Albion Rising: A Henry Frederick Timeline

Bruh what? Charles's son not named after himself? IOTL, Charles named his first son Charles James.
Shouldn't Anne Elizabeth be Anne Elizabeth of York and Albany?
James is still
Alive here.

and she’s born in Scotland so she takes her fathers Scottish title as her designation

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James is still
Alive here.

and she’s born in Scotland so she takes her fathers Scottish title as her designation
Fair point. Maybe if Charles has another son, perhaps he'll be named Charles then.
A bit late on this, but you've labelled Hedwig as being from Brunswick-Luneburg on the York and Albany family tree, but she's actually from Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel :)
Chapter 179: Birth of an Heir?

Chapter 179: Birth of an Heir?

December, 1619

Louis stared at the infant in the cradle. He looked at her mop of dark brown hair, and at the lightness of her skin and felt overwhelming emotions rush through him. His daughter Marie was only a few months old, but she was perhaps the best part of this entire world, as far as Louis was concerned. He was fascinated by everything that she did, every time she gurgled or smiled, he wanted to know. Indeed, he’d firmly instructed the nurses to keep an eye on his daughter and to inform his chamberlain every time she did something momentous. They would alert him and he would note it down.

Marie may not be a boy, but she already had a firm place in his heart, and he knew that there would be more siblings to come. After all, both he and Anne were young still, there was no reason they couldn’t have a large family. No reason at all. Indeed, as soon as Anne was declared ready again, they would try. They had agreed on that at least.

He turned at the sound of footsteps. “Mother.” He greeted.

“Sire.” Mother said. She looked tired, with lines under her eyes.

“What is it?” He asked, wondering what mischief Gaston had gotten involved in that would require Louis to intervene. Gaston was only eleven but he was always getting involved in some shenanigan or the other.

“I simply came to see how things were.” Mother said softly.

“I see.” Louis replied, he didn’t believe that for a moment, but he wasn’t going to speak first. Let Mother reveal her hand first.

A moment passed then another, with Louis looking at his mother, and mother shifting from foot to foot. When his patience was about to reach its end, Mother spoke. “Are you disappointed?”

“Disappointed?” Louis replied frowning.

“That your wife gave you a daughter and not a son.” Mother elaborated.

Louis exhaled, so this was what Mother had come to talk about. Her little grievance with Anne. What had sparked that, Louis didn’t know, and he didn’t much care. “No.” He said simply. “I am not disappointed. Marie is wonderful, and we are young yet. We can still have more children.”

Mother’s eyes widened briefly before they returned to their normal level. Louis smirked. He never got why people thought he found Anne repellent, yes, she wasn’t his type, but he was a man and he knew his duty.

“So, have you thought about who Marie will marry?” Mother asked.

“I beg your pardon?” Louis replied.

“Surely you have thought about who Marie will marry?” Mother asked.

“She is barely out of the womb.” Louis protested. “It is early yet.”

“Your father and I were already discussing marriages for Elisabeth at the same stage.” Mother said.

Louis sighed, his mother was being ridiculous as far as he was concerned, but he somewhat understood where she was coming from. “She won’t be marrying a Spanish Prince.” Was all he said.

“Why?” Mother asked.

“Because the Prince will likely be too young for her given, Philip’s age, and of course I don’t want to be too closely aligned to Spain.” Louis replied. France would resume its spot as the dominant power in Europe, of that Louis was determined.

“Then who?” Mother asked.

“Maybe to Poland, the Queen of Poland is with child, and it would make things easier for us if the Poles weren’t aligned so heavily with Vienna or Madrid. Maybe to Tuscany. Anywhere but Spain.” Louis answered.

“And what about Henrietta?” Mother asked, referring to his youngest sister. “Where will she marry?”

“Well, there are options. The Elector Palatinate has expressed interest in marrying his eldest son to her, and the King of the British Isles has also expressed interest in marrying her to his grandson.” Louis said.

“To Protestants?” Mother replied frowning.

“Two of the most powerful Protestant states in the world.” Louis said.

“And a damning indictment of Henrietta’s soul if they go through.” Mother replied. “Surely it would be better to try and marry her elsewhere, to somewhere that at least shares the same religion as us.”

“Where would you suggest?” Louis asked.

“Bohemia.” Mother said.

“Bohemia?” Louis asked.

“Yes, the new King of Bohemia is of an age with Henrietta, and Bohemia and France have ties that go back to the days of King Philippe.” Mother said.

“The King of Bohemia is a cousin to the King of Spain.” Louis pointed out. “He is a Habsburg.”

“Yes, but he is not Spanish, and besides this could be a good way of sowing division between the different branches of that accursed family.” Mother said.

Louis considered this. He supposed Mother was right. There was an opportunity there, and besides, did he really want to damn his sister’s soul just to avoid marrying her to a Habsburg? The King of Bohemia wasn’t Spanish which was a boon, it was true. “I will consider it.” Was all he said.

Mother nodded and then said. “Thank you, Sire, if I may be excused.” Louis waved a hand and turned back to look at Marie. His daughter was still fast asleep; she was kicking her little legs though.

“What are you dreaming about, little one.” Louis murmured as he watched his daughter.

He hoped it was a good dream, if it were not, he would find the cause of the bad dream and ensure they never troubled his daughter again.

He blinked in surprise at the vehemence in that thought. Clearly being a father had changed him. Such that now everything was geared toward protecting the little bundle in the cradle before him. He exhaled. He would do everything he could to ensure that she was safe and protected. Everything. No matter who got in his way.

He exhaled again and remained where he was. He did wonder what the future would bring. Hopefully it would be peaceful and relaxing. After everything that had happened during the regency, France deserved some peace. He closed his eyes briefly and prayed for that. And for an end to the troublesome neighbour on his border.