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According to The Multiverse Theory, there are an infinite number of alternate universes. This is from one of them. Welcome to The Smith Administration.


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The result of the 2822 papal conclave was hardly a surprise, with Lucas Antonelli winning on the second day after four ballots. What was a surprise though was how fast the conclave came around to electing him--four ballots on two days was the shortest papal conclave since the 2659 conclave that elected St. Clement IX. Antonelli's campaign had been fastiduous and effective in gaining the support of cardinals and other prominent Church elders to his side, to the point where major betting houses were already paying out. The first ballot on the first day was marked by the traditional scattering, with more than a quarter of cardinals voting for favorite son candidates. What was a surprise, though, was the man who would finish second behind Antonelli--liberal reformer James Tyler Stritch. Many had expected Leo Martin Jakubowski to challenge Antonelli, but after a disappointing result in the first round, Jakubowski bowed out. On the second day, the conclave rallied behind Antonelli and Stritch as the top two. It only took two more ballots that day for Antonelli to reach the necessary two-thirds super majority. He took the name Pope Boniface XI and was presented to an exited crowd in St. Peter's Square, where he declared a desire to begin the Nine Worlds Crusade as soon as possible.

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First of all, redone Torch of Freedom:


Now, onto the Gallic Democrats


The modern national mysticist movement has its origins in Scandinavia and the Nordic Democrats in the late '40s. Opposed to the tensions between the maximalist populists in Sweden and Finland, the Nordic Democrats advocated for Pan-Nordic platform. Rather than lean on ethnic or linguistic ties, the Nordic Democrats were inspired by the rising school of Neo-Jungian memetics. By integrating ancient pagan archetypes into a nationalist mythos, it would be possible to craft a novel yet organic identity that could transcend traditional ethnic and linguistic ties. Such a nationalism could overcome both the degradation of liberalism and the violent pettiness of contemporary ethnic nationalism. While their ideology seemed extreme, their platform and rhetoric was moderate in comparison to the Sweden Democrats and the True Finns, and the Nordic Democrats became popular in the region.

National mysticism has since been spread throughout Europe, usually offering itself as a moderate national alternative to maximalist populism. The Gallic Democrats are one of the most successful national mysticist parties outside of Scandanavia. Mixing druidic paganism with republican romanticism and gallic catholicism, the Gallic Democrats have a unique vision for France. For them, the French nation and its mythic heroes are defined by resistance. The ancient Celts against Rome. Joan of Arc and Napoleon against Britain. De Gaulle against Germany. Le Pen against the European Union. To them, the French National spirit can only shine in conflict its great foes.

It was this vision that prompted Royden Morel to run against his fellow party member in the 2067 presidential elections. In addition to advocating for the nationalization of companies and resources across the country, the National Economic Platform also called to ramp up arms shipments to nationalist rebels across Europe. By empowering its proxies, France could force the continent into conflict and bloom. The French national spirit could be regenerated, and the country could resume its hegemony in Europe. However, Brie Truchon's decision to run on a revised version of the 2062 platform enraged the Gallic Democrats, who sought to counter this betrayal.

Like many national mysticist parties, the Gallic Democrats combine their cultural ideas with a neo-agrarian platform. Neo-agrarianism holds that automation has given the possibility to return to a rural lifestyle. Since the management of the food supply has been shifted to mega-plantations and vertical farms, it would be possible to encourage rural lifestyles without having to worry about agricultural efficiency. Rather, 3D-printing and information technology would allow the masses to return to the land and live bountiful lives in smaller, more manageable communities. Of course, there'd still be an underclass and a range of synthetic intelligences to manage, but the state could take care of that.
Louise Belcher was, admittedly, a peculiar choice for the Head of State. Possessing a barbed personality, prone to megalomaniacal gaffes, and always sporting a pair of bright pink rabbit's ears[1], her rise to the Presidency was an unlikely, yet entertaining one.

Belcher's family lived and worked out of a burger restaurant in a coastal town in New Jersey, usually on a paper-thin budget. It is said it was in this environment that Louise developed a 'real sense' for the situations of working-class families, which, in her words, "littered the wharf like barnacles, and sometimes they smelt just as bad.[2]" From a young age, she displayed a precocious intellect, which later earned her an honorary membership with Mensa. By the time she had graduated, her elder siblings had already found somewhat moderate success in the entertainment industry; Tina Popovich-Belcher had become a noted author of Supernatural Erotica, and Eugene "Gene" Belcher was a rising Broadway director. While she initially wanted to take over her father's business, she was drawn to the realm of local politics, especially under the exorbitant tax increases brought in by senile then-mayor, and the Belcher's former landlord, Calvin Fischoeder, which very nearly forced the restaurant into an umpteenth foreclosure. Initially hesitant, she suddenly pivoted when Republican and personal rival Millicent Frock announced her candidacy, feeling that she "couldn't let a certified whack-job like her run the joint![2]". Belcher was initially lagging in the popular vote, as her opponent ran on a populist campaign, but when Frock suffered a psychotic episode during a live debate and attacked two local reporters with a shoe, Belcher was essentially handed the nomination.

