Some alternate ideologies from a world where 1848 was a success for most of the people involved:

Societal Nationalism

A middle ground between civic and ethnic nationalism, and somewhat of a 19th century version of OTL left wing nationalism, societal nationalism was born out of the left wing of the romantic nationalist movement. The main difference between ATL societal nationalism and OTL romantic nationalism, is that societal nationalism views the nation as being made up of several closely related yet diverse and varied peoples, each one of them having been shaped by history in a form suitable to their own corner of the land - therefore, this diversity and variety should be protected, rather than erased.

Societal nationalism, in this alternate 19th century, was most popular in those countries that made up the Mazzini-led Young Europe alliance, even though Mazzini himself was ambivalent at best towards it; indeed, it was born not as a coherent ideology, but - just like most things in Italy at the time - as an ad hoc compromise between the various drivers of Italy's unification process, facilitated by Maria Antonia Cattaneo. [1]

[1] ATL daughter of Carlo Cattaneo and his OTL partner, Anna Woodcock; she closely followed her father's footsteps in education and philosophy and, while her gender prevented her from serving in the Italian government in any capacity, she nonetheless acquired a reputation as philosopher and writer rivaling, if not surpassing, that of her father.

Promethean Colonialism

Yet another ad hoc ideology born out a compromise, this time between the advocates of colonialism and those who wanted no part in it, Promethean colonialism is an exercise in altruism and selflessness as justified and motivated by cold, hard realpolitik: in the first decades of its existence, the Young Europe block had made a lot of enemies, due to having been forged out of the corpses of the Habsburg and Romanov realms, and those enemies were about to go commit human rights abuses elsewhere in the world for fun and profit.

Profit that would've surely been used against Young Europe, so what's a fledgling alliance to do, especially when a sizeable part of it doesn't want anything to do with colonialism? Give fire to humanity, so to speak - that is, build up select African and Asian countries against the coming menace through medicine, weaponry and so on, in much the same way the OTL Soviet Union went on and on about anti-imperialism. Just like with Soviet crypto-imperialism, local leaders were encouraged to adhere to the aforementioned societal nationalist ideology in order to get what they wanted, with the relatively inclusive nature of it giving birth to several dozen versions of societal nationalist thought in Africa and Asia.

Promethean colonialism could and did fall into some of the same traps of OTL communism and imperialism, and it eventually provided the casus belli for the Great War, but its success stories provided Young Europe with a set of allies not to be trifled with, leading to the defeat of the Old Monarchies.
Dude this is awesome. Would love a TL about this POD.
Dude this is awesome. Would love a TL about this POD.

I don't have the knowledge and time required to do a full timeline, but here's how it might go:

1814: in order to make the federalist forces in Italy and Germany prevail over the monarchist forces, Prussia and Sardinia have to be weaker. Therefore, in an alternate Congress of Vienna, Napoleon's Confederation of the Rhine is turned into an independent Grand Duchy of Lorraine under the aegis of the German Confederation, and the Republic of Genoa is turned into yet another duchy ruled by a member of the House of Habsburg.

1848: in Germany, the Grand Duke of Lorraine, Karl von Dalberg [1], is crowned Emperor Karl I of Germany in the aftermath of the first Frankfurt Parliament assembly; in Italy, the Provisional Government of Milan is not taken over by conservative monarchists, and Carlo Cattaneo's federalist faction gains the upper hand; the Provisional Government of Italy is formed, including every country that took part in the OTL rebellion plus Mazzini's reborn Republic of Genoa; Germany and Italy are able to contact the rebels in Hungary and work together with them, and Austria collapses; theTreaty of Pressburg is signed, recognizing the independence of Hungary, Italy, Germany and Poland (Congress Poland + Bukovina and Galicia).

1851: after three years of debate, the Provisional Government of Italy becomes the Empire of Italy, an elective monarchy whose constitution shows the clear influence of Carlo Cattaneo (aside from those matters concerning the head of state, it is suspiciously similar to the Swiss one); as President of Lombardy, the Milanese philosopher is more than willing to let his ATL daughter advise him, leading to societal nationalist policies in defense of the local cultural and linguistic heritage being implemented and emulated elsewhere, especially in Naples and Venice.


1884: Pietro Paolo Savorgnan di Brazzà does not explore the Congo under the French flag, but under the Italian one; therefore, during the Frankfurt Conference (OTL Berlin Conference) Italy is granted the lands making up the drainage basins of the Congo and Gabon rivers. As in OTL, Brazzà is more of an explorer than a colonialist and, while he isn't able to prevent all instances of colonial abuse from happening, he sides with the locals more often than not; Italian Central Africa becomes somewhat of a mirror version of the Empire of Italy, with states like the kingdoms of Luba, Lunda, Kongo and Kazembe rising to prominence. Colonial tensions between France and Italy on one hand, and Germany and Great Britain on the other, threaten to erupt into war more than once.

