Alternate Electoral Maps III

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  1. PierceJJones Notice me senpai Klobuchar

    Feb 2, 2019
    The Swing map for the map above
    Red: Safe Democratic,Pink: Leaning Democratic,Grey: Swing States,Cyan: Leaning Republican,Blue: Safe Republican
  2. AUGGP Well-Known Member

    Ill go one step further then all y'all lazy peeps, 100 distirct Rhode Island

    100 district Rhode Island.PNG
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  3. Adam The Nerd A weird nerd

    Jan 3, 2018
    I'm considering a 400 district New Hampshire map, but it might kill my computer
  4. Gentleman Biaggi Leader of the bisexual agenda

    Oct 14, 2016
    Oregonian Montana
    5 million district California map
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  5. AceFrehley101 Well-Known Member

    Jan 7, 2012
    Cape Cod, MA
    The New Hampshire House of Representatives has 204 Districts for 400 members, I'm not sure you can go any smaller than that XD.

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  6. Adam The Nerd A weird nerd

    Jan 3, 2018
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  7. Oryxslayer Electoral Calculator

    Apr 25, 2017
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  8. TimTurner Cartoon Phanatic

    Apr 11, 2015
    DFW area, Texas (no, Tibecuador)
    Multiple member seats would be more novel than that...
  9. Hālian Running for mayor of Ravnica

    Apr 25, 2009
    The 30k Series

    I'm going to go state-by-state in DRA2020 and redraw congressional districts based on the Constitutional stricture of one representative for thirty thousand people (or so). It'll probably never be finished. First up: *draws name from hat* Vermont, and its twenty districts!

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  10. Hālian Running for mayor of Ravnica

    Apr 25, 2009
    The 30k Series
    VT • WY

    And here's the nineteen districts of Wyoming!

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  11. Hālian Running for mayor of Ravnica

    Apr 25, 2009
    30k Series
    VTWY • CA

    California has multi-member districts. Is that cheating? Probably. Do I care? Given that the alternative is drawing one thousand two hundred eighty-eight congressional districts and then trying to figure out how to show them pictorially? No. Will I do the same thing for other extremely populous states? Outlook positive.

    This is unworkable as all get out and I intend to see it to completion anyway.


    Block       Counties                  People        Seats    Partisanship        DEM%    GOP%
    Block  1    Del Norte, Siskiyou           71,296        2    Fair Republican     46%     54%
    Block  2    Lassen, Modoc                 40,978        1    Great Republican    32%     68%
    Block  3    Plumas, Sierra, Tehama        84,700        2    Great Republican    40%     60%
    Block  4    Nevada                        98,639        3    Fair Democrat       53%     47%
    Block  5    Placer                       370,571       12    Good Republican     44%     56%
    Block  6    El Dorado                    183,000        6    Fair Republican     45%     55%
    Block  7    Alpine, Amador                38,147        1    Good Republican     43%     57%
    Block  8    Calaveras                     44,787        1    Good Republican     43%     57%
    Block  9    Mono, Tuolumne                67,915        2    Fair Republican     47%     53%
    Block 10    Madera, Mariposa             171,011        5    Good Republican     43%     57%
    Block 11    Fresno                       963,160       32    Fair Democrat       52%     48%
    Block 12    Inyo, Tulare                 474,095       15    Good Republican     43%     57%
    Block 13    San Bernardino             2,106,754       70    Fair Democrat       53%     47%
    Block 14    Riverside                  2,323,892       77    Fair Democrat       52%     48%
    Block 15    Imperial                     178,807        5    Great Democrat      63%     37%
    Block 16    San Diego                  3,253,356      108    Good Democrat       55%     45%
    Block 17    Orange                     3,132,211      104    Fair Republican     49%     51%
    Block 18    Los Angeles               10,057,155      335    Great Democrat      70%     30%
    Block 19    Ventura                      843,110       28    Good Democrat       56%     44%
    Block 20    Santa Barbara                439,395       14    Great Democrat      61%     39%
    Block 21    Kern                         871,337       29    Good Republican     41%     59%
    Block 22    San Luis Obispo              278,680        9    Fair Democrat       53%     47%
    Block 23    Kings                        150,261        5    Good Republican     43%     57%
    Block 24    Monterey                     430,201       14    Great Democrat      69%     31%
    Block 25    San Benito                    58,051        1    Great Democrat      62%     38%
    Block 26    Merced                       265,001        8    Good Democrat       55%     45%
    Block 27    Santa Cruz                   270,931        9    Great Democrat      79%     21%
    Block 28    Santa Clara                1,885,056       62    Great Democrat      71%     29%
    Block 29    San Mateo                    754,748       25    Great Democrat      74%     26%
    Block 30    San Francisco                850,282       28    Great Democrat      86%     14%
    Block 31    Alameda                    1,605,217       53    Great Democrat      80%     20%
    Block 32    Stanislaus                   530,561       17    Even                51%     49%
    Block 33    San Joaquin                  714,860       23    Good Democrat       56%     44%
    Block 34    Contra Costa               1,107,925       36    Great Democrat      69%     31%
    Block 35    Sacramento                 1,479,300       49    Good Democrat       60%     40%
    Block 36    Marin                        259,358        8    Great Democrat      79%     21%
    Block 37    Solano                       429,596       14    Great Democrat      65%     35%
    Block 38    Yolo                         209,671        6    Great Democrat      68%     32%
    Block 39    Napa                         140,823        4    Great Democrat      67%     33%
    Block 40    Sonoma                       497,776       16    Great Democrat      75%     25%
    Block 41    Sutter                        95,406        3    Good Republican     42%     58%
    Block 42    Yuba                          73,897        2    Good Republican     43%     57%
    Block 43    Butte                        223,877        7    Fair Democrat       51%     49%
    Block 44    Colusa, Glenn                 49,337        1    Great Republican    40%     60%
    Block 45    Lake                          64,076        2    Good Democrat       60%     40%
    Block 46    Mendocino                     87,409        2    Great Democrat      72%     28%
    Block 47    Humboldt                     135,182        4    Great Democrat      65%     35%
    Block 48    Shasta, Trinity              192,408        6    Great Republican    38%     62%
  12. Tex Arkana Spice for President!

