Air and Space Photos from Alternate Worlds.

Holy Shit, it's been TEN YEARS today!
  • I thought this might be a good idea. all Air and Space and related pictures are welcome.

    here is one to start this off.

    from the Recently concluded Action to stop the "Mad Russian" The Renegade General Nikolay Nedelin Putin, and forces loyal to him after is ill fated attempt to start WWIII and in his own words "restore the USSR to her former glory!"

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    Wow i cant believe it ben this long. i dedicate this post to the memory of just Just Leo, the first poster comment in this thread after me. I remember haveing so much fun reading his posts here, and seeing his creations. (Dec 24, 2017, his last post in this thread.) I really have missed the back and forth and him as well. Farewell my friend.