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Virginia Gubernatorial Election, 2009

In Obama's first year, it was expected that the Republican would win. What wasn't known was who the Republican nominee would be. Nobody could have expected who the candidate was. Dark-horse candidate Wayne LaPierre, chairman of the NRA, won the primary and took the general election in a cakewalk against State House Minority Leader Ward Armstrong.

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There is something amusing in the idea he was propelled to the Leadership without any frontbench experience, Corbyn style.

Though as that's showing us...
Don't know much about Oliver, but I can't imagine he's much more annoying then the "DESTROYED" memes you guys keep throwing out.
Don't know much about Oliver, but I can't imagine he's much more annoying then the "DESTROYED" memes you guys keep throwing out.

John Oliver isn't actually what makes John Oliver annoying; what makes him annoying is the number of liberal clickbait sites that repost his content with zero criticism like he's some sort of discoursive messiah when he actually has complete control over the presentation of his argument and the people he slams aren't able to defend themselves. Oliver himself can actually be quite interesting, especially the bits of his show that don't get quoted by those people - things like the proliferation of special taxation districts, working conditions in the chicken industry, the Kafkaesque hellscape that is the American criminal justice system, and so forth.
Don't know much about Oliver, but I can't imagine he's much more annoying then the "DESTROYED" memes you guys keep throwing out.
He's not. Some of his fans tend to think him saying anything means anything more than a good joke, and, like Jon Stewart and others' diehards, can be very annoying about it.


Gone Fishin'
Don't know much about Oliver, but I can't imagine he's much more annoying then the "DESTROYED" memes you guys keep throwing out.
See my rant about him a page or two back.

As Utgard notes, there is plenty interesting about him, but one of the bigger questions is what kind of style of rule he'd take; would he, like Thatcher and Blair, go for a 'Presidential' style of Cabinet, or would he be more traditionalist- given his personality and disposition, a Presidential style would likely be the one he would favour, but then you have to ask if he has the abilities to pull such a style off.
"INTERVIEWER: The parents of Stuart Patel are calling for an investigation into your organisation. Do you -
MARKS: Have anything to say? I - I do. What happened to the young Mr. Patel is something I feel deep sorrow about and it should never have occurred. Needless to say, the BDB had no involvement. We didn't do anything.
INTERVIEWER: Mr. Marks, that's very interesting because the statement from Mr. Patel -
INTERVIEWER: reads that 'upon his awakening at the house in Chiswick, he saw your typical fasces symbol and heard recordings of Tom Cousins' - your recruiting officer. What - what do you have to say to that?
MARKS: Am I obliged to say something riotous that you can pounce upon, John?
MARKS: It's ridiculous, what you're alleging. Don't just allege, come out swinging and say what you mean. If you think we're involved, say it.
INTERVIEWER: So you don't have anything to say?
MARKS: If you're going to press me, yes. What on earth does Mr. Patel's statement say? What? He got beat and torn about - terrible stuff to happen to anyone! I don't dispute that, and I wish him well in recovery. But the idea that because he saw something resembling an item off our flag and because he heard recordings of Tom means that it was us...good god, do you realize how mental that sounds?
INTERVIEWER: There was the incident regarding Maria Spensara last year, so this isn't unprecedented.
MARKS: ...yes, we apologised to Ms. Spensara. There were mistakes there, but that has no bearing here, does it? How do we know he was in the right mind when he supposedly saw these so-called signs? How do we know he wasn't just dazed in vision and thought a mop was our symbol or maybe he heard Tom on the news upstairs? How do we know?

Northern Ireland - 'Normalised'

The 2016 election to the Northern Ireland Assembly was held on 5 May 2016. It was the fifth election to take place since the devolved assembly was established in 1996. 1,281,595 individuals were registered to vote in the election (representing an increase of 5.9% compared to the previous Assembly election). Turnout in the 2016 Assembly election was 54.9%, a decline of less than one percentage point from the previous Assembly election but down 15 percentage points from the first election to the Assembly held in 1996.

As in the 2001, 2006 and 2011 elections, the Labour Party won the most seats, taking 33 seats of the 88 available seats. Sinn Fein would come in second for the first time, winning 19 seats. The Conservative Party would fall into third place, taking 19 seats. UKIP would see a surge in support as they had for the 2015 general election, taking 8 seats. The Liberal Democrats would continue their decline, falling to 6 seats, and consequently fifth place. The Green Party in Northern Ireland would see its number of seats treble to three. Independent Unionist Paul Berry would be re-elected to his Armagh list-seat, after having won the seat as a list candidate for the first time in 2006. [1]


[1] Abridged and applied from the OTL 2016 NI Assembly election Wikipedia page introduction.​
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