    Jan 29, 2017
    Jamaica (I Wish)
    Wallace does much better in 1968...



    George Wallace/Curtis LeMay (AIP) 33.53% popular vote, 155 electoral votes
    Richard Nixon/Spiro Agnew (R) 33.42% popular vote, 227 electoral votes
    Hubert Humphrey/Edmund Muskie (D) 32.72% popular vote, 156 electoral votes
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  13. Bomster Who is the spiciest memelord?

    Mar 26, 2018
    Hell, Arizona
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  14. Peyton Stephen Colbert 2020 Kicked

    Apr 2, 2016
    1 9 6 0


    Vice Pres. John "Jimmy" F. Cobb (R-OH)/Sec. Joseph Seed (R-UT) - 304 EVs, 41.2%
    Gov. Thomas Justice III (NA-AR)/Sen. Mark Reeding (NA-KS) - 177 EVs, 31.9%
    Pres. James Golden (D-CA)/Rep. Jerry J. Wilson (D-WI) - 56 EVs, 19.5%

    "At least President Golden can finally go back to his career in acting. I miss when was on the big screen." - President-Elect John "Jimmy" F. Cobb in his victory speech

    James Golden's Presidency was controversial. He signed an executive order that ended segregation, which angered the South. He was weak on foreign policy. He was criticized by both Democrats and Republicans after refusing to take action when a Communist regime was installed in Mexico. And while the economy wasn't bad, but it wasn't doing too good either. To make matters worse, he chose a former Socialist Party leader as his running mate. The choice was clear for Republicans, who had an incumbent Vice President. Cobb chose Secretary of State and former Utah Senator Joseph Seed as his running mate, uniting the Conservative and Moderate wings of the Republican Party. Governor Clarence Thomas declined to be nominated by his party, so Arkansas Governor Thomas Justice III was chosen. Justice, a Populist, picked up Conservative voters now alienated by the Democratic Party, although his uncharismatic running mate likely led to his loss. When Cobb was sworn in on January 20, his first act was declaring war on the People's Republic of Mexico.

  15. TimTurner Cartoon Phanatic

    Apr 11, 2015
    DFW area, Texas (no, Tibecuador)
    The State and County of Maine
    Capital: Portland
    Ruling house: LaMieux
    Current monarch: Countess Marie IV (since 1988). She has leaned to the left and made no pretensions to neutrality, causing clashes and conflict with the political right; she is a controversial figure who is hated by 30% of the population, but is loved by another 40%. But she has almost always had approvals that are above water, and has a reputation for living modestly. In the late 2000s recession, she opposed efforts on part of the right-wing Premier to cut unemployment insurance; and when that was unsuccessful, she partially funded an extension out of her own pocket. She survived an assassination attempt in 2017, though she was unable to appear in public for a full week due to the injuries.