[1] In OTL, Archbishop of Mainz and then Prince and Grand Duke of Frankfurt under the Confederation of the Rhine; a German patriot, he was also an author and a scholar, close to Goethe and Schiller - basically, he seems made to be the monarch of a German parliamentary democracy).
Sephardi Zionism
Sephardi Zionism:

Zionism OTL, up until the Begin era, was dominated by left-leaning Ashkenazi Jews of a secular persuasion. They aimed at creating a new type of Jew in Palestine: one that labored, spoke Hebrew, defended the country, and valued his country more than his religion. Many of them viewed both religious Ashkenazim and Middle Eastern Jews with contempt. They wanted to create a state that emulated European norms, including racism. If Israel was founded by Jews from the Middle East, Israel would be more "Jewish" and less "Israeli". There would be less pressure to speak Hebrew, and tensions between secular and religious Jews would most likely be less prevalent. I can't speak to racism towards Arabs, or the prevalence of capitalism from the very beginning of Israeli history, but I think Israel would aim to be more integrated with its neighbors rather than emulate the West.
So, mostly because I would have really liked to have found such a thing when I first joined this site, I decided to make a list of links to timelines with their own ideologies.
I guess Abacarism from Malê Rising deserves a mention here. Very roughly speaking, the Fula Jihad crossed over with Jacobin ideas.

Sort of a collectivist monarchism, based off the social structure of a beehive (hence the name), the monarchy (analogous to a queen bee), is seen as the core of civilization (the hive), and all citizens have a duty to work together to ensure the prosperity of the monarchy by fulfilling the duties laid out by the crown, which will help to keep the nation strong.

So basically, a monarchy where everyone is essentially employed by the government, with a strong emphasis in society of cooperation to maintain the status quo.

Suebism the believe that quote ‘Since death is inevitable then we should worship it making part of God inseparable from his holy design make the horsemen death,God’s gift upon this sorrowful life of dread. ‘The believers of This ideology think they death is a mercy compared to life a gift given to them by God and his horesemen death. They pratice a very extreme form of asceticism where they only are allowed to eat 1600 calories maximum and many often join the armies of nation to give the mercy of death. The economic beliefs of this ideolgy vary from social democratic to keynesian to austrian they’re civic beliefs are also varied from anarchist viewing the state as idolatry and a false god to believers of democracy to totalitarian theocrats believing in an ultimate submission of the state and peoples to God. But they all are united in their shared belief that
‘Death is not to be feated but worshiped as an inseparable and integral part of God.
This ideology became a major one in a world where england converted to calvinism gradually evolving into what could be simplified as
‘Worship of the Judeo-Christian God as Death deity’
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Appalachian National Liberation
Appalachian National Liberation

In a timeline I'm working on J. Edgar Hoover suffers an aneurysm shortly after JFK's assassination, which results in Robert Kennedy being appointed head of the FBI to kick him upstairs. As a result of this the FBI's resources are shifted towards tackling organised crime and away from cracking down on political dissidents, particularly Civil Rights activists. As a consequence of this various revolutionary currents of the New Left, particularly the Maoist-influenced New Communist Movement and the Black Panthers and Rainbow Coalition continue to grow and coalesce into a revolutionary United Front. By the time the US government begins to crack down on them they've become entrenched enough that they're able to carry on armed struggle underground and as a result the US in the 80s and 90s, concomitant with the anti-government shift in the far-right and the increasing rates of crime and mass incarceration, undergoing a period of protracted political violence akin to the Years of Lead or The Troubles.

One of the consequences of this is that the Young Patriots Organization continues to grow in influence and eventually filters back to Appalachia. During the 80s and 90s they fight a guerilla war against the Federal Government, KKK and local landlords and bosses. As a consequence of this struggle they begin to develop a theory that sees Appalachians as a colonised and exploited nation under American Imperialism, adding the struggle for Appalachian self-determination to their platform and rebranding as the Young Appalachian Patriots.
Interesting. What are their views on medicine? To what extent do they try to treat illnesses and injuries? How do they tend to feel about recreational drugs?
They view it as a normal person would and encourage its use. They treat about as much as normal person within their jobs. They shun all kinds of non-medicinial drugs but most of them have a live and let live attitude towards most drug users after their Supreme Cleric Superior(Equavelant to the pope) declared that
“When you illegalised a product with a high demand you’ll simply move its selling and production to less humane black market criminals”
Russian Russian despotism
Russian despotism.

