Alt-History Aftermath Scenarios Implied by Media

This commercial spot seems to be from a TL with a way bigger space program and/or could be that it's displaying either the aftermath of some great Space accident/tragedy:
Essentially, what endings to Movies, Games, Books, etc. do you think imply interesting Alt-History scenarios?
Sort of like how Independence Day 2 created a scenario out of the aftermath of the first film, or how the Watchmen show furthers the original's TL using the events of the first and showing their effects on history.
Not sure if anyone ever heard of this movie called 'Rollover', starring Jane Fonda. The plot of the movie was that sometime in the early 1980s, due to a mix of factors (the movie plot was convulated), OPEC nations inadvertently caused a capital flight from the US banking system, thereby accidently causing the mass devaluation of the US Dollar (to a degree like Zimbabwe or Weimar Germany). The entire sequence of events bought down the entire world economy.
We all saw Pixels (2015), and were ultimately disappointed, but what if in 2015, aliens attacked humanity attacked us using video game characters and tropes?


Castlevania map of Europe.
Not implied but instead not really though about occurs on the Scarlett Pimpernel (a book series published in the early 20th century, ended up creating the trope of the hero with a secret identity as well as the trop of said hero having his social identity be an buffonish rich guy with no day job), where one of the books (Eldorado) has the protagonist help the son of Louis XVI escape the Temple and smuggle him to the Low Countries. So unlike OTL where the boy dies in 1795 here he escapes in early 1794. As far as I can find no of the other books works on it or the fact that the uncrowned king of France (at least for those not aligned with the Revolutionaries) is now free from the revolutionaries

Yesterday depicts an alternate world in which The Beatles never existed thus after that the main character get Isoted/SI to his alternate self and (according to the movie plot, even if it, from an AH POW wouldn't make any sense) given that this world has never heard the Beatles' music before... He get instant fame and praises as a creative genius, becoming in a superstar with worldwide and huge crowds of unconditional fans.

The Foreigner that's a 2017 Jacky Chan lead action thriller film (adapted/based on a '92 novel) whose plot its triggered when a rogue Irish terrorist group reignite the Irish troubles with a bombing in London... Aside, of the rest of the Plot, I would guess that after a terrorist attempt from the magnitude depicted in the Film, that, at least for Britain, any kind of peace agreement would be 'dead in the water'...
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Tech in Anna (2019) seems to be far ahead of OTL. That's a screenshot of agent inserting USB-drive to KGB director's laptop in 1990.

Cold war has to be major escalation phase. KGB agents are assasinating people all over europe and at the end of the movie americans strike back by assasinating KGB director and lot of their officers at the KGB headquaters in Moscow.

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The Lie Ending of Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War.

Millions are dead in Europe from the explosion of co-opted American neutron bombs, the United States is isolated diplomatically and the Soviet Union is on the precipice of domination of Europe, assuming Gorbachev is overthrown by the rogue spy Perseus.

This would seems as an after ISOT images that could be depicting an downtimers allied forces in an militar parade in the Uptimers capital...


'Piast dynasty troops' (Polish reenactors) marching in a military parade.

Regiment Króla Jegomości Władysława IV Wazy (The Foreign Regiment of His Majesty King Władysław IV Waza).
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Here is a major scene from the 2020 film Hunters that would be mind-blowing! Hitler and Eva Braun are alive in 1977, in Argentina

that felt like it came out of left field, considering how generally grounded the series had been until that point. (comic book-y imagine spots aside) I also have a hard time believing Adolf could survive that long with his health.
That ending felt like it came out of left field considering how generally grounded the rest of the show was (comic book-y imagine spots aside). I had a bit of a hard time believing Hitler could survive that long too, with the state he was in at the end of the war.