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I wanted to do a non-standard 1948 election.
With a popular vote margin that lopsided, I very much doubt Bricker would win even a handful of states.

Also, unless you're showing two-party preferred votes like in Australia's alternate vote system, the two parties aren't going to get every single vote between them.
I'm having trouble getting the below infobox to work. Anyone know what is going on? Thanks! :)

{{Infobox officeholder
|honorific-prefix = [[The Right Honourable]]
|name = David Cameron
|honorific-suffix = [[Member of Parliament|MP]]
|image = David Cameron official.jpg
|caption = David Cameron in 2010.
|alt = A man with dark hair and blue eyes, wearing a navy suit with a blue tie as well as smiling and facing to his right.
|office = [[Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change|Secretary of State for Energy<br /> and Climate Change]]
|primeminister = [[Havelock Vetinari]]
|term_start = 11 May 2010
|term_end =
|predecessor = [[Ed Miliband]]
|successor =
|office1 = [[Liberal Democrat Frontbench Team|Liberal Democrat Spokesperson]] for [[Department of Energy and Climate Change|Energy and Climate Change]]
|leader1 = [[Havelock Vetinari]]
|term_start1 = 18 December 2005
|term_end1 = 12 May 2010
|predecessor1 = [[David Laws]]
|successor1 =
|office2 = [[Parliament of the United Kingdom|Member of Parliament]] for [[Witney (UK Parliament constituency)|Witney]]
|term_start2 = 7 June 2001
|term_end2 =
|predecessor2 = [[Shaun Woodward]]
|successor2 =
|majority2 = 22,740 (39.4%)
|birth_name = David William Donald Cameron
|birth_date = {{birth date and age|1966|10|9|df=y}} <ref name=whoswho>{{Who's Who | surname = CAMERON | othernames = Rt Hon. David William Donald | id = U42105 | volume = 2014 | edition = online |publisher=Oxford University Press |subscription=yes}}</ref>
|birth_place = [[London]], [[United Kingdom]]
|death_date =
|death_place =
|party = [[Liberal Democrats (UK)|Liberal Democrats
|spouse = [[Samantha Cameron|Samantha Sheffield]] {{small|(1996–present)}}
|children = Ivan {{small|(deceased)}}<br>Nancy<br>Arthur<br>Florence
|residence = [[10 Downing Street]]
|alma_mater = [[Brasenose College, Oxford]]
|religion = [[Church of England|Anglicanism]]
|website = [ Official website]
After the embarrassment of Stone, the Convocation had find someone they could actually trust. They appointed a special search committee and set some requirements. They wanted an educated man, a veteran, a family man, and one who could be counted upon to tow the line. Many were initially skeptical of Don Herbert, given his popular appeal, but he passed every test, and satisfied every condition.

A veteran of the European strategic bombing campaign, Herbert had become involved in the nascent field of television, hosting a children's program called 'Watch Mr. Wizard', where he demonstrated seemingly impossible, but technically simple feats of magic, most of which could be replicated by members of his audience (if they worked hard enough). He continued hosting the show during his term in office, serving as an inspiration to millions of Americans to pursue careers in magical fields, and was the most influential figure in the post-war demystification of magics. Far from being a cackling recluse or a dark-robed mystificationist, Herbert wore a suit and smiled for the camera. He brought magic into homes across the country, in a very family-friendly way, and was probably the most important factor in deflecting the 1950s anti-communist witch-hunts from doing any major damage to American magical institutions.

On the government end of things, Herbert was a competent administrator, introducing a great deal of standardization and scientific process to education and training programs, and fostering cooperation with international allies, like the British Black Chamber and France's BCRA. America's clandestine wizarding capability was expanded hugely, meeting officials fears of an 'esoterica gap' with the Soviet Union. In the mid 1960s, however, there were a number of high-level spy scandals which reflected badly on Herbert (to say nothing of the troubles of the Cuban Missile Crisis), and he relinquished his office at the request of President Johnson, returning to his TV show full time.

Grand Thaumaturgist of the United States
1. John C. Calhoun 1863-1934
2. Lamont Cranston 1934-1944
3. Dick Tracy 1944-1950
4. Randy Stone 1950-1952


That's pretty awesome.

Definitely sounds like he was the right guy for the job at the time he started, but kinda got a bit too ahead of himself on some things.


An FH prediction. Not of the actual result, but of what the Wikipedia page will be repeatedly vandalised to and reverted back from.

