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2044-01-11 - The Koujin habitat module arrives at Vesta



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Trans-Universal Union of Nations Void Dreadnought Fragility of Joy.


The Union does not do subtle.
(I did this a while ago for... something, not sure what anymore, anyways, recycling ftw! Will edit and clean it up, I liked the overall shape and look).
That looks so friggin' awesome!
Speaking of weird, anyone has/knows of decent lineart/schematics for Battlefleet Gothic ships, preferably of the Empire? All I can get are poor quality, or full art, or 3D...
An idea from my days of Battlefleet Gothic: the Quartermaster Class. An old battleship, streched and modified to serve as a fleet support & repair ship. Has two docking arms on top (one seen here in travel position) each capable of clamping and towing a ship up to battlecruiser size, while swarms of repair servitors would launch from the Quartermaster to repair any damage. In a vast hangar it carries two mobile support ships, that can either go repair damaged vessels or tow them close to the Quartermaste.
(I actually built a model of a much smaller version, but never got to make this... or another idea for a mobile shipyard...)
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Comrade Harps, but with a twist - im creating the story with OTL images (this is not canon, unless he desires)

The single Breda Ba.29 bought to the IJA, mid-1930's.

Despite buying several Fiat BR.20 bombers (plus a single example of the Ba.29) and selling the rights for license production of both the G4M and A6M to Italy, Japan disliked the Italians aircrafts, as they were inferior to their own. Instead, their permitted Germany to shown their own designs, where they got the license to build their own Fw-187, Ju-88 (Ki-49) and He-100 (as J3H, known by the Allies as Herman)*, while buying single examples of the Bf-109E, Bf-110C and Ar-196L.

The Breda Ba.29 fighter itself, while obsolete by World War 2 standarts, was still in service by the Regia Aerounatica until 1943, but some would still be kept in use by te ANR as a trainer until the August ceasefire, in 1944.

*The Italians would also begin to license built German aircrafts as well, initially the He-112 (AR.100 – 80 built), later the He-100 (AR.101 – failed to gain orders), and finally the He-280 (AR.200). The more indigenous AR.102 and 105/6 were more successful in the Regia Aeronautica.



The single Ford Vikhr R in RAF service, prior to be painted in the No.1426 RAF Flight, mid-1943

After attempting to intercept a JBN bomber raid in Baku harbor, one Ford Vikhr R of the Motherland Liberation Squadron of the Soviet Socialist Republics of TransCaucasia landed by accident in the British-occupied Iran in late May 1943, were both the aircraft and it's pilot were interned.

Due to fear of sabotage and the killing of it's pilot, both were send to Great Britain, were the aircraft was tested alongeside the other Axis aircrafts of the "Rafwaffe" and the Allied ones, while it's pilot talked about the life inside the Stalin's-lead SSRT.

After the incident, Stalin ordered that the entire personnel of the squadron should be purged, while their Vikhr's were replaced by their main competition, the TASA Product 17 (aka a unlicense reverse engineered Bf-109E).


Marquardt/Convair MC-10
A Mach 3 Reconnaissance plane that use Ramjet with toxic pentaborane fuel.
its carry by Douglas C-133 Cargomaster to drop point, were it launch by solid rocket booster to mach 1.5
From here the MC-10 flies with mach 3 over target, After its mission the pilot makes glide landing in allied nation.
the MC-10 is operated by United States Air Corps in order of Strategic Services Unit the Intelligence service of USA

Germany counter with Schwarzer Blitz by Heinkel.
The final version of legendary Blitz Series design by Marcel Stürmer. (OTL Marcel Dassault)
A Mach 3.2 Interceptor power by 2 x HeS058 turboramjet engines
Armed with four air to air missiles Ruhrstahl X-47.