Alternate History: Game Shows

Explain the ATL then the game show in said ATL that stands out. Maybe it's a parallel of one in OTL, maybe it's one of your own creation!


Soviet America: Jeopardy

Five contestants play for extra ration cards and additional prizes. Winner takes all. Last place is executed in a manner determined by that night's audience!

Modern Prohibition America: The Running Man

In a world where a 'moral majority' so hard to the right as to make the Sons of Adam from A Handmaiden's Tale look like a Pride movement takes over the United States, alcohol is once again outlawed. Watch as smugglers known as Runners film underground adventures running such illicit cargo as contraceptives, espresso, foreign films, and of course moonshine.
MINER'S GAME - A team of 30 contestants, some hardened survivalists, some competitive Minecraft players, are divided into 5 teams and placed into a peaceful Minecraft world (with the exception of Endermen) alongside a limited supply of OTL weapons and OTL medicine; each team is tasked with getting to the End. Yes, respawning functions as in the game.
Monty Python's Blackmail
Updated format using cyber stalking to coerce 'players' (ie victims) on live TV to pay increasingly large sums of money before their identity is revealed.
The vice squad, SWAT team, fraud squad and divorce lawyers are on the host's speed dial for the more recalcitrant participants.
The show is largely self-funded by the payouts but various legal service providers and private investigators often sponsor special episodes.

OK it's only 'best' for TV execs rather than everyday people, but I have a horrible suspicion that it would be disturbingly successful.
While I'm feeling the dystopian vibe.

You Said It!
People who make outrageous claims have to back them up on live TV or face a severe forfeit.
Never again will people casually say things like "I could take on a crocodile with my bare hands" or "I could climb that scaffold blindfolded and with one arm tied behind my back".
Successful participants get a handsome payout and all survivors get top level medical and psychological care for up to a year.

Criminal Mastermind.
Variant of the original gameshow in which criminals get a chance to answer questions about crimes in exchange for money.
Each week, the top three players get to particpate in a witness protection scheme, while the lowest scoring participant's identity is revealed. The overall series winner gets a full new identity.
It's filmed in advance so answers can be checked before broadcasting.