Alternate Sabaton Songs

Assuming Sabaton isn't butterflied away, what songs do you think sabaton would make in alternate histories?

I know myself I edited Swedish Pagans into Swedish Hebrews for my Jews of the North timeline. And in another thread someone mentioned that in an AU where the US annexes the Yucatan, Sabaton would write Jaguars of France about the Mayan soldiers that fought in France.

Any other ideas?
The Price of a Mile - About the Commune of France-Socialist Republic of Germany meat grinder war.

Starlight Aviatrix - About Amelia Earhart, combat pilot in the Second World War.

Persepolis - About the invasion of Persepolis by the Hellenic League.

Shattered Triumph - About the fall of Augustus and the restoration of the Roman Republic.

Gatling - About the American Invasion of early Meiji Japan and Japanese soldiers facing off against machine guns.

Hill 6822 - About the Soviet defense of the titular hill during the WARPAC war with West Germany.
The Thousand Week Nightmare.
About the collapse of Nazi Germany in 1952 roughly 20 years after its establishment by the toronto accord.(Thousand Week Reich TL)
Hail The Nightmare.
About the Rise and Fall of the Holy Russian Empire under taboritsky which erased the millions of Russian lives.(The New Order: Last Days Of Europe TL).
The Red Tsar
About the Rise and Fall of Stalin(OTL)
Dropping the Anvil - about Operation Anvil, a British raid in Rhodesia that liberated Winston Field and his family (Blue Skies in Camelot)

The Spirit of Trieste - about the courageous stand of Hungarian Jewish militias against Nazi aggression in the city of Trieste (The Footprint of Mussolini)
Oh this is a topic I've thought about before a lot. To the point I do have some stuff planned out for one of my stories and honestly I don't mind sharing an album listing I came up with. Will spoiler tag the context just incase anyone who follows it sees this (also story might change between then and now so this isn't hard canon):

Vengeful Skies
Story of the Free Baltic Air Forces. Think Aces in Exile
Seventh Pillar
Operation Lawerence (Massive guerilla operation to disrupt and capture Soviet Oil Industry in the Caucus Region)
Valkyrie Song
Story of JG 57, Female Pilot fighter Wing of the Luftwaffe
The Japanese naval based air assault on Vladivostok, signaling Japan's entrance to the Soviet War
Defense of the League of Nations mandate at Terijoki
Call to Arms
The mass movement for the defense of Warsaw by the residents of the city
Angel's Fury
The Airborne operation to relief and reinforce the defenders of Warsaw
Undying Hussar
Story of the last great cavalry charge by Poland
War Machine
Commentary on the general Total War ability of the European Allies
Biographical Song of the tank of the same name

I could probably have a couple more albums out of it if I needed to.

And one from a story that will probably never continue:

Northern Waters
Destruction of the British Fleet by Combined Scandinavian Fleet in the Battle of Helgioland, War of Austrian Succession
Chemical Attack - the use of chemical weapons and the Carthage Raids as detailed in How Silent Fall The Cherry Blossoms

Battlin’ Boys (of Bataan) - the valiant last stand of US forces on Bataan and Corregidor from Eisenhower in the Pacific: the Shoestring Warriors of Luzon

Battlecry of Freedom - the epic tale of the Battle of Union Mills from Until Every Drop of Blood Is Paid
The Tigress - Story of Kathrine von Michener from Stupid Luck and Happenstance

Creeping Death - Detailing the chemical attacks launched on Japan to end the Pacific War - Stupid Luck and Happenstance

Bloody Banks - The river defenses of William Travis during the Texas Revolution - Lone Star Republic

Warrior King - King Zog and the Albanian resistance against the Italian invaders/occupiers during WWII - Caged Bird in the Land of Eagles

Endgame - The absolutely massive Battle of Nancy that ended the Napoleonic Wars - Dead Skunk

Outlanders - The English mercenaries who turned the tide at the Battle of Okehazama and assured Imagawa Yoshimoto's ascension to shogun. - The Sons in Splendor, Volume Three.
Oh alternate Sabaton (or analogue) songs is a great idea. I hadn't thought of it before but will definitely start thinking of it now.
Tragedy in the Normandy - song detailed about the failure of Operation D-Day and the subsequent failure of Allied forces to retake Northern France
The Crown and the Cog:
Album. All of the songs covering either the British Empire in Exile or the Britannic Union.