The Nebraska-class arsenal ships (Flight II) are relics of a bygone era. The Flight I ships had originally been built for the U.S. Navy in the early years after World War III, primarily as prestige projects--particularly since they received battleship designations. Ten were built for the U.S. Navy, and all ten have since been retired. The arsenal ships were used effectively during the American Colombian intervention in the 2040s, and the Department of Civil Defense saw their use both in the amphibious fire support role and in anti-shipping, air defense and ballistic missile defense roles. Seeing a need for such firepower, the Civil Defense requested four Flight II Nebraskas for the Coast Guard--two for Europa and two for Ganymede. In the end, the two Bullfrogs (the USCGC Missouri and USCGC Iowa) and only one Badger (USCGC Wisconsin) were completed--the fourth ship, the USCGC New Jersey was cancelled. The Wisconsin was put into reserve in 2128, while the Missouri and Iowa remain in active service on Europa.

Despite having their role largely supplanted by the Daniel Boone-class guided missile submarines, the Missouri and Iowa remain in active service and are extremely popular. Their popularity can be largely attributed to their shipboard artificial intelligence and their holographic avatars--the Big Mo on the Missouri and Hawkeye on the Iowa. Big Mo and Hawkeye both appear as attractive young women in sailor dresses, and they've appeared in comics, cartoons, licensed advertising with Doctor Donut, body pillow covers, fragrances and even songs. Their duet version of "In the Navy" reached #7 on the Billboard 100 chart in 2126 (it was re-released in 2133 on the Missouri's 75th anniversary and reached #13). They also appear frequently in recruiting and advertising for the Coast Guard. The Wisconsin's artificial intelligence Curly also had similar level of fame on Ganymede when she was in service.

Despite being active duty, the Missouri and Iowa both spend a great deal of time at home port at Coast Guard Station White Beach near Boca Raton. Visitor centers have been built near their docks, and the Coast Guard allows for guided tours on both ships when they're docked. Even though boomer submarines are more cost effective, arsenal ships still remain a point of fear and intimidation with the Whaling Congress nations, especially in a ship-to-ship naval engagement. A hundred Harpoon missiles would be almost impossible to counter. However, Whaling Congress nations are uncomfortable with their costs, with politicians consider them white elephants and boondoggles. Despite that, Whaling Congress naval planners have placed great importance on limiting the Missouri's and Iowa's effectiveness in the event of war. Both ships underwent refits in the 2110s, and there have long been plans to build replacements, but the hypothetical cost has proven to be prohibitive as the Coast Guard looks to expand its carrier fleet.

Designed based vaguely off this OTL proposal

OK, here's a religion. It can broadly be said to be "my European answer to Archangel Michael's Columbianism" and is found in Dawn of a System: Nightfall.

Here's a quick write-up of Safirist beliefs.

Safirism holds that the Great Divinity is beyond human understanding, and that all religions might be valid in that respect.

Safirism holds up many people as "Children of Light". This covers all the Jewish prophets, Christian saints, Muslim philosophers, etc.

It also covers many people who became prominent not because of their religion.

Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Nicholas Caeus, Norman Borlaug, etc.

Being a "Child of Light" does not mean that you are holy and pure. It means that you have a great responsibility.

Now, Safirism has a "core" list of Children of Light, but most CoL are interpreted as so by the individual worshipper.

Safirists believe that if you are buried in a burial pod and have a tree planted over you, you are reborn as the tree. Thus, what George R. R. Martin wrote as some bit of fun (the godswood) becomes reality.

By the 2120s, there are many sacred forests where shrines to the deceased, often holding things that they liked in life, are placed.

Safirists believe in "Joy out of Sadness". Thus the old Celtic tradition of a "wake" comes back, but it's more religious, less party, but none the less it is a joyful occassion. They remember the great things the person did in this life, and wish them good luck in the next.

The color light blue is a sacred color for Safirists because it symbolises both air and water, which they see as vital for life.

If you encountered a Safirist on the street, the first thing you would normally notice is a streak of dyed blue hair. This is very important for Safirists, as it symbolises their connection with the rest of life and also their humility. Safirists tend not to hide their religion, instead show it to the world.

Nudity is a bit of a controversial topic for Safirism, as a minority believes that nudity is nothing to be ashamed of and should be embraced. The vast majority thinks clothing is nice and protects them from the cold.

The "Enlightened Twelve" are supposedly the Children of Light who fulfilled their responsibility with the most piety and humility, so to be granted enlightement. The Twelve are depicted in the Blue Books with blue Eyes of Horus, symbolising enlightement.

Esperanto is held up as a holy language and the one true language of Safirists and Europeans. It gets a major boost from the growth of Safirism.

Now, of course, Safirism is very much an European religion, but it spreads elsewhere, but notably finds a lack of success in the USA.

The Textualist and Interpretivist schools of Safirist thought disagree on how to treat the Safuta, the holy text of Safirism. Textualists hold that everything in the Safuta is true and should be followed to the letter and everything not in the Safuta may be interpreted while Interpretivists believe in interpreting the text.
You are free to ask any questions about Safirism. I welcome them.

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