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As I understand it, Gone Girl is a thriller, not a mystery, so I'm not sure that works.

It might be better to give it to one of the hardboiled/noir writers like Hammet or Chandler.
Agatha Christie did thrillers as well, especially in her early work, in fact I'm reading one at the moment (The Secret of Chimneys, although The Man in the Brown Suit and Secret Adversary are cleaner-cut examples). She was inspired by thriller as well as mystery writers herself, as seen in Partners in Crime which is a collection of short stories by her each done as homages to her inspirations in the style of their own creations.
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> makes a far future wikibox
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> decides to make a far, far future wikibox with spacey shit
> Angry_scottsman makes a very, very good far, far future wikibox
> a lot of people like it a lot
> already had the rough draft planned out
> anyway


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Ophelia Nineteen (
/oʊˈfiːljə naɪnˈtiːn/; stylised as 'Ophelia 19', known colloquially as 'the Hawk') wast politician, author and labour aggregator who served as the 45th President of the Contiguous United States from 4000 until her retirement in 4020[1]. As well as being the first Heathen President, she is observed as founder of the Unionist political ideology and largely remembered for ending the Occupation of Neptune.

Nineteen was hatched within the Mons Supercluster, the largest Martian ancestral ground belonging to the Heathen Collective. She retains Genetic Dosebrains of 19 individual Contributors[2], a fact coincidental to her naming, being the 19th Heathen to take the designation[3]. Later sittings for the Mozg Tests revealed Ophelia to have, at the time of earliest testing, an Rasoodock Rating of 270[4]. This was projected to have doubled by the time of Pupal Maturity[5]. In concordance with the Ward Agreement, Nineteen’s cluster wast stationed to Island 3. While many of her cluster took part in Advancement Training for Coms[6], she instead chose to work in Supply Reg, where she rose to prominence as a aggregator by dramatically increasing Island 3’s gross pharmetic yield.

In addition to her admin, Nineteen became actively involved in the States Literary Arm. In her writings, Nineteen criticised Councillors drives to move away from “traditional” forms of government[7] and to proposed free-form systems, which at the time of her writing included Darwinian Plutocracy and Memetic Reform. While not publicly affiliating with the Novae political philosophy[8], she supported the enforcement of Old Democracy in favour of stability;

…History hast did teach us yond bringing about change endues about socio-political upheaval which creates a multitude of problems for both the governing bodies and its citizens. Order within the colonies is dorogoy to the continuation of the United States. As the inert ancestral issues, such as xenophobia, has long since been eradicated from both Veck and Veshch natures, it wilt beest observed yond the system of fusty democracy is functionally absolute – any massive upheaval of the system of governance shall produce similar results within colonies yond art already struggling with Exorphin strains, prestoopnik insurgencies, cultural accessions, and so on...
- "Against Ecumenopolis/Preservation of the Union" (3951, ISBN 10-419-194-61992)

Despite thus far only working an aggregator, initial Deepolls showed Nineteen ranked highly with voters in the run-up to 3990 Council Elections[9], and was societally considered a write-in candidate until she issued a Formal Exclusion Notice. Despite this, she still came fourth in Colony Gallups[10], behind future council appointees Laenard Erock and Ralei Castiglione. When the incumbent Epingham Administration experienced an attempted coup at the hands of the Trident Rozz Subversive, Nineteen decried the incumbent council as incompetent to head, and announced her own Council candidacy for the 4000 Council Elections. Whilst initially intending merely for a council seat, Nineteen’s popularity soared to the point that she won the Presidential nomination[11].

After selecting her Council and setting out her Five Year Plan, Nineteen chose to focus on the ongoing Uranian Occupation with the apparent goal of reaching a peaceful resolution. This was considered a major pivot of U.S. policy, as the previous administrations had committed to the 3862 Rodeneye Embargo. After a period of long and tense negotiations with Uranian warprestoopnik E. E. Marwin, the Subversives would peacefully withdraw their Anchorpoints in the Milky North and return them to the U.S., in exchange for a broadcast acknowledgement of the Subversive Republic in the Phrygia Headlands. The Phrygia Treaty drew massive controversy from U.S citizens, who saw the treaty as an anticlimactic and unfair conclusion[12]. This attitude changed when several Juniper Nth Warheads, which had been stored in secret by the Subversive within the Ved-ava Temple, were remotely detonated. While she and her council denied any direct involvement[12], Nineteen remarked cryptically that "any attempt to disrupt the order held within the United States and it's interessovats will be seen to."[12] With this presumed show of force, The U.S. ended various minor conflicts in the colonies. She wast relected by bolshy results in 4005.
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This is an unfinished concept that I was running with but ultimately decided to mothball for a later revision, essentially taking the United States House elections and twisting them as if they were for an American equivalent of the European Union. I was looking at the scores they had here to divvy up the various Congressmen into groupings, and while it worked well, it immediately fell into the trap of how to rationalize and plausibly display said coalitions and results in an infobox. I never arrived at a decent answer, a fair share of the States were divided between two or three different "groups" and the District map itself began to look like a mess, nor did it account for the fluidity of some of these rankings from year to year. After trying to work with striped States in Inkscape (and failing, because there doesn't seem to be an easy way to do that), I largely gave up, leaving me with the product below.

I initially tried to make all the leaders people who were known within their circles though underused by those on this board, but that didn't exactly hold entirely either as you can see by some examples.

