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Polls taken months before the election.

McCain was winning Florida around the time those polls were taken, along with Virginia and North Carolina. In fact, most polls had him winning North Carolina by 3-5%, yet he lost by less than 1%, Polls are not accurate before November.
What does that mean, exactly?

That infobox is from a setting of mine where the supernatural is common knowledge, and vampires had to fight for legal rights.

He doesn't look like a vampire to me, though.

Here's an infobox from my TL:

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 1.28.50 PM.png
I don't really have evidence, I just find it incredibly unlikely; especially if the election goes in a similar manner to OTL.
For starters, Arkansas swung hard against Obama in 2008. If Clinton is the nominee, she'd probably win it easily, but would do worse in some Obama states.

Infobox for an ATL where the Soviets install Otto Strasser as the leader of East Germany, resulting in it becoming a lot like North Korea.
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