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The Sovereign Citizen Federation is not a federal parliamentary party, or even a recognized party, and may or may not consist of 50 people who meet every other Friday evening in a run-down shack in the outskirts of Townsville, Queensland.

For example, they may have a membership of more than 500 people, and just low average attendance.


I'd like to join
I'd like to join

Well, as a U.S. citizen, membership with a foreign "Sovereign Citizen" organization would make you a foreign terrorist in the eyes of the Department of Security.

Of course, somewhere around 1% of the U.S. population is on a waiting list for a formal investigation of terrorist ties, so you'd probably be okay.
Anyone know a link to a simple infobox to list Presidents/Heads of State? Would prefer that it have space for an image and not include anything like the inauguration dates or VP - just the name, picture, party, length of service, and prior office? The list on the List of US Presidents page on Wikipedia is very cumbersome and I'm bad at editing the coding on infoboxes.
Anyone know a link to a simple infobox to list Presidents/Heads of State? Would prefer that it have space for an image and not include anything like the inauguration dates or VP - just the name, picture, party, length of service, and prior office? The list on the List of US Presidents page on Wikipedia is very cumbersome and I'm bad at editing the coding on infoboxes.

Just modify a Governors list.




Not a very serious wikibox, but the sentiment is there. :p


1. I know Freddie is a man, duh. His title as "Queen" of Rock and Roll comes from the band's name. Queen. He even calls himself a Queen during the 1986 Wembley concert where he refers to himself and the band as "four aging Queens".

2. The start of his reign (18 July 1970) refers to the day that Queen first performed a live act together.

3. His coronation (13 July 1973) refers to the release day of Queen's first album, Queen.

4. 'The Age of Four Kings' was a period between the late 1950s and late 1960s where Rock and Roll was ruled by four men of enigmatic and sometimes egotistical natures. King John, King Paul, King George and King Richard.

5. No successor was named, and many have claimed to be Freddie's successor. Nobody has the same stage presence as him, even in 2017. So no successor.

The National Labor Party has its roots in both the Australian labour movement and nationalist right. Following the Vienna Consensus, the labour movement was disgusted with the Labor Party, which had signed onto the agreement, and members of the Coalition were disturbed by their leaders' sacrifice of Australian sovereignty. The Labor Party, Liberals and National Party all saw an exodus of more principle members, who sought to form an effective opposition. The nucleus of this opposition would be Katter's Australian Party. Run by Rob Katter, the KAP had grown since its founding, becoming a minor force in Australian politics committed to a nationalist program "for all Australians." While the party supported a strong welfare state and nationalized industries, it also supported social conservative planks and abhorred foreign interference with Australian politics. Katter welcomed the rebel representatives into his party, working to establish a new platform that could meet a broad swathe of interests. The new party officially secured the National Liberal name in 2034, after the Labor and National parties were officially dissolved and absorbed into the Liberal party.

For a while, a tenuous three-party system existed in Australia, between the Liberals, Greens, and Nat. Labor. While the Liberals remained the largest party, they had trouble gaining broad support for post-liberal reforms, being stopped by both of their opponents. However, Nat. Labor and the Greens failed to see eye-to-eye on any other issue, having disagreements in across social, cultural and economic policy. Thus, the Liberals would typically lead minority governments, only able to have their policies enacted in piecemeal, and were often pushed back.

However, this changed in 2047, when Australia became a founding member of the Asian-Pacific Cooperation Council. This move was championed by both the Greens and a minority of the Liberals, and angered the nationalists. A new political system would emerge, with the rebel liberals forming their own localist parties to work with the Greens, and with the Liberal majority forming a nationalist alliance with National Labor. This Alliance, while long-lasting, was somewhat unproductive. Again, its members simply did not see eye to eye. The National Labor party still advocated for socialist measures, including adopting the sort of market socialism favored by the mainstream Chinese Left. The Liberals, on the other hand, wanted to bring Australia in line with the rest of the Post-Liberal west.

So far, the National Labor party only has a premiership in their stronghold of Queensland, and even there they rely on Liberal support. The Queensland party has been fairly discontent with the federal's party direction, and has proposed to abandon the Liberals entirely, relying on the Greens to implement economic policy and the Country party to implement conservative social policy. However, most of the party's leadership still have a disdain for the Greens, who they consider a bunch of fluffed-up hippies.
”He's not going to fight this?!” The Acting President exclaimed after Paul Ryan delivered the news to the oval office.

