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Hey, I'm making a Presidential Election wikibox, and it won't let me insert the map I want to. What do I do?

My first Wikibox: A version of the Battle of the Citadel from Mass Effect


The only Canon force numbers is the loss of 28 Cruisers and the 1 Reaper, everything else is made up. I tried to make the Citadel casualties high, considering the losses of the CDF made the Alliance the predominant military power behind the Turians in canon ME

Where it says C-Sec it should use the full name Citadel Security Forces. Possibly aircraft carriers should be space carriers or carrier dreadnoughts.


Gone Fishin'
Hey, I'm making a Presidential Election wikibox, and it won't let me insert the map I want to. What do I do?

Either upload the map directly to wikicommons, or put it in after you're done with image editing software (like photoshop).
The Simpsons Wikibox Post #1

#1: Sideshow Bob, Bartovia, List of US Presidents, Lisa, Bart, Cletus
US Congressman Krusty the Clown, Springfield Mayor Joe Quimby (page 371)
#3: Governor Bailey, Congressman Arnold, Congressman Wilcox, Moleman (page 382)
#4: Screamapillar, Milhouse, Otto, Otto Cab Company, Insanity Pepper (page 390)
#5: Blinky, Mr. Burns, the Nuclear Power Plant, Soylent Green, Uniclams (page 414)
#6: Maggie, Five Corners Monument, Malk, Grimes, Moe's/Moe, Marge (page 423)
#7: Duff Beer, Professor Frink, Chief Wiggum, Ralph, Radioactive Man (page 435)
#8: Jebediah, Sprungfeld, Groundskeeper Willie, Kwik-E-Mart, Homer (page 440)

Sideshow Bob

Dr. Robert Terwilliger
, more commonly known as Sideshow Bob, was a television personality-turned-criminal mastermind, scientist, and politician. A notable attribute of his was the tendency to repeatedly go in and out of prison over the course of numerous years. He first went to prison in early 1997 for framing television personality Krusty the Clown for armed robbery [1]. Only a few weeks later, he earned an early release. However, he was returned to prison after attempting to murder his new wife to inherit her money [2]. Two months later, though, he was paroled, only to again return to prison for attempting to murder future Supreme Court Chief Justice Bart Simpson, whom at the time was only a young child [3]. His fourth stay in prison lasted for almost a year; he was pardoned in 1998, and subsequently ran against and defeated the man whom pardoned him in that year’s race for Mayor of Springfield. His time in office only lasted several weeks before he was arrested for a fourth time for voter fraud in early 1999 [4]. However, Terwilliger spent only a few weeks in jail before escaping for a few days, at which time he was arrested for trying to murder Krusty the Clown [5]. His sixth time in prison was cut short in late 1999 via a work release program, only to again be arrested (though, this time, it was a wrongful conviction) [6]. Terwilliger then spent the next two years in prison (there for the seventh time) before finally being released over a technicality, only to again be returned to prison for an eighth time upon attempting to again murder Krusty the Clown in 2001 [7].

The longest period of time Terwillliger spent out of prison during these years began in early 2002, when police used him to solve a case; upon solving the case, Terwilliger was able to successfully flee the country [8]. He relocated to Italy, remarried, and was elected Mayor of a small village in the spring of 2003. However, he was forced out of office in 2005 upon the discovery that he was a wanted criminal [9]. Two years later, he returned to the United States having spent over five years overseas (via travel from Canada with undocumented Canadian comedy writers for The Jimmy Kimmel Show) with an elaborate scheme to again attempt to murder a young Bart Simpson, only to bet foiled and sent to prison, along with his accomplices (several family members) [10].

Three years later, Terwilliger escaped prison by surgically switching faces with another inmate, only to be returned to prison (for the tenth time) after trying to kill Bart Simpson (for the third time) [11]. In 2012, Terwilliger managed to be released from prison via a worker-experiment program that quickly led him to becoming a head scientist at a major genetics company [12]. He was presumed dead in 2014 after jumping off the Springfield Dam, only to be captured and returned to prison for the eleventh and final time in 2019.

