” even though not every state holds a primary, at least not IOTL; right before this, Lisa states Ralph has to be 35, only for Bart to joke that the PATRIOT Act “killed” the Constitution “to ensure our freedoms.” A bipartisan ad plays at the very end of the episode. Also, Ralph says “Make This Country Great Again” at the 19:31 mark… don’t tell anyone…
    [9] Self-endangerment is a recurring undertone throughout the series. Examples include Season 27, Episode 15: Lisa the Veterinarian (2016) – near the beginning of the episode, Ralph drowns in a swimming pull, and after being flushed out of the pool states “I saw heaven;” Season 27, Episode 2: Cue Detective (2015) – Ralph states “I kissed a light socket once and I woke up in a helicopter!;” Season 9, Episode 4: Das Bus (1998) – without hesitance ate wild berries, which turned out to be poisonous but not deadly; and Season 8, Episode 8: Hurricane Neddy (1996) – almost cooked by deranged woman whom thought he was a talking pumpkin
    [10] Season 11, Episode 17: Bart to the Future (2000) – in the first third of the episode, an adult brown-haired Ralph is shown to be uncharacteristically intelligent, even stating that he is the one the pays the rent, not his roommate Bart
    [11] Seen in both Holidays of Futures Passed (2011) and Days of Future Future (2014) (albeit during a "false memories" sequence during the latter, although Santa's Kittle Hybrid is later shown to be real, suggesting Ralph's presence here could be as well)
    [12] Season 23, Episode 9: Holidays of Futures Passed (2011) – eight clones fall out of the truck (shown from 16:20 to 16:25), a ninth was driving, a tenth was run over, and an eleventh accidently shot himself; a twelve Ralph, possibly the real Ralph, is seen in Days of Future Future (2014)
    [13] Season 11, Episode 17: Bart to the Future (2000)
    – Wiggum states, upon exiting Marine One, “I fell out two times”
    [14] Season 23, Episode 9: Holidays of Futures Passed (2011) – Bart says “it’s Chief Wiggum” at the 16:02 mark, and Ralph is shown to be the chief at the 16:09 mark.
    [15] Ibid. – seen at the 6:10 mark.
    [16] Ibid. – seen at the 6:12 mark.
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    [18] Season 25, Episode 18: Days of Future Future (2014) – either another identical clone of Chief Wiggum or the real Wiggum is shown near the 12-minute mark.
    [19] Ibid. – Homer’s clones are shown at the beginning of the episode, during the first four minutes.

    Pictured: a young Ralph, a teenaged Ralph, an adult Ralph with brown hair, and two adult Ralphs with blue hair:

    Radioactive Man


    Radioactive Man is a fictional superhero appearing in various comic books published by Bongo Comics. The character was created in the early 1950s in the aftermath of the use of nuclear weapons in World War Two and the nuclear testing by the US and USSR that followed during the Cold War. Radioactive Man’s origin story is revealed in Radioactive Man No. 1 – Claude Kane III, a Nevadan rancher-turned-millionaire playboy, gets caught on barbed wire in a failed attempt to leave a nuclear testing perimeter; he survives the blast, but instead of slowly dying from radiation poisoning, instead becomes radioactive, which gives him superhuman abilities. Ralph Nader and other safety advocates of the 1960s and 1970s criticized this origin story, believing it could encourage children to try to break into nuclear testing sites in order to try to develop superpowers. Radioactive Man declined in popularity following a disastrous 1970s TV series, but bounced back in popularity during the early 1990s after the comics were revisited and revamped. In the late 1990s, attempts to make a Radioactive Man film starring Reinier Wolfcastle were scrapped for numerous reasons in “one of the biggest Hollywood failures of that decade,” according to Leonard Maltin. However, a Radioactive Man film was finally filmed, and released to theaters, several years later.

    Season 2, Episode 21: Three Men and a Comic Book (1991) – his origin is presented to the reader at the beginning of the third act
    Season 7, Episode 2: Radioactive Man (1995) – the shelved film attempt is the main plot of the episode
    Season 25, Episode 9: Steal This Episode (2014) – the released film is part of this episode’s plot
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    God I love this series, the amount of effort and detail is absolutely mad and honestly I don't think anyone has made such a detailed attempt to rationalize the Simpsons-verse at all, not even the show runners. Props dude.
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    It'd be nice if the next one included Hans Sprunfeld Jedediah Springfield.

    That aside, this is a good series.
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    Lilies & Lions, The Daemonic Wars?
    Who says I can't put a fantasy-based alternate history in my alternate history. Namely how the Borgias brought an apocalyptic war to Europe in the 16th century. Thanks Cesare.