”Who? Mitch?” A confused Paul Ryan replied. The details of his meeting with McConnell, who had just come to terms with the fact that the Democrats had taken the votes they needed in the House of Representatives, were still crinkled in his hand.

”Donald!” Pence glowered. “He still wants to be President. He’s doing this to get rid of me! He’ll get that witch in this office, and then he’ll run against her again in 2020. Damn him! Who does he think he is?” Ryan noticed that the stress had been getting to Pence of late. He was hardly sleeping, and his hair was turning white... well whiter anyway.

”Trump hasn't made a formal statement yet, maybe we can...”

”Here's his formal statement!” Pence said exasperatedly as lifted his phone up to Ryan.

"@realdonaldtrump: Democrats "rigged" the 2018 elections, have they no shame? Sad!"

”I’m not sure, Mike..."

”They won’t elect him." Pence assured himself. "Seventy million Americans aren’t going to vote for him, especially not now – damn it, he’s been indicted twice since the election for God's sake! Trump University and then that sexual harassment case! No, he’ll make sure I’m out of the way, and then the Democrats will take it away from him again. He’s too stupid to realize it, but he's killing the party! But we’re not going to let him, Paul. We’re going to stop him... right?”

I'm guessing this is based on this scene from Fear, Loathing and Gumbo on the Campaign Trail '72 where Nixon rants about how George Wallace is going to worm his way into the White House after the disputed 1972 election.

Jack Edwards "Jeb" Bush is the never-mentioned twin brother of former Governor John Ellis "Jeb!" Bush. While attending UT with his brother, they both joined the Young Trotskyist-Stalinist Club. While Jeb! eventually grew out of this leftie phase, Jeb never did. Jeb would turn out to be the least successful of his brothers, because of his refusing his father's money and becoming a mechanic. During the course of the 2016 Primaries, Jeb often impersonated Jeb! and said, among other things, that he'd kill baby Hitler. Jeb was the nominee for the Socialist Labor Party, receiving 2,000 votes, largely from the confused residents of Colorado.
Churchill proposed sending Theodore Roosevelt to Russia to be the "Commissar", whatever that meant.

Theodore Roosevelt became High Commissar of Russia after the Allied Expeditionary Force arrived in Russia and seized control. Roosevelt brought the various factions competing for control of the Russian government together and focused on restoring order. After governing as an unlimited autocrat for 2 years and bringing peace to Russia, Roosevelt mandated the formation of the National Council, a body of advisors from all groups to discuss what a new Russian government would look like. Eventually, the Council agreed to create a parliamentary nation based on Roosevelt's recommendation. The Council was then disbanded in favor of a Constitutional Convention, which Roosevelt also presided over. The Convention ended up adopting a strict Parliamentary system. The first elections were held in 1922, with the Bolsheviks winning a majority of seats to the 1st National Assembly of Russia. However, the opposition parties refused to accept a Bolshevik Prime Minister and Roosevelt stayed on as Commissar until the 1924 elections, when Trotsky was accepted as Prime Minister. Roosevelt left office on 7 February, when the 2nd Assembly convened. Today he is regarded as the Founding Father of modern Russia and the main reason for prosperous Russo-American relations. Roosevelt has been called "the greatest Russian" and has monuments dedicated to him across Russia, the most famous being the Roosevelt Fatherland Memorial in Red Square, a donation by America during the Tugwell presidency. Roosevelt rejected a proposal to head up China in 1927, citing his advanced age and the lack of Western commitment to an expeditionary force. Instead, he recommended Winston Churchill, who also declined. Theodore Roosevelt died on August 19, 1929.
Based off two of my games of President Infinity, which you can probably find somewhere here.


The election of 1936 ended with the Republicans not getting any electoral votes (and barely 20%). The Union Party, led by William Lemke, managed to win 14 electoral votes. Although many said this would be the decline of the Republican Party and the rise of the Union Party, but a landslide like this would not be seen again until the 2016 election...


With Bernie Sanders polling at just 37% before election day, everybody knew this was going to be a disaster for the Democratic Party.The DNC and Bernie's campaign were not working well together. Powell won every state, including Vermont. He even received 35% in the District of Columbia. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson managed to earn 5% of the popular vote, giving the Libertarian Party power in future elections. The future of American politics remained unclear...

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A different take on the usual "Garner destroys the world" TL's out there.

After the election, analysis showed that Garner, for all of his failures, was ultimately seen as a figure of economic recovery, regardless of the candidacy of Huey Long.


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