Terwilliger then spent the next seventeen years behind bars, though was occasionally let out under police supervision to attend community meetings and certain events [13] in Springfield. President Lisa Simpson pardoned Terwillger on January 18, 2037, much to the shock of her brother Bart Simpson. However, in his old age, Terwilliger had become more lucid and less megalomaniacal; plus, he had been instrumental in co-drafting a prison reform bill for the President in 2035. However, Terwilliger’s last amount of time as a free man was short-lived; he died from blunt force trauma in a freak accident inside Moe’s Tavern just weeks after President Simpson had pardoned him (he stepped on a rake, causing its strong titanium handle to strike his head). The incident is memorialized, via police chalk, on the floor of Moe’s Tavern [14]. He died, fittingly enough for a lover of Shakespeare, on March 15, a.k.a. the Ides of March.

Sources (all from The Simpsons):
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, Season 26, Episode 1: Clown in the Dumps (2014), Season 26, Episode 7: Blazed and Confused (2014), Season 27, Episode 14: Gal of Constant Sorrow (2016) and Season 28, Episode 10: The Nightmare Before Krustmas (2016) – all contain instances of Sideshow Bob briefly appearing in Springfield either in or out of a prison uniform.
[14] Season 23, Episode 9: Holidays of Future Passed (2011) – the police chalk outline is briefly seen in this episode:



Bartovia is an independent nation, roughly half the size of Italy, located on the eastern side of the Caspian Sea between Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan. The identity and culture of the Bartovian came into existence during the early 20th century, when liberal “rebels” and “hoodlums” were exiled, cast out of Western Russia/Soviet Union and relocated in the deserts of Turkestan under the reign of Joseph Stalin. The name of these people became “Bartovians” after Bartholomew “Bartov” Ivanov, a member of the lower class known for pranking upper-class individuals, who led a group of 500 escaped exiles from a prison outside of Omsk to the fertile but unpopulated island of Havacoumann, in what is now the center of the country, in 1931. From there the population grew to over 5,000 by the beginning of World War Two, at which point the German invasion of Russia distracted Stalin from the “rebels” and temporarily ceased the perennial raids by Soviet troops onto Bartovian settlements.

In 1953, fearing that the continuation of attacks by Stalin would lead to them having to flee elsewhere, the area’s leaders purposely attacked a French tourist’s boat via Bartovian Garbage Catapults and a barrage of verbal insults; the area was subsequently invaded by French forces without anyone firing a shot. However, Stalin died before he could respond to it, and the French eventually left peacefully after staying for a total of sixteen days. The French presence influenced the state’s 1983 flag, which reflects the French tricolor while including a silhouette of the region’s northern border. The area’s population gradually grew around the coastline and its iconic Eyeball Lake, Wink River and Grin River until it achieved the status of being its own Socialist Republic within the Soviet Union in late 1983. Its northern border became a zig-zag due to overlapping Bartovian and Kazakh settlements and land claims. In 1991, it achieved independence without much fanfare. Sam Topbanir Sr. became the nation’s first President shortly afterwards.

The topography of Bartovia can be divided into five sections: lowland desert in the north, plains and grasslands along the east, rocky and marshy grasslands in the center and much of its western coast, hills and fertile cropland in the south, and humid/subtropical lowlands on its southernmost tip. The Aral Sea, when still in existence, just barely touched the northeastern corner of the country. Bartovia is said to vaguely resemble a winking face. The most populated parts of Bartovia are found around its “eye” in the center of the country, its “winking eye,” its “nose,” and its “upper lip.” A popular tourist attraction and vacation spot for both tourists and Bartovians is Wyulital Island on its southern tip. Another, slightly larger island, called Caspiar, once existed a few miles farther off the coast. It sunk. A small nature preserve for the rare Bartovian Kwyjibo Ape is located in the east of the country. Its capital and largest city is Don-Havacoumann, located on Havacoumann Island in the nation’s iconic Eyeball Lake, a natural freshwater lake with water noticeably lighter in color than the Caspian Sea which into it pours.

