Alternate ISIS Map

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  1. Ratmancampidori #TeamGaemon

    Apr 6, 2014

    Here is the map of ISIS in a world where a United States Invasion of Iran occurred in 2006. Due to Iranian missile attacks and acts of sabotage on Gulf oil infrastructure the economies of Qatar and Saudi Arabia are destroyed. Plunging both nations in to chaos in time for the Arab Spring.

    Due to chaos in Saudi Arabia ISIS spreads in to that country as well and with the United States and Iran fighting each other, Hezbollah fighting Israel and Europe frozen after a worse Great Recession, lack of oil and a worse refugee crisis ISIS is free to expand throughout the Middle East. This is what they were able to capture by 2015, with them expanding further throughout the rest of the year as things worsen.

    The current United States President is Mike Huckabee. Golden Dawn is also in charge of Greece.

    As some people note, this scenario is partially based on Darting Fog's timeline, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran. This is similar to that timeline, but in other ways it has taken a much darker turn.

    What is peoples opinion on the likelihood of this map and scenario. All opinions and criticism is appreciated. I will continue to build on and alter this map based on peoples opinions and criticism.