Alternate Electoral Maps III

A map showing the top vote-getting party by state in my new Parliamentary America project. Prime Minister John Edwards has returned to office for his third ministry ITTL. The choice of John Edwards leading a party called the Green Alternative comes from @jerseyguy

Total Seats after 2016 Congressional Election

Green Alternative: 296 seats
McMullin Team: 98 seats

Constitution: 65 seats
Conservative: 13 seats
Green-Rainbow (affiliated with Green Alternative)
: 11 seats
Sanders Group: 11 seats
Peace and Freedom: 8 seats
Reform: 6 seats
Working Families: 6 seats
Independence: 5 seats
Duncan for America: 5 seats
Mountain (affiliated with Green Alternative): 4 seats
Mike Smith: 2 seats
Pacific Greens (affiliated with Green Alternative): 2 seats
Statehood Green (affiliated with Green Alternative): 2 seats

District Party: 1 seat
Legal Marijuana Now!: 1 seat

Prohibition: 1 seat
Womens Equality: 1 seat

(270 needed for majority - Green Alternative majority with Green-Rainbow, Mountain, Pacific Green, and Statehood Green support)


U.S. election maps from my slowly developing Nazi victory map series. ITTL FDR dies in February 1940. The Democrats fail to unite under Hull with Wallace running as an independent, giving the election narrowly to Taft. In 1944, after the Nazi victory in Europe isolationist policies begin to fade away as the fascist scare envelops the U.S. Fears of invasion from Hitler across the U.S. spell doom for the Republicans as Byrd takes a hard line against fascism and vows to combat the threat in the Europe to the best of his ability. Byrd wins handily in the 1944 election.
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Elections in United Socialist States of America my 1914 project/idea thing (with no name yet if it ever will). * denotes a fully fictional person. USSA was established in 1945, with a year of provisional government before elections could be organised. In 1995 USSA was reformed into the American Socialist Federation. The ASF is pretty much a more prosperous, larger and free North Korea. I had already made a list of presidents for USSA and ASF, with footnotes. That post has partially been retconned and the electoral college numbers are almost definitely inaccurate. I can give explanations if needed/asked.

Originally posted this in the regular map thread but I suppose this would be a better thread for it.
How to give Hiram Wesley Evans an aneurysm

1924 Presidential Election

Al Smith (D-NY)
Albert B. Fall (R-NM)
Robert La Follette (P-WI)

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The American Party (Fillmore wins 1856; a TL)

1856 Presidential Election
Millard Fillmore (W-NY)/Edward Bates (W-MO) 172 electoral votes
John C. Fremont (R-CA)/William Dayton (R-OH) 79 electoral votes
Franklin Pierce (D-NH)/John A. Quitman (D-MS) 45 electoral votes
1856 Fillmore wins.png

1860 Presidential Election
William Seward (R-NY)/Abraham Lincoln (R-IL) 145 electoral votes/18 states in HR
John Bell (W-TN)/Edward Everett (W-MA) 116 electoral votes/7 states in HR
Stephen Douglas (D-IL)/Joseph Lane (D-OR) 42 electoral votes/8 states in HR

Fillmore does little to nothing to curb the growing divide in the country. The Republicans grow in size. Fillmore passes on a 3rd term (second full term). The democrats are consumed by the Fire-Eaters. The Republican nomination of William Seward does hurt them, and throws the election to the House, but with some convincing by Abraham Lincoln to get anti-slavery Whigs to support Seward, he wins anyway. Next part out soon
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