    Her family was involved in lumber business, before being created Counts of Maine in 1832, as part of Hamilton's administrative reforms. They have ruled Maine ever since, together with a legislature elected by the common people. A cozy relationship has long held between the House of LeMieux and organized labor, which both are challenged by right-wing libertarianism (a powerful force in Maine). The right has long tried to remove them from power, with Marie's father Andrew being removed twice, only to gain back power in popular referenda. (In Columbia, when monarchs are removed from power by the legislature, the decision automatically is sent to referendum, with snap legislative elections also being held)

    Current Premier: Kristen Cloutier, Labor (since 2012).
    Maine's legislature is currently elected by STV, with 150 members in its unicameral legislature, which is called the House of Commons, elected for a term that can run for as long as five years. This system was created by the left in 1988 in hopes of shutting the right out, by eliminating the possibility of vote splitting between Center and Labor, in face of the unified right. Counties are treated as districts with a variable number of members elected, with 100 seats apportioned based off population, and 50 seats apportioned based off land area. Since libertarianism is more of a "Southern Maine" kind of thing (class divisions and also being seen as rather anti-rural), Northern Maine elects Center+Labor, and by-and-large, the right is usually locked out of power. Marie IV has never had to face the mere threat of losing her throne (or having her powers threatened) due to having a favorable legislature most of the time.

    The few times the right does have control of the legislature, they can never command the two-thirds of seats needed to pass a motion restricting the powers of the Crown. The closest they have ever gotten was after the 2008 elections, when the Freedom Party and its allies took 60% of the seats admist scandals that afflicted the long-ruling left-leaning government.

    The 2017 election was overshadowed by the failed assassination attempt on Countess Marie, which occurred two weeks before polling day. The events caused the Freedom Party to lose seats, on route to another bad result. Paul LePage, the Freedom Party leader, sparked controversy by seemingly claiming in a media interview that "Marie had it coming", before reversing course hours later. The Freedom Party never recovered in polling from this and other gaffes coming out of the mouth of their leader and his political allies. After the election, he resigned as party leader.

    Ideologies of the parties
    Labor: Solidarity and Justice affiliate on state level
    Center: De facto Center party affiliate on state level, but it's not formally linked
    Freedom: right-wing libertarian party that does best in York County; was lead by Paul LePage from 2005 to 2017
    Progressive: De facto Progressive Democrat affiliate on state level, but not formally linked; it would later split up, with the Left faction forming the Progressive Labor party (a Labor satellite party), and the Right faction keeping the party name but presiding over a somewhat hollowed out party that would later merge with the Freedom Party due to similarities in ideology
    Liberal: fairly centrist-to-center-left outfit along the lines of the Australian Democrats in OTL

    this information is accurate as of March 2019 ITTL
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  16. Bjornhattan World's Worst Psephologist

    Mar 23, 2014
    Would Wyoming have any Democratic districts?
    Likewise, would Vermont have any Republican districts?
  17. TimTurner Cartoon Phanatic

    Apr 11, 2015
    DFW area, Texas (no, Tibecuador)
    the latter is not as likely as the former. the D vote in WY is more concentrated than the R vote in VT.
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  18. Pericles Well-Known Member

    Apr 20, 2013
    1968 US election-Wallace does better

    Richard Nixon/Spiro Agnew-Republican: 254 EV 39.82%
    Hubert Humphrey/Ed Muskie-Democratic: 220 EV 41.32%
    George Wallace/Happy Chandler-American Independent: 64 EV 18.53%
  19. Pericles Well-Known Member

    Apr 20, 2013
    1980 US election-Carter wins

    President Jimmy Carter/Walter Mondale-Democratic: 283 EV 44.96%
    Ronald Reagan/George Bush-Republican: 255 EV 46.70%
    John Anderson/Patrick Lucey-Independent: 0 EV 6.71%
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  20. TimTurner Cartoon Phanatic

    Apr 11, 2015
    DFW area, Texas (no, Tibecuador)
    what state from the Kingdom of Columbia thing do people want next? I'm opening requests.
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