Air and Space Photos from Alternate Worlds.

Sometime in an alternate mid-1970s, a Soviet N1F rocket is raised in preparation for a manned mission to the moon. This is the "production" version of N1, which never flew in OTL (though it was scheduled to be the next launch before Glushko canned the whole project).

Done in Blender
Models commissioned for an upcoming N-1 documentary in production by Techniques Spatiales/French Space Guy.
A Nomad upper stage. It's high energy propellants would allow it to act as the workhorse of the US space program, boasting numerus payloads beyond LEO, before being retired due to the toxicity of its propellants.

Nomad upper stage (LF2-Hydrazine) (Fluorine + Hydrazine).png

A Saturn derived SSTO. Still in use today, and a significant contributor to the fall in lunch costs.

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A redo of an older profile - the Consolidated LB-26 design. This was was a lightweight outgrowth of the company’s (equally unbuilt) LB-24 medium bomber design, and might have been put forward to meet the same requirement that spawned the B-25 Mitchell and B-26 Marauder.