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Just like actual history, Britannicus (previous page) gets screwed over once again, it seems.

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My material is supposed to make you question what is real and not real, fantasy or simply non-fiction. My material seeks to challenge the status quo of what society gives us on a daily basis. This challenges the pre-conceived notions of any sane man, woman, or child. It challenges what can or cannot be seen as real or unreal by the human mind. My material does not focus on beauty, strength, or appeal, it focuses on the lowest of the low of what our mind can apprehend. It seeks to show that beauty is not only achievable by one's looks, but by one's disgusting content as well. This serves to bring new frontal lows to the industry, and it seeks to revolutionize what we see on a daily basis...

is what an intelligent person maybe would say. but i'm not fuckin intelligent in the slightest, so you fuckers lucked out :p
You sound like a tremendous guy.
In the spirit of my favorite infobox ever submitted here...


A general election was held in the Republic of AYC's Brain on 19 July 2016. The governing Education Party, having committed itself to a Bernie Sanders victory in the Democratic primaries, collapsed as the Weed Party won five seats via by-elections before the general election.

The Weed Party campaigned on a platform of withdrawing AYC from summer school, on the grounds that more time could be spent smoking weed. The Hobby Party attempted to strike a middle ground, agreeing that, while AYC should indeed "Smoke Weed Everyday," priority must also be given to books, movies, video games, and TV shows. Although the Hobby Party's polls had gone down after the conclusion of Better Call Saul's second season, they gained in the polls prior to the general election thanks to voters defecting from the Education Party and gaining renewed interest in ebooks.

As the election neared, the Education Party's situation went from bad to worse, as AYC's summer session grades continued to slip and a one-week weed drought caused the Weed Party to gain dramatically in the polls. The Girlfriend Party, suffering a major political defeat after the Tinder Deletion Act was passed, struggled to find a message that resonated with voters. The Social Interaction Party continued their long stint in the political wilderness, and they were excluded from the official Cranial Election Debate.

On 19 July 2016, voters in the Republic of AYC's Brain made it clear that it was time for a change. The Weed Party won a plurality, and entered in coalition with the Hobby Party. Both parties pledged to make continued financing for weed and frequently getting high a top priority; the Hobby Party, in turn, was allowed to dictate AYC's leisure time in exchange for guaranteeing weed would be smoked during said leisure time. The Education Party suffered its worst results since 2008, and Philosopher Neuron 63998 resigned shortly after the election.

Upon being sworn in, Prime Minister WeedAnime Neuron 4847 proclaimed "A new age for pot has dawned!" and immediately withdrew AYC from summer school, reassuring the Education Party that school would be made a priority once Fall Quarter began. Meanwhile, the Hobby Party leaders in coalition began drafting up proposals for books for AYC to read and video games for him to play.
I love this!

Though, I would suspect the Girlfriend and Social Interaction Parties to be in coalition, since you can't have one without the other.
I love this!

Though, I would suspect the Girlfriend and Social Interaction Parties to be in coalition, since you can't have one without the other.
I'm not really interested in a relationship right now, so neither of those parties will get enough seats to be in the government for the foreseeable future
Presenting, from the world of Hail, Britannia, the smallest British Dominion in North America:


The Dominion of Newfoundland, occasionally referred to as Newfoundland and Labrador, is a constituent country of the United Kingdom located on the eastern seaboard of North America, covering the island of Newfoundland and the region of Labrador on the mainland. Newfoundland is bounded by the Atlantic Ocean to the east, the Dominion of Canada (specifically the province of Quebec and the territory of Ungava) to the west, and shares a maritime boundary with the Commonwealth of New England and the French overseas department of St. Pierre & Miquelon in the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

Newfoundland was the last of the continental Home Nations of Britain-in-America to be created, joining the Union as the 13th Dominion in 1907, despite being one of the oldest colonies in North America, dating back to the early 17th century, and having been self-governing since 1855. The collapse of the cod fishery during the early 1990s caused a mini-depression in the local economy, but since the turn of the 21st century the economy has had a major turnaround due to a major energy and resources boom, with offshore oil production in the Grand Banks contributing 15% of the nation's GDP. Newfoundland is the third smallest Home Nation by population.

A brief economic crisis in the 1930s triggered calls for Newfoundland to be integrated into either Canada or New England, but the smallest dominion in North America by poulation (and third smallest overall) has retained a strongly independent culture, with the local variety of Gaelic, known as Newfoundland Gaelic, spoken by nearly a quarter of the population, giving Newfoundland the nickname of "the other Ireland".

The 2016 Newfoundland general election was held on 15 February 2016 to elect, under the instant run-off voting system, the 48 members of the Newfoundland House of Assembly. The election saw the incumbent United Newfoundland government, led by First Minister Kathy Dunderdale, defeated and replaced by the opposition Liberal Democrats led by Jack Harris.