While most of its neighbors are Muslim, Bartovians practice an ultra-liberal form of Eastern Orthodoxy. A majority (roughly 60%) of the people of Bartovia write and speak the unique local language of Bartovanese, a hybrid of English and Russian, “with a dash of” Arabic, French, and other languages. Bartovians enjoy pulling pranks on non-Bartovians; it is their unofficial national pastime, and the subject of many statewide holidays. As a result, Bartovia has a strained relationship with most countries, especially its neighbors. However, most major international issues are usually resolved in under a week. The government’s largest political party is the Bartovian Liberation Front, headed by Mr. Pat N. Bisso and Miss. Bo Tahnterp. The nation’s 28th and current (2041) president, Timon S. Brasp, runs a very liberal administration, allowing its citizens to “do whatever they feel like doing,” as this is a major part of their culture. As a result, Bartovian social issues are usually settled on local levels, and even there, the process often includes procrastination and overall laziness unless those in charge are personally motivated. The Southern Snompir Bat was made the nation’s official state animal in 2041 on the 50th anniversary of the Independence of Bartovia.

Source for map, location and size:
The Simpsons: Season 17, Episode 8: The Italian Bob (2005) – at the 7:36-to-7:57 mark, Bob stabs a globe five times trying to find a place to move to for “a fresh start.” He stabs Florida, North Korea, Shelbyville, and Bartovia before moving the globe slightly to the right to pick Italy. For Bartovia, the knife is stabbed into the globe east of the Black Sea. Furthermore, when comparing the size of the knife when stabbing into the two countries, it seems that Bartovia is smaller than Italy. Pretty much everything else written down is just what I call “an educated execrise of the cerebral imagination.”

…TO GO WITH FOUR EARLIER WIKIBOXES (originally posted on May 7, 2016)

The US Presidents According to The Simpsons and Family Guy


43) George Walker Bush – dealt with the mastermind Scorpio taking over the East Coast for three months in early 2001 [1]. Gulf War II broke out in late 2001, followed by Gulf War III (mid-2003) and Gulf War IV (early 2004). Bush’s first VP, Dick Cheney, retired after yet another heart attack in early 2004, and Bush picked Schwarzenegger to be his running mate. However, shortly after Mega-Hurricane Katrina created The Lost City of New Orleans [2] in early 2005, Bush was assassinated – his head was chopped off and stolen by terrorists, starting Gulf War V [3].

44) Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger – Resume: California Governor 2003-2005, US VP 2005. The “Hatch” Amendment, added to the US Constitution in early 2004, allowed Schwarzenegger to be eligible for the Presidency and Vice-Presidency. One month into his Presidency, the Fifth Gulf War was declared. In early 2007, the US territory of Saudi Israelia was formed out of the conquered nations America had fought in the Middle East, and the territory become the US's 51st state later that year - all to the outrage of the international community [4]. The scandal of Schwarzenegger's approved plan to put a massive dome over the town of Springfield over an environmental/ecological crisis for approximately 100 days [5] broke in early 2008, making the President unpopular now at home as well as abroad. In the hearings and investigations that followed this act and its results to the public, Schwarzenegger defended himself with a gaffe, saying “I was elected to lead, not to read,” [6] even though he was elected Vice-President, not President. Schwarzenegger narrowly lost the 2008 Republican nomination to US Senator John McCain and, after leaving office, reluctantly returned to making family comedies. In November 2008, a referendum on the election ballot in several western US states was whether or not to give apes the right to vote; because the increasingly unpopular Schwarzenegger backed the “Yes” vote, the measure failed to pass in every state voting on it [7].

45) Barack Hussein Obama II – Under his administration, Gulf War V ended in March 2009 with the recovery of George W. Bush’s severed head, but World War Three then occurred, lasting from July to September 2009, during which the United Kingdom “saved the asses” of the Americans [8]. Obama was praised for his handling of the War of 2012 (during which comedian Conan O'Brian lost his legs in a bombing), and he easily won re-election in that year. In August 2015, Obama’s Vice-President, Joe Biden, resigned over the grief of his son recently dying. Obama shocked many by picking freshman US Senator Spuckler to replace Biden, as Spuckler was viewed as too inexperienced for the position. However, his conservative views led to Congress approving his appointment [9].

46) Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton – She must have won in 2016 because of source number 9, which suggests that there is a female President before Lisa Simpson. Hillary Clinton's unpopularity among conservatives eventually led to Texas seceding in 2019 [10]. In office, she helped the US begin the transition into becoming a "cashless society," a move halted under Trump but fully implemented under Simpson [11]. Shortly after leaving office she became caught up in a scandal eerily similar to Bill Clinton’s Lewinski scandal, eventually leading to her announcing in mid-2021 that she was bisexual [12].

47) Donald John Trump Sr. – After losing his 2016 Presidential bid, the billionaire businessman achieved a stunning political come-back, becoming America’s oldest President (entering office at the age of 74 and leaving office at the age of 82) [13]. Trump was heavily criticized for the numerous disasters that occurred under his administration, including India nuking Pakistan [14] and America’s crime rates and foreign debt both skyrocketing to unprecedented levels [15].

48) Lisa Marie Simpson – Resume: activist, lawyer, US Congresswoman, US Senator from Oregon [16]. She was, in her own words, "America's first straight female President," as well as the US's first Buddhist President, and youngest President ever (entering office at the age of 36 [17]). She won in 2028 over Vice-President Pence and third-party candidate Chastity Bohnoe. Simpson dealt with massive debt and budget crises during her first term, and passed environmentalist and education reform during her second term. Her popularity gradually increased over the years, allowing the Democrats to gradually increase their hold in the Senate to the point that the 2037-2039 Congress contained 99 Democrats [18].

49) Kevin Carlton Babcock Douchebag – Born to Canadian immigrants, his candidacy changed the meaning of the word ‘Douchebag.’ His record of bipartisanship allowed him to pass some laws in the Senate. However, despite the Democrats' huge hold on the Senate, the chamber's sole Republican was able to successfully get rid of social security in 2037, causing thousands of elderly citizens to return to work to survive [18]. This in turn lowered employment but made more people miserable. Democrats plan to repeal the law once that Senator leaves office (though they are not sure when that will be...). After the successful Sun Landing [19] in the summer of 2037, President Douchebag swiftly and successfully dealt with the unexpected rise and shockingly cruel reign of King Harry of the UK (often derisively called “Prince Harry”) [20] and for his efforts he easily re-elected President over US Senator Michael Harvey Daitraip of Wisconsin in 2040 [21].

