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Air Force roundel of the Republic of Ghana, adopted after Ghana's independence from the Britannic Union in 1987. Colours adopted from its flag. Those colours from the coat of arms/badge of the British Gold Coast.

Continuing with my setting/ATL.

Indian Air Force roundel.png

Roundel of the Air Force of the Indian Federation. IFAF established in mid 30s.
Sri Lankan Air Force roundel.png

Roundel of the Sri Lankan Air Force. Established after Sri Lanka regained independence (originally became a Dominion in 1924 when British Empire was giving dominion status to a lot of colonies in order to try to keep them after the loss of Britain and most of West Africa to the Britannic Union. Got Annexed by India in 1948. Became independent as a republic in 1977).

Partition of Laos
WW1 and WW2
WW1 and WW2, earlier version with small write up
WW2 ATL-1-1
WW2 ATL-1-2
International Concord
Political/Military Alliances
Economic Blocs
Human Development Index
Forms of Government
(Older map) Nuclear Powers, with nuclear umbrellas
Democracy Index
Most Popular Sports by Nation
PSA/Pacific Federation/California Elections
USA Elections
USSA/ASF Elections
Territorial Evolution of Malaysia(-Pacifica) (with CoA sketches and notes)

3 Malaysian blue ensigns (Ones with supporters canon)
Ensign of the Britannic Revolutionary Navy
Updated East South Sudan, Socialist Australia, Socialist New Zealand
Malaysian and Pacifican Blue Ensigns
South Sudanese Flags
Latest Flags of USSA and ASF
Flag of the International Concord
Rio de la Platan and Sudamerican Flags
Second Flag of Pacific Federation
PSA Flags (Pacific Federation Flag retconned)
Algerian Flag (the bottom one)
Flag of Ghana (the bottom one)
Flag of Chinese Social Republic
Flags of Sudan
Flag of the Republic of Nyasaland

Non-Map and Non-Flag Graphics:
Britannic Union Air Force Roundel
West French, Ottoman and Russian Roundels
Istanbul Pact Roundels
South Africa, Malaysia(-Pacifica), New England Roundels
PSA/Pacific Federation/California Roundels
Ghana Roundel
Warspite, under Britannic command, bombing the French
Coat of Arms of the Dominion of Pacifica (shark outdated)
Coat of Arms of the Dominion of Malaysia-Pacifica (1992-2008)
Malaysian CoAs, a blue ensign for Malaysia

Commonwealth Roundels
List of the Leaders of Britannic Union (political parties and leaders mentioned in note 7 can be disregarded)
List of the Presidents of USSA/ASF (partially retconned check map for updated version)
List of the Presidents of USA
List of the Presidents of PSA/Pacific Federation/California
Rulers of the Romanov Realms
Political Parties of the Russian Empire
Primary Subdivisions of UBSC at its height (1972-1976)
IC Great Powers
Notes and Ideas
Socialist Symbols ITTL
Monarchies and the titles of their rulers
History Exam: Japan from WW2 to 1970
Misconception of USSA Dictatorship
Treaty of Chicago, 1970 (Chicago could be District of Lincoln instead of Jefferson)
What will be the roundel for the Federal Republic of America when My TL gets to Airplanes

Federal Army Air Corps
800px-USMC_Roundel_1912.svg - Copy - Copy - Copy.png

Federal Naval Aviation
800px-USMC_Roundel_1912.svg - Copy.png

Federal Army Airforce (will be formed after the TTL Great War)
800px-USMC_Roundel_1912.svg - Copy - Copy.png