1. "The Springtime Revolution": Song covering the British March or "Springtime" Revolution. Including moments referencing the Mutiny of the Caroline and the Evacuation of British Museum.
2. "West Africa Rising": Song about rebellions in Ghana, Sierra Leone and the Gambia who along with England, Wales and Scotland the founding Commonwealths of the UBSC.
3. "Harry the Steel": Song on Harry Pollitt, the longtime Leader of the Britannic Union. Also leading the UBSC during World War 2. [Somewhat like Stalin but with a much better image. Still a dictator who purged enemies mind you but seen as a person who did much good along with that rather than Stalin's "absolute monster" image. No Holodomor analogue helps, thought some groups still got it worse than others (White Settlers in Africa, the Irish, Anglo-Canadians and White Americans kind of covering a Polish/Ukrainian/Baltic/Jewish/German role. While English, Scots, Welsh, Native Africans and French Canadians were in a more "favoured ethnicity" role)].
4. "Battle in the Ice": About Royalist British and Canadians fighting Britannic Forces in Greenland during the start of the Britannic-British War.
5. "Exporting the Revolution": Song covering Britannic Forces assisting Communists in South America, attempted revolutions in British Dominions, Chinese Communists and Britannic Forces installing Socialist governments in Sudan and Cyrenaica.
6. "For King and Dominion": Song covering Dominion forces in the Britannic-British War. Loyalist New Zealanders and Australians fighting against local revolutionaries, Australians fighting Britannic Forces and Canadian forces fighting against Britannic Forces. Canadians get more focus than the Anzacs covering the Britannic invasion of Newfoundland, fall of Halifax and the series of battles from Quebec City, to Montreal, to the outskirts of Ottawa. (Anzacs get the Britannic invasion of West Australia, Australian Civil War in the southeastern part of the country and New Zealander civil war in the North Island covered).
7. "Allies": About Royalist and Japanese forces fighting against the Dutch in Dutch East Indies. Title is a reference to Anglo-Japanese Alliance.
8. "Redcoats": Song on the Britannic-American War. Fall of Boston, New York and DC along with Red Army crossing the Mississippi and Naval Battle of Chesapeake Bay are what the song draws inspiration from the most (thought the war starting with American forces invading the newly Britannic eastern Canada and later being pushed back to the US border is also mentioned)
9. "Primo Victoria": On the Britannic Naval Invasion of Falangist Spain and Actionist France (which helped UBSC claim that they had fought against the Entente and deserved to become founding members of the International Concord, along with their fighting against Brazil). [D-Day, like OTL Primo Victoria. But the operation itself much less important as Ottomans, Germans, Russians, Italians and their other allies were already well on their way to defeating the Entente in Europe. So Britannic intervention is seen as less heroic and more opportunistic.]
10. "El Pueplo Unido": Song covering Britannic and Sudamerican (or well, Platian at the time) soldiers fighting against the Brazilians.
11. "Liberation": About the Britannic-South African War. Title referring to liberation of native Africans from White rule. [While most leaders of the Britannic Union were White many people on upper levels of government were African too (Molotov/Beria/Kalinin/etc. level people). One of the UBSC leaders was African, however. Also the member states were pretty autonomous/self ruling.]
Bonus. "The Red Flag": Cover of the 2nd (and longer lasting) national anthem of the Union of Britannic Syndicalist Commonwealths and also the the anthem of pre-Revolution and post-Restoration Labour Party.