Albion Rising: A Henry Frederick Timeline

God(s) bless King Henry and Queen Anna with a long life, and a peaceful Kingdom/Empire indeed.

If you are ending this story now, then that is of sadness to me @VVD0D95 but I can see why this is a good spot to go out.
Wholesomely agree with this.
Though thought it would be a long-runner like Panthers and Lions that covered THREE reigns. But this story also did not disappoint.
So, after eight months and roughly 300 thousand words and 301 chapters, this mammoth story is done.

I thought ending it here was the right place to go, given that I've addressed everything that I set out to, and it felt natural.

I wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who has read and commented and liked the story, your feedback and just knowing you were reading kept me motivated to keep going.

After spending years wanting to write something on Henry Frederick, to know that I have done and that you felt it good enough to get a Turtledove (thanks btw!) means a lot to me.

So, thank you.
Well done. I will miss this timeline but look forward to your other works.
Henry Frederick is certainly one of the more interesting figures of 16th century English history. Thank you for giving him the TL he deserves.