Albion Rising: A Henry Frederick Timeline


IOTL the Dukedom went to 1st Duke's brother. Unless his sons TTL went in the Navy and died in Anglo-Spanish War, she's not a heiress to titles (but can be heiress of fair sum of money).
It did tho it then reverted to Anne when her uncle died. And very true.
It did tho it then reverted to Anne when her uncle died. And very true.
Hamilton and Cambridge line going through second Duke makes for better narrative than both titles being reverted to the crown.
But Clarence is not expected to marry abroad unless it's a double match - too low in the succession line for this.


Hamilton and Cambridge line going through second Duke makes for better narrative than both titles being reverted to the crown.
But Clarence is not expected to marry abroad unless it's a double match - too low in the succession line for this.
Indeed very true
House of York and Albany


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Chapter 293: Marriage Negotiations



Chapter 293: Marriage Negotiations

March, 1647

“Has George been disabused of the notion that he can marry that woman?” The King asked.

“He has, Sire.” Arthur replied. George, his eldest son had been having a carry on with a woman named Bess. It had started off as some sort of joke, apparently one of George’s friends had decided that the boy needed to lose his virginity and thus Bess had been found. But from there a relationship had developed.

Arthur was just thankful that the boy had had the sense not to give the woman any financial payments, or clothes. Indeed, the woman herself didn’t seem to want anything like that either.

“Good.” The King said. “We cannot allow that sort to contaminate the family.”

Arthur nodded, Bess was a commoner, as far as he could make out. He hadn’t dug too deeply.

“So, we must arrange a marriage for him now to stop him from straying into such territory again.” The Queen said.

“I agree, Your Majesty.” Marie Elisabeth said.

“Where though?” Arthur asked. He had a few thoughts on that himself, but etiquette dictated he wait until the King and Queen had given their views before voicing his own.

“Ideally we would choose a Protestant marriage.” The King said. “We cannot have too many Catholic marriages. I do not think Parliament would approve.”

Arthur nodded, Parliament had just about accepted his sister Mary’s marriage to the Prince of Asturias, and that too because it had been needed to consolidate the end of the war.

“I would recommend Saxony.” The Queen said. “They are still the premier Protestant state within the Empire, and if we are looking to build good relations with the Protestant networks, I think that is the best place to go.”

Arthur glanced at Marie Elisabeth, he knew that she and her Saxon family didn’t always see eye to eye and therefore he wasn’t that surprised that she didn’t respond all that enthusiastically to what the Queen said.

“Saxony would be possible I think, if it were not for the fact that the Elector is looking to expand is base within the Empire.” The King said.

The Queen nodded. “That is true, where then? The Palatinate?”

“Also a possibility.” The King said. “I know that the new Elector is very much wanting to strengthen ties between our two states.”
Arthur had never met his cousin Frederick Henry, Elector Palatine, but he was not opposed to such a match. As far as he knew, the man had a daughter just two years younger than George.

“What say you, Arthur?” The King asked then, looking firmly at Arthur.

Arthur took a moment to get his thoughts together, he glanced at Marie Elisabeth and at her nod knew that they were still on the same thought path with regards to marriage. “I think we should either go for the Palatine or if we want George to avoid falling for someone like that woman again, we should choose Denmark.”

“Denmark?” The Queen queried.

“Yes, Majesty.” Arthur said. “The Danes were old allies, and they are a good source of trade. But they have been drifting toward the French as of late, given the need to keep the French balanced, I think perhaps this would be a good marriage to choose.”

The Queen pursed her lips in thought, Arthur didn’t know what his mother thought of the Danes, she’d never said anything, and as far as he could remember she’d never really said anything bad about the Aunt Mary either.

“I think that would be a sensible marriage.” The King said, breaking the silence.

A silent look passed between the King and Queen before the Queen spoke. “The King of Denmark has two daughters of an age with George, one of them is slightly older. If we are to choose the Danes I suggest we go with her.”

“I agree, Majesty.” Marie Elisabeth said speaking for the first time. “Older women keep men’s attention after all.”

Arthur grinned at his wife, it was true. He’d never looked at another woman with Marie Elisabeth around.