Russian despotism is an ideology created in the Russian Empire at the beginning of the 20th century, and which is a predecessor of Eurasianism as political-social thought (and other areas).
Developed by Iosif Vissariónovich Dzhugashvili (nicknamed "Koba" around the time of 1900s) in November 1903, Russian Despotism was a product of a series of unpredictable factors.
1-Koba gaining power within the Russian socialist organizations in the absence of the leadership of Vladimir Lenin.
2-Koba gaining power within the Tsarist power structures due to his affiliation with Tsar Nicholas II.
3-The Russian Empire was going through a transition stage, from a feudal society to a more industrialized one, unable to achieve the development of full communism, so previous phases were still needed (as Koba and other socialist thinkers of the time would express) .
Iosif Koba would be an outsider, very socialist for the nobility, very nationalistic for some socialists, and a fairly broad theorist for most of the peasant population, but still managed to become a central and popular figure within the Russian Empire. The Russian Despotism created by the Koba group would include elements:
Russia needs its own way, the feudal system is destined to fall but cannot be directly replaced, it needs the "Catherine II Model" or an enlightened despotism. Russian Despotism then merges:
1-Socialists: As a socialist, Koba could not avoid his roots, thinking that there were many reforms necessary for the life of the Russian worker. Labor rights, independent unions or at least with some autonomy, labor democracy, etc.
2-Liberals: Constitutional reforms, more similar to the German Empire than to a democratic-parliamentary model like the British one, but the ideas of a German-style constitution were still quite liberal for the Russian Empire.
3-Nacionalists: Russia is not ready for socialism as Marx describes it, and Russia is not suitable for democracy. Because Russia lacks the democratic traditions of Western Europe (see France or the UK), Russia is its own civilization instead. The civilization of Russia is both Eastern (related to the Turkic and Mongoloid peoples) and Western (based on the Slavic roots of the Russian people but also on their relationship with the Eastern Romans-Greeks, Scandinavian-Germanic and others).
Koba also never wanted the separation of the Russian Empire into independent states, so although he opposed Russification, he preferred the model of the Grand Duchy of Finland. Parts of the Russian Empire with certain levels of autonomy.
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Gothicism is a christian theocratic ideology focusing on the elimation of ones own emotions,desires,goals,etc to be completely amd utterly subserviant to the state. They have a calvinist theology of all people being already decided on hell or heaven without choice and so all are slaves to God. They also want to settle mars seeing as a “New Holy Land” free from the sins and taint of humankind. They believe in a keynesian economic model and are fierce militarist. They came to power after the collapse of the Soviet Union as a result of a violent backlash against atheism and secularism in general thus making many former atheist now fanatic fundementalist clerics and soldiers. They’ve lauched crusades against Iraq,Iran,Afganistan,and Syria.
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Todism beliefs that in order to truely connect with God you must become more than human with the help of technology. Examples include implanting your very brain with a super computer chip to raise your inteligince by 400%,replacing your very organ with advanced machinery,or uploading your mind to a Robotic body. Many of the adherents of this ideology favour a Centre-Right economic policy that includes a moderately free market with regulation to keep their products safe for public use. Their symbol is a skull symbolising that even at their most bare God’s creations are still beutiful. They believe that inteligince is God’s gift to mankind that allowed to rise from the evolutionary arms race as the new dominant species. This ideology became popular in Mars,Jupiter,and Venus 20 years after they were colonized and terraformed. The inhabitants of these planets of abrahamic faith formed this ideology as a way to cope with the extreme and often hellish conditions of these planets which made them form a science feitishist version of abrahamic religions which worked along with other secular or non-abrahamic religion scientist to make their planets very technologically adavanced and found the ‘Wissenschaft In Allen Denn Alle Sind Miteinander Verbunden’ institute. They are very flexible in their goverment and usually believe in whatever goverment their homeland believes in wether anarchy,minarchy,democracy,or despotism the civic beliefs of these people are very diverse.

Transcendentalism is an ideology which advocates for every citizen to have a microchip in their brains to moniter their every action,the implemantion of a cctv camera in every house hold,and killing political dissenters by pouring liquid gold into their mouth. That also advocate for every single industry to fall under the purview of the goverment and all bussiness to be nationalized. They also believe in the settling of the moon as a place to be considered a new land untainted by the evils of indivituality. They also believe in the extermination of all religion. With those believing in religion being either executed on the spot or bespared in return for
‘Pleasures of The Flesh’. They also believe in state mandated ‘Breeding Facilities’ where two people of the opposite sex would have as much intercourse as possible to produce as many babies as possible.They also believed in distributing free pornography to the public as a form of ‘Bread and Circuses’. They gained power in China after the tianmen square massacre convinced the party that they needed to partake in more‘Extreme Measures’ in quelling dissent.
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Assorted ideologies - Energy Feudalism, Genesism & more
The Silicon Age collapse of the 21st century has often been compared to the Bronze Age collapse of the 12th century; but, just like the Bronze Age collapse before it, the Silicon Age collapse was not the end. In fact, due to the advances in technology that had happened ever since, the new world recovered from the cataclysm far quicker than the old seas did, paving the way for a new chapter in human history.

