Alt-History Aftermath Scenarios Implied by Media

This is a very interesting idea, actually. Who would the kids be raised by?
If we stick to their logic - parents that resemble Adolf's to recreate his childhood and traumas
That likely wouldnt go as they intended
A more effective scenario would be to target women of wealthy and influential backgrounds but that would bring too much attention to them and they likely dont have enough resources to pull that off anyway
Most likely scenario - they take over some orphanages of poor neighbourhoods and use them to mold their "leaders" and conduct the social experiment as they intended, like the plot of Monster
You'd think a Hitler clone would have a harder time becoming a totalitarian dictator than anyone else, because everyone would be expecting them to do that and preemptively sabotaging any attempts at such ambitions.
You'd think a Hitler clone would have a harder time becoming a totalitarian dictator than anyone else, because everyone would be expecting them to do that and preemptively sabotaging any attempts at such ambitions.
I think the point is that no one would know they're Hitler clones

...which makes little sense when they would look like exact replicas of him

But yeah this is why I think making them Hitler's children instead with a 50/50 mixture would work better than literal clonning
Another set of brazilian series that would result in huge implications

Castelo Ratimbum & Ilha Ratimbum
Both originals made by the channel TV Cultura which in my opinion takes place in the same universe

The former being a Harry Potter kind of story and the later a Lost type of one

However both precede their counterparts(released in 1994 and 2002 respectively)

In Castle Ratimbum we have Nino(a reference to "menino", portuguese for boy, like the spanish "nino") a 300 years old young boy with no friends living at a magical castle in the city of São Paulo who so happens to be a immortal wizard raised by his uncle Victor and aunt Morgana(yes, THAT Morgan), both of whom are thousands of years old(former in the low thousand and the later in the dozens) and are acquainted with historical figures such as Cleopatra, King Arthur and Leonardo Da Vinci

The later of which was a close friend of Victor who visited the Castle many times in Brazil implying that the wizard had a hold of the New World long before the europeans ever found it

The series itself has a "Renaissance-punk" feeling to it, with many outdated inventions(specially Leonardo's) not only being present in the castle but still being functional, working just as good if not better than their counterparts thanks to magic

The magic of the series itself seems to take a soft approach commonly found in children's shows, you see your average talking animals, flying brooms and the occasional shapeshifting but nothing too spectacular, with the main characters still being vulnerable to the whims of the government seeing when the castle was about to get sold they almost became homeless

That said Victor can still summon thunderstorms every time he gets pissed off and Morgana is even stronger than him, plus the immortality, so that may be that they are purposelly holding back to respect the lawful authorities of the country they're in

The movie takes this a step further with the wizards seemingly derivating their magical prowess from the solar system itself and being a planetary threat should they choose to tap into it when the planets align, which they dont but the villain tried to

Unlike the villain of the series itself who was just a goofball estate agent with a doctorate called "Pompey Pompi Pompous"(quickly nicknamed "Doctor Pumpkin" Sonic the Hedgehog-style) whose childhood dream and sole goal was to tear down the castle with no regard to it's historical & magical value, wanting to build 100-floors tall brazilian Empire State Building in the city of São Paulo

In reality however he was just lonely and amazed at the sheer wonder that was the castle, but felt rejected by it and the main cast making him resent it and motivating his financial ambitions that he atempts to accomplish using Team Rocket-style disguises

Lastly the series features the existence of extradimensional but pacifistic aliens such as Etvaldo and nature-loving brazilian mythology beings such as Caipora

Then we go to Island Ratimbum

The series has a group of teenagers be caught in a sea storm and end in a mysterious isle full of - once again - talking animals, as well as curses, lizardmen and hair people

Yeah its weird

What is more of note however is that the island is guarded by a historical figure, the roman philosopher Hypatia who not only survived her historical death but fleed the Roman Empire to preserve her knowledge from Ancient Egypt, ending up in this mysterious isle in the coast of Brazil

She is of course immortal, possibly having been tutored by Cleo herself(which would have meant she was born way earlier than IOTL) and has her own set of powers like casually turning someone into a tree, extending the life of a creature that should already be dead and - if she's pissed off enough - go full reality warper as seen in her fight with the main antagonist where they broke through dimensions and casually reshaped the fabric of the universe on a whim while trying to kill off each other(though she arguably held back because she still cared about him in the end) like some SCP Foundation shit putting the aforementioned wizards to shame, which makes sense considering she should be far more ancient than Morgana ever was

The main antagonist, the demonic ruler of the island, is himself is rather "interesting" in the chinese sense of the word

Arielibã as he was originally known was her student and partner whom she taught almost everything once she came to the isle, working with her to discover the secrets of the universe and serve the will of Nature/Magic itself

However his misanthropy eventually led to their relationship falling apart once he became obsessed with using his knowledge of microorganism and sorcery to create a new "perfect" lifeform that is less destructive and more powerful than humans, seeking to replace humanity with them in the long run

Yeah it was a metaphor for eugenics

And as such Hypatia interfered trying to stop him and end his madness, which resulted in his project backfiring with his own creation - a sentient bacteria powered by magic - to possess his body and adquire his power, being fueled by his pure hatred for humanity that is only kept in check by the fact he needed Hypatia to keep him alive since his form wasnt self-sustainable and in a permanent state of decay due to his extremely short lifespan

Now under the name of Nefasto

(Yeah its silly but its a show for kids whose most of the non-human characters are Sesame Street-style puppets)

This of course till the main cast comes in and he uses them as leverage against her to get what he wants while he prepares to wipe humanity out

Long before that however he had been using his sorcery and the isle itself as a beacon to mind control human politicians he took inspiration from, seeing it as the most effective way to destroy humanity by making it turns against itself with one of said politicians being implied to have been Hitler...

You know, kid's show

The only reason that a nuclear apocalypse hasnt happened yet being that Hypatia has purposelly kept him from going all out, making so that almost every political tragedy and catasthrophe that happened after Hypatia's OTL death being either directly caused by him or at least being influenced by him and all of them were him holding back

Yet still being humanity's own fault in the end considering that Arielibã prior to meeting Hypatia and gaining her knowledge of humanity was a good man of pure heart

Of course, with him being even more powerful than her and easily capable of reshaping multiple realities to his will only God knows what he'll do in the end after having gained these children as leverage and beat her to make himself truly immortal

He dies, duh, the main characters through her sacrifice manage to deal a lethal hit to him in the end, killing him in the most fitting way - with medicine - and as Nefasto became Arielibã again he passed away in guilt apologising for everything he had done urging the youth to do better

Though now with both him and Hypatia gone there's no one keeping the island a secret and even though most of it's magic was lost(or killed) in the end some still did survive and all those secrets were now open to the world to see in the early 2000s

In short - Pandora's box is open and my childhood shows were awesome