[1] The Simpsons: Season 8, Episode 2: You Only Move Twice (1996) – Homer’s one-time boss, Hank Scorpio, is seen on a newspaper reading “Supervillain Seizes East Coast” at the 19:38 mark.
[2] Family Guy: Season 5, Episode 13: Bill & Peter’s Bogus Journey (2007) – a “Lost City of New Orleans” is referenced at the 1:14 mark. Also, the crossover episode, “The Simpsons Guy” (Family Guy: Season 13, Episode 1 (2014)), shows that The Simpsons and Family Guy exist in the same universe.
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[7] The Simpsons: Season 16, Episode 15: Future-Drama (2005) – at the 9:40 mark, a large billboard (featuring an image of an ape giving the thumbs-up) clearly reads “Give Apes The Vote – You Won’t Regret It.” The lack of any apes in other episodes set in the future suggests the vote attempt failed.
[8] The Simpsons: Season 6, Episode 19: Lisa’s Wedding (1995) – mentioned at the 14:19 mark.
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[12] The Simpsons: Season 11, Ep. 17: Bart to the Future (2000) – Lisa says “I am proud to be America’s first straight female President” at the 9:16 mark, suggesting that whatever female was President(s) came beforehand was (or were) not straight.
[13] Ibid. – Lisa refers to a “President Trump” at the 9:40 mark. Furthermore, in This Interview [], Dan Greaney, the writer of this episode, states that “Trump” referred to Donald Trump Sr. and not somebody else.
[14] Ibid. – Krusty the Clown references it in a joke at the 16:21 mark, adding “too soon?” immediately afterwards, suggesting it was a fairly recent (to them) event.
[15] Ibid. – discussed from 9:46 to 10:11.
[16] This YouTube video [] suggests that the Simpsons live in Oregon.
[17] The Simpsons: Season 11, Episode 17: Bart to the Future (2000) – Most of this episode is set “30 years” (3:43) into the future. The episode aired (and thus is considered to be set) in 2000, meaning most of the episode occurs in the year 2030. This means Lisa must have been elected in 2028 and sworn into office in 2029 in order for her to be President in 2030. However, it is not mentioned if it is specifically 30 exact years into the future, or if the episode is even set specifically in the year 2000.
[18] The Simpsons: Season 25, Episode 18: Days of Future Future (April 2014) – Congress' composition "thirty years" in the future is discussed from 7:31 to 7:45. Despite Social Security being single-handedly being repealed sounding ridiculous, many articles online such as this one from suggest Social Security money is will be depleted by the 2030s anyway!
[19] The Simpsons: Season 23, Episode 9: Holidays of Future Passed (2011) – Milhouse states “I can’t believe we put a man on the sun…” at the 4:02 mark.
[20] The Simpsons: Season 23, Episode 9: Holidays of Future Passed (2011) – To Lisa's list of dictators which consists of Hitler and Prince Harry, Homer chuckles “Bloody Harry, he brought back beheading in a big way” from 9:10 to 9:16.
[21] Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (July 2005) –The last third of this is mainly set “thirty years” (55:41) in the future, though not specifically thirty years exactly, and it is also left unstated what year it originally is set in, and thus could be set in any year. A “President Douchebag” is mentioned at the 1:00:10 mark, then shown at a re-election victory ceremony, where he says “my worthy opponent, Senator Daitraip… ran a good campaign, but the people of America have spoken,” from 1:00:15 to 1:00:23.

President Lisa Simpson


Lisa Marie Simpson is a world-famous writer, lawyer, activist, politician and intellectual. She has achieved numerous achievements throughout her life, winning her awards and praise. Her life story is wondrous and complicated.

Lisa Simpson had a colorful and eventful family background. Her uncle, former CEO of Powell Motors Herbert “Herb” Powell, was the inventor of the prototype version of the Powell Motors Baby Translator. Her father, America’s first civilian astronaut (2001) Homer Simpson, worked as a nuclear technician for billionaire and 1998 Republican gubernatorial candidate [1] C. Montgomery Burns, the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant, for nearly forty years (1990-2029); Homer also held many other jobs during his time there, nearly all of them being for only a short period of time. Lisa’s paternal grandfather, Abraham Simpson, served in the US Air Force, Army, Marines and Navy during World War Two. Lisa’s mother, Marge Simpson (nee Bouvier), was a hardworking housewife of French descent. Lisa’s paternal grandmother, Mona Olson, was a criminal environmental activist and longtime wanted outlaw. Lisa’s younger sister is the famous singer [2] Maggie Simpson. Lisa wrote extensively on her busy childhood years in her first autobiography (published in 2011), “The Year That Felt like Thirty Years” [3].

Lisa graduated from High School the same year as her older brother Bart, when he was 18 and she was 16 [4]. Lisa went to a private college [5] where she briefly experimented with lesbianism [6] after almost marrying British aristocrat Hugh Parkfield [7] on August 1, 2010 [8]. She graduated from Yale in 2015 and immediately began her career as a lawyer, co-creating the artificial pituitary [9] in early 2016 as a side project. In late 2018, Lisa won a nationally-observed court case, raising her national profile even further. In 2019, after dating Nelson Muntz, she married Milhouse Van Houten after a long and complex relationship history with both men. Shortly after being elected to the US House of Representatives in 2022, she gave birth to her sole child, a daughter named Zia, in early 2023; Milhouse subsequently became a stay-at-home father until late 2025, when he re-entered the workforce by becoming partner in a firm. In 2026, Lisa divorced Milhouse over irreconcilable differences but remained friends. She returned to dating Nelson Muntz shortly afterwards. In March 2027, due to Global Warming, all penguins were declared endangered species, which finally prompted Lisa into doing what her supporters had been urging her to do: run for President. The official announcement was made on Earth Day, 2027, which was considered to be a very, very late entry.