The King smiled. “So, we are decided then. The Danes shall be approached rather than anyone else.”

“I think that would be for the best, Sire.” Arthur answered.

The King nodded. “It shall be done.”
Chapter 294: Reform



Chapter 294: Reform

August, 1647

“I have gathered the information that Your Most Catholic Majesty requested regarding the formation of the Royal Bank in Britain, Sire.” Cristobal, his treasurer said.

“Present it.” Felipe commanded.

Cristobal cleared his throat. “The Royal Bank of Britain is the central bank of that Kingdom, it has the potential to loan money to the government of the Kingdom as well as being given the sole right to issue bank notes bearing the Royal Crest and seal of approval.”

“And what benefits does this bank give the British?” Felipe asked.

“It allows them to more freely raise finance for any venture that they might wish to embark on Sire.” Cristobal said. “Given that merchants and members of the Bank are now sitting on the Privy Council, their voices and concerns can be heard. They are acting in accordance with the government and thus are not quite as susceptible to the impact of the market.”

Felipe nodded. “And has it had much success so far?” He wanted to know, even if it had only been operational for a short time.

“At present the Bank has with Parliamentary approval granted the Crown loans necessary to expand their fleet, building forty new ships that are considered state of the line.” Cristobal said. “The Kingdom’s economy has also stabilised quicker than was expected after the war.”

Felipe grimaced, the Spanish economy was still recovering. The war and the loss of colonies had impacted them quite severely. “I see.” He took a deep breath and then asked. “What is our capability of achieving something like this?”

Cristobal took a deep breath before replying. “It is possible that we could, Sire, but there are many obstacles in the way of achieving it.”

“Such as?” Felipe asked, he was already aware of what some of those obstacles might be, but he wanted confirmation.

“The structure of the Kingdom, Sire.” Cristobal said. “There is no one single tax policy, there is no central government so to speak. Instead, Madrid handles most of everything including the debt, whilst the constituent parts take their share of the loot.”

“And this is not sustainable?” That was Felipe’s son and namesake, the boy had earned his place on the Council after an argument a few months ago.

“Not at all, not if we want to compete.” Cristobal said.

“What would you suggest?” Felipe asked.

“The suppression of the constituent parts of the state and the centralisation of everything, Sire.” Cristobal said.

Felipe grimaced. Alba was the one who answered. “That would be complete chaos and madness. There would be revolts for decades that would drain the treasury and give our enemies everything they want.”

“It needs to be done at some point, Sire.” Cristobal said, looking directly at Felipe. “We cannot continue to shimmer and shift as we are now.”

“And the bloodshed?” Felipe asked.

Cristobal swallowed nervously. “It might well be worth it if it means ensuring that we are able to compete with our enemies, Sire.”

Felipe took a deep breath. He knew what needed to be done, he always had he supposed. That didn’t mean he had to like it. He could already hear the screams that would come from this. The terror and the families that would be torn apart from it.

“We shall find a way to do it gradually.” He said eventually.

“Sire?” Cristobal asked.

“I will not allow my Kingdoms to erupt into a furnace simply to make it easier to get money.” Felipe said firmly. “We shall find a way to slowly break down their resistance to centralisation and induce them into accepting it.”

“That will take some time, Sire.” Cristobal said.

“I am young yet, I have no intention of dying anytime soon.” Felipe snapped. And if he did happen to die, well then his son could continue the work.

Felipe turned to Alba. “Find out where the weaknesses are and apply pressure to them.”

“Sire.” Alba replied.

Turning to his son he said. “You are to embark on a progress around the Kingdoms. Get to know the nobles and the merchants. Win them over to your side.”

“Sire.” His son replied.

Felipe turned to Cristobal then and said. “You are to draw up plans for the bank and the state of our finances now and what they might look like with the bank.” That should keep the man occupied for some time.
Chapter 295: A Danish



Chapter 295: A Danish

November, 1647

Walking arm in arm with her nephew, Mary felt some contentment. There had been a great deal of upheaval in the Kingdom of her birth recently. Her niece Hedwig had died just before she had been due to get married to the son of the Marquess of Montrose, and in her place her younger sister had married. Then her other niece the Electress of Brandenburg had died giving birth to a son. London was in mourning and so had Copenhagen for a time to share the grief, that mourning had ended and negotiations for a marriage between her daughter Anne and Henry’s grandson (that still felt odd to say) Arthur, had been completed.