    Purson (0 Genesis 0 – 191 Victory 16818) was a greater daemon of Sheol, and ruled as Grand King of Sheol from his originalisation until his vanquishment in 16818. Purson was one of the 3 daemons who invaded Italy in 1511, bringing forth nearly 12 legions from Sheol near Reggio in Naples.

    I was super bored working today, but I've actually started a lot of boxes for whatever reason so get ready for that. Honestly, watching Castlevania on Netflix the past few nights might have helped fuel this stupid idea in my mind.
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    The 30th and shortest-lived President in Forgotten No More, W.E.B. Du Bois:

    Du Bois.png
  17. Glide08 Draggin' till the end

    'Twas a long recess for Bizzaropedia, eh? But fret not, because before the great Retcon post that'll come come Alternate Wikipedia Infoboxes V, you'll get...


    The Spanish Republic (officially in Spanish: República Española) and commonly known as the Third Spanish Republic (in Spanish: Tercera República Española) to distinguish it from its immediate predecessor, the Second Spanish Republic (1931-1939), as well as the short-lived First Spanish Republic (1873-1874), was the system of government, headed for most of its existence by Generalissimo Emilio Mola as its President, adopted in Spain from 1939, when the Second Republic collapsed by virtue of the Civil War, until 1978, when the adoption of a new Constitution led to the establishment of the Fourth - and current - Spanish Republic.

    During the Second World War, its entry into the war on the Axis side was prevented largely, as was much later revealed, by British Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6) efforts that included up to $200 million in bribes for Spanish officials to keep the regime from getting involved. President Mola was also able to take advantage of the resources of the Axis Powers and chose to avoid becoming heavily involved in the Second World War.

    Opposed to communism, socialism, and anarchism, the third Republic was conservative and nationalist, though semi-pluralist, in nature; This was exemplified by the suspension of the more "radical" provisions of the Second Republic's 1931 constitution, yet preservation (with considerable reservations) of the provisions guaranteeing separation of church and state and civil rights and freedoms. New Elections, originally slated for 1940, were delayed becuase of World War II, and only held in 1946; a year later, the Cortes elected in those elections produced a new Constitution which entrenced the quasi-pluralist autocratic system of government, marking the formal, legal beginning of the Third Spanish Republic.

    OOC: Today I Learned that the coup which started the Spanish civil war was intended to preserve the Spanish Republic, not replace it. I also learned that Emilio Mola, who was the Nationalist leader-desigante between Jose Sanjurjo and Franco, wanted Nationalist Spain to be a semi-pluralist, yet still authoritarian and nationalist, republic. In the Bizzaroverse, he lived and established his republican quasi-dictatorship.

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    Songs that the Hyades shall sing
    Henry A. Wallace was a man who stood against tides.

    The winds of change were blowing from the right after the end of the Second World War. After the death of the Great Reformer the succession of his Vice-President was looked upon with dissatisfaction within his own party, which was already on the verge of a schism that Wallace's leftism was seen as exacerbating, and the Republicans who sought an end to the New Deal era, a return to national normalcy, and a suspicious or even hostile stance towards the USSR and Communism.

    Yet Wallace stood firm. Extensively using his veto power to block privatization and deregulation measures proposed by the republican congress, he further maneuvered several popular infrastructure initiatives, including the creation of the Federal Railway Authority, which embarked on a massive retrofit and reorganization of the nation's rail system that would eventually lead to the creation of the nationalized US Rail Company. His foreign policy emphasized a continued good relationship among all of the US's erstwhile allies in the Second World War, including a good relationship with the USSR. Coming to sympathize with the USSR during the war and greatly admire its State Commissar Grigory Sokolnikov for his steadfast leadership, democratic and economic successes, he envisioned a US-Soviet Alliance dedicated to world peace following the close of the Pacific Theatre, which Wallace led to its conclusion after authorizing Operations Olympic and Coronet.

    President Wallace's pacifism, stemming partly from his Pro-Soviet sympathies and partly from personal guilt over the immense casualties of the Battle of Japan, contributed to his being awarded with the 1947 Nobel Peace Prize.