The 2028 election pitted Lisa against controversial incumbent Vice-President Pence [10] and significant third-party candidate Chastity Bohnoe (not to be confused with Chastity (later Chaz) Bono) [11]. The election turnout was 47.1% - a record high when compared to the previous elections. Running on the Democratic-Green fusion ticket, the “Demogreenic” ticket, she won by a comfortable margin, with 51.5% of the popular vote, versus Pence’s 37.3% and Bohnoe’s 10.1%.

Immediately after being elected President over the incumbent, many distant relatives (mostly male Simpsons) came out of the woodwork asking for favors from Lisa. Lisa appointed her ex-husband to US Secretary of the Treasury [12]. As President, she inherited a heavy budget crisis from President Trump; during Trump’s Presidency, India nuked Pakistan [13], New New York began construction [14], and, in an attempt to stop the effects of overpopulation, Soylent Green controversially became an actual product as cannibalism had become socially acceptable in certain areas of the world [15]. A few months into office, after a proposed tax hike, poorly disguised as a “temporary refund adjustment” for US citizens failed to pass through congress, her brother Bart helped her secure deadline extensions for America’s debt to several foreign nations, including Germany and China [16]. To make it up to him, she legalized polygamy [17]. Shortly after this, Lisa’s administration began “refilling the ocean” [18]. By the summer of 2031, the US’s debt had decreased to nearly two-thirds of what it was in 2028, and the economy was steadily recovering from its 2027-2028 downturn, helping lower crime rates.

After winning re-election in a huge landslide, she implemented aggressive programs to reverse the deteriorating conditions at the North and South Poles. She also passed massive education reform, leading to many children hating her. An unintended result of Simpson's support of religious freedom led to two US states becoming "non-Christian states" - Arizona (under the leadership of a Native-American governor) and Michigan (which was officially placed "under Sharia law" in 2034) [19].

In 2035, after years of Milhouse’s begging, Lisa (after dating Nelson Muntz once more) agreed to start seeing Milhouse again; they remarried by the end of the year. By early 2036, America’s test scores were the highest in decades. Despite her high approval ratings, her VP lost the 2036 election in a squeaker.

Shortly after leaving office with very favorable approval ratings, Lisa founded her Presidential Library in her hometown – but it consists mainly of a Mega-Starbucks with one small shelf of books to the side, and is rarely visited, much to Lisa’s disappointment. However, she remains active in leading the battle cry for numerous causes and cases, such as Zombie Rights [20], and she is now the head of an international multi-issue non-profit organization. She was present at the unveiling of New New York City in 2039. In early 2041, thanks to Lisa’s programs implemented when President, penguins were successfully reintroduced to certain sections of Antarctica. Lisa currently lives with Milhouse (a zombie since 2038 [21]) in a pro-environment ranch house [22] on the outskirts of her hometown of Springfield.

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[15] The Simpsons: Season 4, Episode 6: The Itchy & Scratchy Movie (1992), Season 11, Episode 17: Bart to the Future (2000), and Season 23, Episode 9: Holidays of Future Passed (2011) all make references to Solyent Green. Furthermore, in “Holidays of Future Passed,” at the 8:47 mark, a “20-year-old” magazine displays a heading concerning cannibalism on the front cover, suggesting the cannibalism began to rise in popularity around the year 2020 or so (as Lisa is not the President in this episode, it is likely that “Holidays of Future Passed” takes place on or after the first Christmas after Lisa left office in January 2037).
[16] The Simpsons: Season 11, Ep. 17: Bart to the Future (2000) – Lisa’s storyline, which is the main plot of the episode.
[17] Ibid. – Not necessarily polygamy as, specifically, Bart asks Lisa it legalize “it,” to which she replies “consider it done” (19:17-19:25). It couldn’t be our “it” since, well, surely, recreational drugs will become legalized by 2030, right? …right?...
[18] Ibid. – mentioned at the 9:30 mark.
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[20] The Simpsons: Season 25, Episode 18: Days of Future Future (April 2014) – Lisa states “I’ve been doing a lot of charity work for the undead” at the 5:32 mark; furthermore, she is seen working at a Zombie Rescue Mission at the 7:46 mark.
[21] Ibid. – Milhouse gets bitten by a zombie at the 8:19 mark, and is shown to have become a zombie at the 20:12 mark.
[22] The Simpsons: Season 23, Episode 9: Holidays of Future Passed (2011) – briefly seen at the 3:48 mark.