Henry had sent his son, the Duke of Essex and Fife to serve as the proxy for the marriage and to take her daughter to London for the actual ceremony. It was because of that latter part that Mary had decided to set aside some time in her day and walk with her nephew. She hadn’t see him since he had been a boy, and now as she looked at him, he was a man grown, he towered over her (and she was not short), there was a hand missing though. She wondered how he handled that. She would constantly be scratching it if it were her.

“It doesn’t itch anymore, Your Majesty.” Her nephew said, which made Mary realise she’d spoken that last out loud.

Her cheeks colouring slightly, Mary replied. “My apologies, Your Highness, I did not mean to be rude.”

Her nephew smiled at her, and he looked so like his father when he did that. “It is nothing, I have been asked about it before. It does not itch anymore, Anna, my wife, found a way to remove the itch using some paste that the Indians use.”

“And that helped completely?” Mary asked. She’d heard about similar pastes, indeed, an emissary from India had talked about such a paste for her Frederik, which she had considered until the boy had recovered by himself.

“It did, Majesty.” The man answered. “The itch went after a few days.”

“I see.” Mary said. She decided to steer the conversation to another topic. “How is everyone in London?”

“They are well, Majesty, they send their regards. The King hopes that you do not find it amiss that he hasn’t been in touch as of late. There has been a lot happening back home that has required his attention.” The Duke said.

“I understand.” Mary replied, she did, her own husband was always busy sorting things out, and ensuring their son Christian knew the ropes. Mary helped when she had time away from their other children and from running the household.

“The Queen also wanted me to wish you for the day of your wedding that has passed.” The Duke said.

Mary smiled, the Queen always remembered, she always sent a letter or something to acknowledge the date. Mary never knew what she could do to repay Anna Maria for her kindness. “Thank you.”

They walked in silence for a time, neither saying anything, simply enjoying each other’s company. Mary could not quite believe that the young man walking with her had been the same boy who had played so many pranks and jokes years before. She looked at him again, saw the hardness that age and war had brought to him and she mourned for the little boy he had been.

His nephew hadn’t fought in the Spanish war, but she had heard he’d had experience dealing with bandits amongst other things. And it was that that made her ask. “What is the Duke of Caernarvon like?” The proxy ceremony was to happen regardless of what he was like but she wanted to be able to prepare her daughter.

“He is a good man, Your Majesty.” Her nephew replied. “He is strong, steadfast, honourable and loyal.”

“I see.” Mary said. “And does he have a wandering eye?”

“Majesty?” Her nephew asked sounding unsure though she suspected he knew exactly what she meant.

“Will he whore?” She asked, there was no point beating around the bush.

“Majesty..I…” her nephew stammered.

“I was not born yesterday, Henry, I know what men are like. And I want to know whether this man is like others and if so, how I should prepare my daughter for it.” Mary said.

“No, Majesty, he will not whore.” Her nephew said. “We would not allow it.”

Mary did not ask who this ‘we’ was, instead, she simply nodded and said. “Thank you. Now I believe we must get prepared for the ceremony later today.” With that they walked back to the main courtyard in the Palace, he bowed to her before walking away. Mary stood where she was for a moment, then took a deep breath. Her daughter was getting married today.
I'm glad that the Danish marriage went through despite Mary's initial hesitation! Hopefully she'll have an easier time as Queen of Britain than her grandmother. Also I love Mary. She really doesn't have much of a filter haha. I'm kinda sad that Sophie Amalie doesn't become Queen of Denmark though. Who is this Elizabeth of Brunswick?


I'm glad that the Danish marriage went through despite Mary's initial hesitation! Hopefully she'll have an easier time as Queen of Britain than her grandmother. Also I love Mary. She really doesn't have much of a filter haha. I'm kinda sad that Sophie Amalie doesn't become Queen of Denmark though. Who is this Elizabeth of Brunswick?
Daughter of Christian, Duke of Brunswick Luneburg and Maria Eleonora of Bradenburg.