Belcher had a relatively comfortable term running her hometown. Strangely enough, the 'trivial incidents' that plagued Ocean City for years prior died down, and as a result enjoyed plentiful approval ratings. Seeking a challenge, Belcher set her sights on the Governors Office, where she trounced the unpopular incumbent Lorenzo Lavalle. Here she found a much more difficult job to do, having to deal with a "finicky state full of beach bros, guidos, rowdies, and worst of all -- old, wrinkly tourists...[2]" She also appeared to get into repeated confrontations with her Lieutenant Governor, Barry Bush[3], which made for some amusing newspaper headlines. Belcher, regardless, not only governed efficiently, but her abrasive personality and hyperbolic rants became endearing to her constituents.

During her second term, many electors began to seriously discuss the possibility of the woman with bunny ears running for higher. After a handful of disappointing yet shocking defeats at the hands of the opposition, some thought it was due time for a forceable change. While her fellow Democrats stood by a policy of 'efficient compliance' (wherein the party often refused to obstruct, instead favouring a co-operative approach), Belcher openly and loudly challenged this, imploring candidates to "grow a backbone already!" This attitude sparked something with voters all over the United States, and this caused a momentum which ended up sweeping 'The Ears too Fear' into the White House...

Highlights of the Belcher administration included;
- Telling the Senate Whip to "take your pork-barrel budget and shove it!"
- Introducing the Higher Office Mental Soundness Bill (or 'Milly's Bill') and initally refusing to sit the required tests.
- Inviting the One-Eyed Snakes, a notorious biker gang which had enticed several riots, personally to the White House for a 'peace summit', during which she attempted to drink their leader, 'Horny Critter', under the table (and narrowly succeeded).
- Smooshing the face of the 2060 Republican candidate during a live presidential debate, after the former had claimed that the crime rate had risen exponentially since her election, and laughing "Where do you come up with this stuff? Your mind is so beautiful!"



[1]: When asked about the ears during an interview with Eddie Mair for BBC, she chuckled and remarked "Eddie, Edd, my man!, w-what is this, 20 questions? I thought we were all past this little thing with identity politics! Now quit asking me about my lifestyle choices and start questioning my domestic policy already?!"
[2]: Direct quotes lifted from her biography, 'It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Alright'.
[3]: Unrelated to the Bush family, show character.
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Mary Fluffysdottir Speaks at Uplifted Rights Rally in Sacramento - Buzzfeed
"Roughly 75,000 attended a rally in support of Uplifted people this Friday. The event was sponsored by the Non-Human Rights Network (NHRN) and featured speakers such as Oscar Award-winning actress Mary Fluffysdottir, Representative Doris Fletcher and Sacramento City Councillor Ron Jenkins.


Mary was among the first dogs to have been successfully genetically modified to have human-like intelligence, as the result of experiments by Sacramento University researchers. She came to international prominence for her appearance in the Disney Channel Original Movie Ruff Patch (2100), as well as her roles on many children's television shows. Her first foray into politics was last July, when she wrote an open letter to the Secretary of State that attacked California's 'policies to prevent nonhumans from exercising their constitutional rights, especially that of voting.'"
Trump Administration Covertly Supported Calexit, Recently Unearthed Documents Show - Los Angeles Times
"A recovery of the long-wiped harddrive owned by Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon, done in cooperation with the Bannon estate, has revealed copious amounts of correspondence between Bannon and others. Recovered correspondence includes text messages, e-mails, and some phone calls.

Information in the files confirmed that Bannon had continued cooperation between Trump and Bannon even after the latter was removed from his position in 2020. Additionally, they show that Bannon had directed funds toward pro-Exit organizations in the runup to the Calexit referendum. A secret memo found on his hard drive outlined a plan in which California had to leave if the United States 'ever wanted to vote for a Republican again.'"
President Brown Welcomes American President-Elect to Sacramento - AP
"On Tuesday, President Jess Brown held meetings with the incoming American President Mark Dostum on the subject of trade and foreign policy. Since California's peaceful seperation from the Union in 2020, their relationship has been cold. Until 2062, no American President had entered Californian territory since shortly after the secession. On the campaign trail, Dotsam promised rapprochement with California, as well as the reinstatement of Visa-Free Entry policies."
What's the Future for Socialism and Liberation? - California Public Radio
"5 days before Primary day, social media went abuzz with discussion on someone who never received much attention - the Chief Equalizer. The position, which carried with it the responsibility to administer taxes that are passed by others, wasn't a magnet for media coverage. However, after a hacker released thousands of emails of then-incumbent Lucy Patrick that included evidence of her embezzling large amounts of funds, she was thrust into the spotlight. In her Primary, where nobody but her an a strong campaign, she still came out with a high lead, over 20 points ahead of the runner-up, S&L's Grant Roberts. However, over the next few months, ant-Patrick support had coalesced around Roberts, allowing him to win 60% in the General election. He had been the first non-Democratic politician to be elected statewide since 2064.

While Roberts insists that this shows that he's at the forefront of some movement, most agree that his votes largely came from simply him not being Lucy Patrick. Perhaps because of this, he is attempting to cultivate the Peace and Freedom Party across the country, especially in Southern California."
"Roughly 75,000 attended a rally in support of Uplifted people this Friday. The event was sponsored by the Non-Human Rights Network (NHRN) and featured speakers such as Oscar Award-winning actress Mary Fluffysdottir, Representative Doris Fletcher and Sacramento City Councillor Ron Jenkins.

Were there any aquatic uplifts? How many came from zoos?
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