Vice-President Cletus Spuckler

Cletus Delroy (alternatively spelled Delray, Del Roy and Del Ray) Spuckler spent most of the first 40 years of his life in total destitution. In 2014, in a cunning political move meant to distract the voters away from another scandal and show his willingness to work with conservatives, the Governor of Oregon, running for a second term that same year, appointed Cletus to an open US Senate seat as a temporary office-holder until a new US Senator could be elected. However, Cletus ran for the seat and won in a shocking upset, in an election that caught national attention. His down-to-earth manner resonated with the voters, and his dozens of children worked an effective grassroots campaign. In office, he advocated for better living conditions and was the biggest Democratic US Senator to support gun rights. In August 2015, Vice President Biden resigned over the grief of his son recently dying. President Obama then shocked many by picking Spuckler to replace Biden, as Spuckler was viewed as too inexperienced for the position and way too conservative for the Democratic Party. However, his conservative views is what led to Republican-dominated Congress easily approving his appointment. Cletus decided against running for President in 2016.

The Simpsons: Season 16, Episode 15: Future-Drama (2005) – “Vice-President Cletus” is shown at 8:13 and 21:16.
And finally, Chief Justice Bart Simpson

Bartholomew JoJo “Bart” Simpson Sr. (born February 23, 1990 [1]) is the 21st and current Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. He took his seat on April 7, 2041, having been nominated by President Kevin Douchebag [2] [3] after the death of the incumbent Chief Justice [4]. Growing up, Bart Simpson was a problem child, to say the least. In 2008, he just barely graduated from high school on time [5] and then briefly worked at the local Kwik-E-Mart convenience store [6]. After flunking out of a “state college” after two semesters [7], he held numerous jobs and owned several businesses, including Simpson and Grandson Bike Customizing, a bicycle customization shop (2008-2022) [8], and the Down With Buildings Demolition Company in early 2010 [9]. However, due to troubling times, he sold the demolition company for a small profit in 2023. After over a year of slacking [10], his parents kicked him out of their house in 2025 [11], after which Bart went to the DeVry Institute, only drop out after two semesters [12]. In the years 2027 and 2028, Bart failed to start a band with a friend named Ralph Wiggum [13]. However, in 2032, he returned to DeVry Institute to get a law degree, graduating and being admitted to the bar in 2036 (despite serving two weeks in prison [14] in 2035). In 2037, he was living in his old elementary school, now turned into an apartment complex [15], and working various jobs. However, in late 2038, Bart met and befriended US President Kevin Douchebag, who later appointed Bart to the US Court of Appeals despite Bart’s highly controversial background.

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[2] Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story (July 2005) – A “President Douchebag” is mentioned at the 1:00:10 mark, then shown at a re-election victory ceremony, where he says “my worthy opponent, Senator Daitraip… ran a good campaign, but the people of America have spoken,” from 1:00:15 to 1:00:23.
[3] Family Guy: Season 13, Episode 1: The Simpsons Guy (September 2014) – This crossover episodes shows that The Simpsons and Family Guy exist in the same universe.
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[9] The Simpsons: Season 6, Episode 19: Lisa’s Wedding (1995) – Is seen at the 8:44 mark. Also, Bart states “I’m getting all my anger out until I go to law school” at the 13:19 mark, continuing Source 4’s suggestion that Bart becomes a judge later in life.
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