Context, please? Even if you don't have a story to go along with it, it would be nice to know what the origin of the joke is.

Johnson have publically stated that he won't run for President again, and Thande wondered if he specified "of America".

Edit: And Aleppo.

"Sure, we were upset about the horses, we were irked by the corruption of our youth, but by God we were mad about the dog."
-an unnamed participant

"Life in the Hinterworlds isn't like it is in the larger worlds. Those Trantorized denizens of planets overburdened by populations well into the billions, they don't understand what it's like to be out in the rural worlds, building your life instead of jumping right in to it. To be born in the vast core cities is a privilege; it is to be handed at birth the right to be part of something bigger than you are; to have a life you can join without creating it out of nothing. Those of us in the hinterworlds, we have to burn our paths out of the grass and dust and forests that cover our worlds. The only assistance we get is when someone from a major power decides it costs less to pay us to tear up our worlds and hand them over than to take it for themselves."
-from Colonel Flint Danger's Chancellory acceptance speech before the assembled witenagamot of Cantwalla

"Sometimes a bullet is too good for a man, but sometimes, a bullet is the only thing bad enough for what that man has become."
-from Dr. Steelgrave's coroner's report

"The impact, if you'll pardon the term, of '97 spread well beyond Hawthorn. 'Post-impact ideology' was the clinical term we used to disguise what was really happening- a longstanding set of grievances, frozen by an alliance system manipulated by major powers for centuries, was being dramatically upended- much like that alliance system itself was some decades earlier when the Concert of Associated Powers burst onto the scene."
-from We're Totally Fucked: An Honest Assessment Of How Utterly Boned We Truly Are, I'm Not Kidding

"I hated that book."
-anonymous participant in the Bloodmouth executions, on seeing We're Totally Fucked among another participant's possessions

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Short stories:
Five Dresses • (more to come)
POD: Albert Gore III looks both ways before crossing the street, evading what would otherwise be a near-fatal car accident. His father subsequently enters and wins the 1992 Democratic primary...

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Gone Fishin'
Young Bush was handsome, but I can't help but be unnerved when it's next to old Gore.

The use of Old Gore/Young Bush throws me off a bit- wouldn't having the candidates be in (roughly) contemporary photos be a better thing for the portraits?
You know Gryphon, reading this entry was a fun experience. It was well done, interesting, and motivated me to go back and re-read the other boxes.

Said other boxes reminded me that in addition to being well done and interesting, there's also wacky zany delicious nonsense fucking about in this universe and I love it.

Please keep going and also, please write down the name of the drugs you're on so I can use them five years from now when the government doesn't own my piss anymore.
Are you ready to learn about HRE Mr President?

Mister President (born Mister President Washington, 55 years ago) is the American politician and the President of the United States. President was born in the White House on July 4, 55 years ago to an Average Man and Average Woman, very average hard working people like yourself. President graduated at the top of his class at the age of 15 and was immediately accepted into State College, what is known today as President College of the State. After studying in biochemistry, American jurisprudence, patriotism, mathematics, economics, and war theory, President graduated from State College and entered The Medical School and The Law School to become a doctor and lawyer. This is because he is very smart.
However, his studies were cut short because of the outbreak of The War. He immediately enlisted in The Army, where he was very good thanks to his lineage from Eisenhower. After serving 2 years in Army, they asked him to join Navy to win the war at sea. After Navy he served in Air Force, Marine Corps, and Starfleet in that order and singlehandedly ended the war when he killed Enem E. Leader. You should join the military to have the opportunity to something like this and do the greatest service to your country. Die for your country. [Click one to sign up: ARMY | NAVY | AIR | MARINES | STARFLEET]
Returning home as a very great and well loved war hero, he finished his studies and married his girlfriend from before the war. They had their first child, Mister Junior after 1 year of marriage, when both of them had stable jobs and had enough income to provide for a child. They had their second child, Goodstudent Mary when Mister Junior was 3 years old because they understood it would be very foolish to raise two children under the age of 3 at the same time. Additional children are optional. [Apply for additional children here.]
One year later, he was called upon to serve his country once more, being asked to fill the very prestigious position of Vice President of the United States by John Martyr, a paragon of virtue and one of the best people to ever live. Mister President served John Martyr dutifully for a number of years until John Martyr, a great and tremendous American, was killed by the very bad enemy. Mister President was thrust into the office of President by the wrongful death of his predecessor. President immediately declared war on the enemy, thus beginning the Second War. Have you signed up to serve your country in the Second War? Mister President said you must join. [Click one to sign up: ARMY | NAVY | AIR | MARINES | STARFLEET]
Many people died in the Second War, including Donald Q. Friendly, the Vice President, a nice man who was a grandpa who was killed by the very bad Opposition. As such, Opposition was obliterated. However, Mister President has led our great nation through these tough times. His sons, the very good Mister Junior and Peter Warhero joined the military, just like you should. [Click one to sign up: ARMY | NAVY | AIR | MARINES | STARFLEET] We look forward to many more years with Mister President. All praise be to Mister President.

Extra facts:
  • A Gallup poll suggests 86% of women may consider thinking Mister President is attractive
  • Mister President has never got less than 90% in anything
  • You should sign up and fight in the Second Patriotic War
  • Mister President's very good jacket available at
  • The people on Mount Rushmore are Mister President's great-grandfathers
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