Sliping poll numbers throughout the campaign meant that the change of government was widely predicted, with the UNP having lost voter support over the controversial attempts to amend Newfoundland's Protection of Privacy Act. However polls had widely predicted a hung parliament, with the expectations of a coalition government between the Lib Dems and the Progressives. In a surprise result the Progressives lost two seats, whilst the Labradorian regionalist New Labrador Party secured a victory in each of the four seats in Labrador.

In the aftermath of the election Kathy Dunderdale and Lorraine Michael, leaders of United Newfoundland and the Progressives, announced their resignations from their respective party leaderships, whilst leader of the NLP, Yvonne Jones, called for a referendum to be held in Labrador on devolution.

The New Labrador Party is a regionalist party in Newfoundland that campaigns for the devolution of powers to the region of Labrador in the form of an elected Assembly, although some supporters call for the region to be integrated into Canada as a territory. Formed in 1969 by MGA Tom Burgess, who was disatisfied with the perceived neglection of the region by the Newfoundland political system, the party has gained support over the last fifty years particularly at the local level. Despite dropping out of the General Assembly in the 1970s, the NLP was able to re-enter the House of Assembly in the 1980s and successfully took all four of Labrador's seats at the 2016 election.

At the Imperial level the party is a member of the Alliance of Regions, but has never entered the Imperial Parliament.

The Order of Newfoundland (Gaelic: Ord Talamh an Éisc) is the highest order awarded by the Sovereign in their role as Monarch of Newfoundland and recognises the outstanding merit or distinguished service of any Newfoundlanders who make a major difference to Newfoundland or the United Kingdom through lifelong contributions in every field of endeavour. The four tiers of the order are Knight/Dame, Companion, Officer, and Member. It is one of the newest national orders in the UK, having only been created in 2001.

Hail, Britannia
UK SDP leadership spill, 2004 & leadership election, 2011
Missourian federal election, 2014
Commonwealth of New England
New England federal election, 2010
American Theatre of World War I
Liberal Party of New England
Federation of India
Oregonian general election, 2011
Kingdom of Hanover; Hanoverian general election, 2012
Kingdom of Scania; King Valdemar V; Crown Prince Christoffer
Spanish State (1936-1945)
National Republic of China (1927-1947)
Kingdom of the Californias; Californian general election, 2013; King Ramón IV
Australian federal election, 2014
Florida; Floridian general election, 2013; Floridian, Texan & Californian Spanish
Britain-in-America; North American Dutch; Daniel Taylor; Isaac Brock; Taylor-Brock family; Dukedom of Manhattan
Kingdom of Hawai'i; Hawaiian general election, 2015; King Kūhiō; Native Hawaiians
Hawaiians in the United Kingdom (Hawaiian British)
Russian America; Province of Alaska; Orthodox Church in America; Alaskans; North American Russian; Russian-American Company
Mexican Empire; Mexican federal election, 2013; Emperor Agustín V; President of the Government; Josefina Vázquez Mota
First Minister of Florida; Order of the Star of Florida; 2015 Floridian independence referendum; Viceroy of Florida; Carlos López-Cantera; Juan Taylor-Brock y Menendez
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George Wallace ran his campaign on an anti-desegregation platform, with Strom Thurmond as his running mate and Vice President. His goal was not to win the election outright, but to prevent Nixon or Humphrey from an Electoral Majority and play Kingmaker. Wallace was able to achieve this by railing on Nixon in the South as a false conservative and a supporter of desegregation. A deciding factor in this election was Wallace's ability to carry South Carolina. With the selection of Strom Thurmond as his running mate, who was a veteran Senator of South Carolina and ran for president in 1960, Wallace was able to prevent Nixon from gaining an Elector Majority. The decision went to congress and with Wallace playing Kingmaker, he was able to get Nixon to end desegregation for his support. In the end congress chose Nixon over Humphrey, with Wallace playing a major role in that decision.

Not only did desegregation end for the time but this election caused a great rift between the Northern Democrats and their Southern counterparts. The American Independent Party was able to gain stronghold in the deep south with their strong segregationist policy. This ended the dominance that the democrats had on the south for the last 100 years. The American Independent Party would be a player in American politics for the time to come.

1968 Presidental Election (George Wallace).v2.png
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This was based off a thing said in my house: "Obama missed his calling as a comedian."

Barack Obama in 2004 said:
One of my college buddies suggested I run for President back in the day. (laugh) That would be funny, President Obama of the United States.
TIME said:
Obama is most well known for his character from the History Channel mockumentary, "One Nation Under Allah" (2006) where he played the first Muslim President of the United States.
Barack Obama in 2007 said:
I heard someone say, "If Barack Obama were to run for President, he would destroy this country." Some people, mostly from Fox News, seem to be unable to separate my character from my actual person. Just like they can't seem to separate church and state. (laughter)
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