Energy feudalism

The first form of government to emerge out of the ashes of the Silicon Age collapse, energy feudalism is exactly what it sounds like - a kind of feudalism where energy, rather than land, is the basis of power and wealth. From the brutal warlord-led states of coastal Nigeria and inland Arabia, centered around the last reserves of oil, to the university states of New England and the Po Valley, powered by sun, water and wind, these small states would eventually coalesce into energy empires.

Energy empire

Simply put, the hydraulic empire, for a new age. Formed out of the forced or voluntary union of more energy feudal states, they were characterized by a combination of Inca-esque central planning on matters related to the consumption and trade of energy, and ample self-government on matters of law and order. Often the successor states of pre-Silicon Age collapse countries, or of formerly fringe autonomist and secessionist movements that had had a hunch about the future before the shit hit the fan (Cascadia and Mercia, for example).


An approach to environmental and societal restoration pioneered by the kind of people who thought the death of giant sloths and woolly mammoths was a mistake, Genesism didn't want to restore the Earth to how it was before the Silicon Age collapse, but before humans, even - the reintroduction of giant sloths to North America did in fact help the local ecosystem, also leading to unexpected but welcome profit (turns out, coffee beans ingested and evacuated by the placid beasts taste amazing once brewed), while the rebirth of the woolly mammoth in Siberia, turns out, a woolly mammoth in musth is not an animal you want to be anywhere nearby.


Another approach to survival in the new world, involving the abandonment of the world in favour of other planets, space stations, and the like - a belief held by those who think humanity fucked up the Earth so bad, it should just fuck off until it's restored to its natural state; exodusist colonies included the Ark, Horizon and Unity space stations, the Zodiac fleet (a weird case of Mormons and neo-Pagans agreeing to disagree on matters of faith while pooling up their knowledge on how to survive in rough conditions) and more than a few settlements, in the form of closed biospheres, on suitable planets in the Solar System.

This Ideology believes in that all members if a society who own land must pay a flat 20% tax rate for their property. They also believe in the chichagoan school of economic theory believing in very free markets with very limited regulations. They also believe in a person’s right to free speech is a holy law created by God himself to test which faiths and ideas are true through the market place of Ideas. They also worship God as Lord Of Knowlegde who gave 0.0000000000001% of his knowlegde to humanity to help become the dominant species.
This ideology was formed as a response to the growing secularization of Europe in the 1800’s and became a dominant poltical force in Russia Austria,and Prussia as a sort of extreme backlash against the French Revolution. The ideology was founded by Karl Misses seen below
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Antiochism is the belief that every nation in the world must be united under the cross to ascend to heaven. They believe in a liberal democracy with a slightly religious bent as the President is also the head of the Church serving as the nations secular and spiritual head. They also believe in very high military spending to defend the nation from foreign threats. All schools should have a plegde to God while allowing people to be atheist religion is a big part of their state. They came to power in Britain as a reaction to the French Revolution allying with the dammerungist in Austria,Prussia,and Russia Against the French.

Their Founder George Parkson Mayor of London and Prime Minister of The United Kingdom spearheading the UK’s focus on christianizing it’s colonial territories to try and create a sense of Unity among all the residents.
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“London Bridge Is Falling Down,Falling Down
London Bridge Is Falling Down My Fair Lady”

Merchantism is the belief that since the merchants make their money through merit and creating value unlike the nobles while being richer than everyone else that they should rule. They belief in a liberal democrach however you need to be involve in a finance job to vote. They also believe that citizens should able to hire private armies. The ideolgy was founded by [DATA EXPUNGED] in London during the year 1801

They became the Dominant ideology of Britain and led an occupation of western germany alongside their allies in france in the 1920’s after the first world war.

An ideology that believes that all products should be able to be bought by anyone wealthy enough,including soldiers. They also believe in a strong state to enforce property rights and to help train private militias. The ideology views immigration in terms of money,as in if it makes the state more profit if it allows immigration then they will allow it,if not they will restrict it.
As long as something is profitable the state will allow it. The State Will only fund ventures that are vital or make the state a profit.
They also believe the State should be lead by a board of directors and an Chief Execuctive Officer Like A Corporation.
The Above Artwork Is A Portrait Of Their Leader Nikolai Knoev who lead a coup against Putin in 2009 instituting his ideology on the Russian State and People.
They Also Venerate Various Free Market Economist as Saints.
TL;DR,A belief That The State Should Be Run Like A Company.

“The Invisible Hand Shall Guide.
Long Live The Free Market”