Air and Space Photos from Alternate Worlds.

"Real world Vipers!" OLD SCHOOL.

"Real world Vipers!" OLD SCHOOL USN!

"Real world Vipers!"

that all of them i have. artist name is on ost of them. hope you got a laugh out of them.:D
The number on the side of the Galactica viper looked familiar. The famous Love Bug. Would that make it the "Love Viper"?

From the 3'rd Battle of Britan. In 1948 8'th Air force B-29's Pound Axis forces after the world finds out about "The Final Solution" The Nazi program of extermation of the worlds Jewish population.

in the words of General Curtis E. LeMay, " They (the Nazi's) were giving the choice to surender or be destroyed. they refusied. even the g**damed japs had stoped." ..."We will push the back into the Channel, back to the continent and if the Nazi's do not surrender well we have something waiting just for that possabilty!)

~excerpt from "Justice from the Skies!" the biography of GeneralCurtis Emerson LeMay U.S.A.F (CIC/SAC)

An A-10 Warthog in the markings that it should of had. :cool:

It was followed shortly by the USAF nuking all US Army bases in range.

The Air Force loses its shit whenever anyone outside it proposes a fixed-wing aircraft. They even blocked a helicopter with weapon-mounts that they considered too big.