Alternate location for "Hollywood" in a world where California never becomes part of the US?

Say, that America never gains all the states it took OTL , so no California, Texas, etc.
What would be TTL location for the major film industry centre?

To make it even harder, let's say it can't be New York, too. Either because another place is chosen or US loses it either before or after 1900s.
Washington or Oregon for basically the same reasons as California? In Canada they film plenty of stuff out of Vancouver because like California, it's within driving distance of a vast range of topography and settings, even if leads to things like tall mountains being in the backdrop of scenes set in places which IRL are totally flat.

If you limited it to the East Coast you'd likely have Georgia since again, lots of different landscapes from mountains to forests and pretty much everything but desert. Florida would also work (doesn't have mountains but a better climate than Georgia in the winter).