    Continuing his expanded New Deal policies, he began to split his own party down the middle between the rightist Southern camp and his own leftist supporters, while the Republicans began themselves to rupture as Wallace gained the support of the Northern and Midwestern working class, initiating the movement of many Republicans into the Democratic party and the support of some Republicans for his policies. Another base of support lay in the population of northern intellectuals which would become the Beatnik subculture and the growing LGBT communities in New York and Detroit. He won an unexpected victory in the 1948 election, defeating Republican challengers Joseph H. Ball and Joseph R. McCarthy, who split the ticket after McCarthy criticized the GOP establishment of treason against the country for their softness on the president's communist sympathies. McCarthy had previously called for Wallace's removal from office and had gained a great deal of groundswell popular support and support from business and establishment radical conservatives. Wallace's running mate, Dorothy Thompson, was the first woman to be elected Vice-President. The shifts which defined the 1948 election are generally thought to be the beginning of the transition towards the Sixth Party System.

    Emboldened by his successes, and doubling down on his dedication to peace and reconciliation with the USSR and other Communist states, he took a sharp leftwards turn at the start of his second term. He supported the KPD's 1948 German Constitution, condemned France for its brutality in fighting against anti-colonialism, advocated for the end of the Belgian Congo, and sent Archimedes Patti to secretly supply arms to the Viet Minh. His diaries reveal him to be a man wracked by personal grief and guilt over Coronet and Olympic, battling depression and thoughts of suicide, completely cynical of the machine of US electoral politics. He privately believed that the US was destined to adopt a socialist system of government at some point, and as a result of this attitude championed numerous pro-labor measures and spearheaded an anti-segregation campaign.

    In late 1949, he gave what would be his last speech to the nation. His career cracking under the pressure of renewed conservative backlash after Wallace recognized the People's Republic of China, he urged an increasingly anti-Communist popular opinion to dissuade from waging another world war, and from using the might of the United States to stamp out popular leftist movements and governments from the world. He further warned against the conflation of capitalism and business with freedom and human happiness, reminding the nation of FDR's dream of an Economic Bill of Rights, and offered scathing criticism of the economic and social failure of the post-reconstruction south which had betrayed the democratic party by siding with Strom Thurmond's Dixiecrats in 1948.

    He was warned not to go when he decided to tour the deep south to advocate desegregation, racial and gender equality, and social services. He made several stops in various cities, sometimes encountering protests, and speaking in front of desegregated crowds, which incensed many local white populaces. Some called for his impeachment for violating the south's segregation laws, but the federal government ruled that the president's gatherings were private parties and not subject to these laws.

    According to some, it was only a matter of time before things got out of hand. A small group of KKK in Memphis Tennessee saw an opportunity when the president made one of his stops to speak at Owen College, an historically Black institution. As he traveled towards the college in his car, guarded by the secret service, two men armed with Thompson submachineguns opened fire on the car, killing four secret service men and hitting the president in the shoulder and neck. He bled out within minutes and was pronounced dead later that day.

    The nation was stunned, and an outpouring of sympathy rose up for the fallen reformer who stood by what he believed. His "Peace or Death" Speech delivered at the Waldorf Astoria hotel quickly became an iconic call to arms for the American left, while the age of class conflict which would define the 60s and the homefront of the Third World War had begun in earnest. His successor, Dorothy Thompson, was the first female president, and sought a foreign policy of anti-communism, anti-fascism, self-defense, and international intervention on behalf of what she viewed as western democracy. She saw her predecessor as generally misguided in his support for Communist states, but a martyr for the democratic cause whose death her administration would avenge. The KKK was declared an enemy organization and disbanded by force, while desegregation began in earnest.

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    I've said it before, and hopefully will have the opportunity to say it again, but this series really is stupendous.

    I cannot second this hard enough. This series is amazeballs.
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    The term of President Taft, has gone down in history nearly as bad as that of Herbert Hoover. His first year in office was fine, however on his 521st day, 25 June 1950, news would break about a war taking place in a place most people had not even heard of ... the Korean Peninsula.
    Most of the US military personnel, believed that their nation's army must be sent into assist the South against their communist aggressors, however Isolationist, President Taft did not believe that the United States, should send their men over to be slaughtered in a pointless war. By November 1950, the North had won the war and reunited the peninsula under one rule, the rule of Communism and it's leader of Kim Il-sung.

    Two cases that are brought to mind, of the massive drop in Republican votes, saw the defeat of Joseph McCarthy and Richard Nixon.

    With the 1952 Presidential election predicted to be a land side victory, the democrats knew they needed a winning pair. Eisenhower had offered his serves as soon as he heard Taft was seeking re-election. With no previous experience in politics, the democrats sort for a Senator to help assist Eisenhower, while in office and that honour fell on Texas Senator, Lyndon B. Johnson. At a joint height of 3.71 meters, Johnson being 1.92m tall and Eisenhower, 1.79m, this Democratic ticket, being on parr with Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Johnson joint height.

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